Wine coolers are probably the most necessary device in a wine lover’s house. There are many types of wine refrigerators on the market, but built-in refrigerators are most popular with wine lovers for many reasons. Although the built-in wine refrigerator is very advanced, it will be clean, beautiful and space-saving after installation. So they’re definitely worth the investment.

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If you are a wine collector, you know that wine is very delicate and that it is only kept at the most favorable temperature when it gets the best taste. Built-in wine refrigerators are a modern way to store wine and preserve its shelf life. This is what you need for optimal aging of the wine.

If you are looking for a reliable and compact fridge or a fridge for your home bar, the built-in wine fridge is the perfect choice. However, there are many integrated wine models on the market and it can be difficult to find the perfect wine for your needs.

In this article we present some of the best built-in refrigerators on the market. We will also look at the types of built-in wine coolers and what to pay attention to when buying.

I. Types of built-in wine refrigerators

1. Thermoelectric cooling

Thermoelectric wine coolers use a technology that dissipates heat to keep the wine cool inside. To cool the passenger compartment, it relies on electric current and not the engine. This type of wine cooler has a silent operation that compresses the coolers and consumes less energy.

Benefits of Thermoelectric Cooling

Quiet and vibration-free: A thermoelectric cooler is a very quiet cooler that operates without vibrations. It does not include moving parts such as engines or compressors.

Energy Efficiency : In terms of efficiency, a thermoelectric chiller uses an outside environment to keep the interior cool. Therefore, it does not consume a lot of energy and is considered to be environmentally friendly.

It’s very easy: Another advantage of the thermoelectric cooler is its light weight compared to the compressor wine cooler. It does not contain heavy machinery such as an engine and a compressor and can easily be moved from one place to another.

Universality: This device is versatile and can be used almost anywhere.

Points to remember

Although these refrigerators have many advantages, there are a few things the consumer should be aware of:

Easily accessible for environmental influences : As it does not contain a compressor, it is not recommended to use a thermoelectric cooler in warmer rooms, as this would reduce the cooling capacity of the interior.

Not very powerful: This cooler is not very powerful and it can take a while to cool the bottles of wine. It is therefore preferable to put the bottles inside in advance.

Keep the minimum number of bottles: This unit is not a high-quality wine cooler because of its cooling capacity.

2. Compressor Wine cooler

The compressor wine cooler uses technology that compresses and releases air to minimize the internal temperature. This technology is comparable to that of a normal refrigerator. Compressor coolers use a thermostat to maintain the set temperature, making them more efficient than thermoelectric systems.

Since the heat released comes from the wine cooler, it is advisable to leave a space for good ventilation.

Benefits of Compressor Wine coolers

Powerful: Unlike the thermoelectric cooler, the compressor cooler is powerful and highly efficient. This makes it the ideal choice for large refrigeration jobs.

Efficiency: This type of wine cooler is very efficient because it can cool the bottles in a wide range of temperatures specified by the owner.

Contains large-capacity bottles: You can put a few bottles of wine in this fridge to maximize the space.

They are not affected by the environment: This type of cooler operates stably, independent of external temperature fluctuations.

Points to remember:

Out loud: The compressor technology causes noise and vibration, which can have a negative effect on the shelf life of a wine.

It’s not energy efficient: This chiller is not environmentally friendly because it consumes a lot of electricity and chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

It’s hard: It contains a heavy compressor that restricts mobility.

1. Our selection no. 1 : Camera 15 wine cooler 30 bottles Built-in or free

If you are looking for the best wine cooler under the counter for your money, look no further than the Kalamera 15 wine cooler. The first impression is made by the capacity, which makes it possible to hold 30 bottles of wine. It includes 6 beech wood shelves strong enough to store bottles. With this container you can store different wine collections and save on regular purchases. In addition, side latches have proven to be practical to protect cylinders from failure.

The unit is equipped with a single-zone cooling system and a one-touch LED display, allowing the indoor temperature to be set within a range of 40 to 66 degrees. This temperature range is suitable for cooling all types of wine.

Even better: This refrigerator has a temperature memory function that automatically restores the temperature settings in the event of a power failure. That’s why you don’t have to worry about winning.

Another impressive feature that makes Kalamera 15 an ideal addition to any kitchen is the double-layered, tempered glass door. Glass not only adds elegance, but also provides insulation that keeps the wines cool. When the temperature stabilizes, the fog on the glass is minimized.

  • Large storage capacity
  • Temperature storage function
  • One-button control system
  • Easy installation
  • Advanced cooling technology ensures silence
  • The shelves are too narrow.
  • The temperature fluctuates very strongly.
  • Unit of one zone

2. Second place: EdgeStar 30 bottle integrated in the wine cooler

Are you looking for a wine cooler that is elegant without sacrificing durability? Well, this EdgeStar wine cooler is a powerful option for 30 bottles of wine. It has compact dimensions and can be placed anywhere as a stand-alone fridge or under the counter.

A unique feature is an internal fan designed to ensure uniform air circulation. In addition, reversible double-walled tempered glass retains fresh air and moisture to keep you cool. Moreover, the wine does not freeze thanks to the automatic defrosting technique.

A special highlight is this fridge-freezer combination with a black tinted door, which protects the contents of the fridge-freezer from sunlight and UV rays, which can have a negative effect on the quality of the wine. However, the refrigerator is equipped with blue LED lighting so you can see the wines.

The EdgeStar integrated wine cooler is equipped with a rubber bushing that absorbs all compressor noises and vibrations. That makes it one of those wine compressor coolers that run quietly.

An active carbon filter is also included so that the wine can be kept fresh at all times. Thanks to the shelf function, you can place as many bottles in the tray as possible.

  • Compact, but spacious.
  • Allows you to place the bottles on the shelf
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • straightforward design
  • Digital Operating Systems
  • Internal fan for even air circulation
  • Wrong temperature
  • It is difficult to collect large bottles of wine because the crates are too close together.

3. Modernization: Camera 24 Wine refrigerator 46 Double-zone bottle

Kalamera 24 is a beautiful two-zone wine cooler that stands out because of its size and appearance. It is made in black and stainless steel to complement the style of a modern living room or kitchen. This cooler is also built with sustainability and efficiency in mind, so you get value for money.

It is also wonderful that this cooler has a double zone control with an upper zone in the range of 40-50 degrees and a lower zone in the range of 50-66 degrees. This means that you can keep a wide range of wine collections in excellent condition. And the best thing is that you can control this temperature with a digital temperature control. The temperature storage function also restores the temperature settings when the power is turned on again.

Thanks to the advanced compressor technology, you can be sure that this cooler ensures even air circulation and works quietly and with little vibration. 5 sliding beech wood shelves provide space for 46 standard bottles. You can choose between a stand-alone or an integrated installation. It also offers additional functions such as intelligent digital control, a security lock, a reversible door and a blue LED in the interior.

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • LED display
  • Low vibration
  • Double zone type
  • Volume of 46 bottles
  • Not suitable for Chardonnay bottles.
  • Produces a chemical odour

4. EdgeStar CWF380DZ 19 Inch Wine Wide 38 Bottle cooler

With its stainless steel construction, this EdgeStar cooler has a refined look and fits into any interior. The shelves are nicely upholstered with wood and the LED lighting gives them an elegant appearance.

The EdgeStar CWF380DZ features a tinted glass on the front that protects your wine from light while giving it a unique look. The reversible door hinge can be hung left or right, depending on where you want to place the cooler.

This version has a double temperature with an upper zone between 40 and 54 degrees and a lower zone between 54 and 65 degrees. This feature makes them extremely useful as users benefit from an individual approach to the cooling of their wine bottles. In addition, your bottles are cooled evenly thanks to a powerful circulation fan.

If you have children or are afraid of theft, you will appreciate that this cooler is equipped with a factory installed lock. The LED temperature control and touch-sensitive controls make it easy to monitor and adjust the temperature in each of these devices.

  • Elegant design
  • Two-zone version
  • Large storage space for 38 bottles
  • Internal LED lantern
  • Simple digital and touch operation
  • According to
  • The LED temperature controllers are very bright.

5. Camera 30 Wine cooler for 66 bottles Dual Zone Integrated and Standalone

The Kalamera 30 wine cooler, with a large capacity of 66 bottles, is a good model for those who take their wine collection seriously. Striking is that there are two sections, which are placed next to each other instead of the usual top and bottom. This arrangement makes it possible to store 33 bottles of white wine on one side and 33 bottles of red wine on the other side on 14 beechwood grooved shelves.

The other thing that distinguishes this refrigerator from others is its design. It is designed in the style of a French door that opens in the middle to show the wine-growing area. Stainless steel glass doors are an elegant and sophisticated addition to any home.

This integrated, stand-alone wine cooler has double temperature zones to bring the wine to the right temperature.

The Kalamera 66 wine bottle cooler is equipped with advanced technology with functions such as digital LED temperature control, safety lock, reversible door and a built-in alarm that triggers an alarm if the door is closed incorrectly, as this can cause temperature changes.

  • Convenient display on the control panel
  • Large number of bottles
  • A chic and elegant design
  • Two-zone version
  • Built-in alarm
  • No automatic defrosting technology
  • Vertical distance between shelves is small
  • High volume operation

6. EdgeStar 18 bottle integrated in wine cooler

Made of stainless steel, a smooth material, the EdgeStar 18 wine cooler is an option for those who want an independent wine cooler or better under the counter. The stainless steel construction gives it great strength, while the combination of silver and tempered glass gives it a modern look. It is also very compact thanks to its ultra-flat design.

This cooler is only 12 inches wide and can hold 18 bottles of wine. It provides single zone cooling in a temperature range of 40 to 65 degrees. In addition, the cooler is equipped with a blue LED screen that serves as a light source for better visibility.

An impressive aspect of this integrated wine cooler is the protection of the glass by a black dot matrix, which protects the contents inside from elements that can affect the quality. Another interesting thing is that it doesn’t freeze, which means you don’t have to worry about ice accumulation.

In addition, the digital controls are easy to transmit and make it possible to regulate the temperature, and thanks to the arrangement of the shelves, the bottles can be easily positioned.

  • Ultra slim design for space saving
  • It’s not cold.
  • Reversible flexible door
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Circulation fans ensure even cooling

7. EdgeStar 36 double zone bottle mounting French door Wine

If you’re looking for the quietest wine fridge, choose the 36-bottle EdgeStar fridge. It is equipped with elegant stainless steel patio doors with three functions that offer a pleasant and timeless aesthetics. Each door has a lock. You will also like the two partially retractable stainless steel shelves with a wooden surface, which offer enormous storage space for 36 bottles.

This EdgeStar model is a two-zone model, where both zones have a temperature range of 40-65 degrees. The automatic defrosting technology prevents freezing, while the rubber cushion absorbs all compressor noises and vibrations.

This device has great features such as a black tinted matrix glass that protects against harmful UV rays and a soft LED interior light that keeps wine bottles visible. Another useful feature is the touchscreen control and digital temperature display, which displays the current temperature and allows you to make the correct settings.

  • straightforward design
  • Dual zone cooling
  • Stainless steel material for easy cleaning
  • Automatic defrosting and integrated carbon filter for greater efficiency
  • Quiet and vibration-free operation
  • Temperature storage function
  • Unclear instructions

8. Allavino VSWR172- 2BWRN Refrigerator-freezer for wine

If you are looking for a wine refrigerator that can hold a large number of bottles without space problems, the Allavino VSWR172-2BWRN is the right choice for you. This model has a capacity of 172 bottles. Two zone temperature control allows you to store white and red wine at the same time, which is easy to operate with the intuitive digital display.

It is designed using universal racks to meet the needs of people with different wine collections. In addition, the shelves are thin but sturdy and accommodate larger bottles. Therefore it is not necessary to remove the shelves to store larger bottles. The innovative shelf design provides easy access to the bottles and helps to minimise wine shaking.

Thanks to its built-in versatility, the Allavino VSWR172 is not a typical built-in wine refrigerator. This unit is equipped with both a front panel and fully prefabricated cabinets that can be converted into a cabinet. You can also use it as a free extension to your number.

  • Innovative shelf design
  • Insert more bottle sizes and shapes
  • Numeric display in each zone
  • An uninterrupted view
  • A wide variety of models
  • power efficiency
  • After a while it gets noisy.
  • The cold part has only one support.

9. EdgeStar 53 bottle integrated in wine cooler

This EdgeStar has 53 bottles, making it the ideal choice for wine lovers with a medium sized collection. Designed with simplicity in mind, it has sliding wooden shelves and a reversible tempered glass door that makes it flexible and easy to open.

It also offers individual or correspondence accommodation, which gives you more possibilities. Other reasons why this is an exceptional integrated wine cooler are the stainless steel design, the blue LED display, the internal fan for even air circulation, the tinted glass, the digital control and the bottles on the shelf for maximum capacity.

  • elegant black design
  • Easy to use shelves and pull-outs
  • Reversible flexible glass door
  • Intuitive digital control
  • Noisy fan
  • Poor functionality of the drawer

10. NewAir Wine cooler AWR-290DB, 29 stainless steel bottles

This NewAir wine cooler has a compact design and is an excellent choice for lovers of energy efficient appliances. It is also preferred by those who do not have much space, because it is only 15 centimeters wide.

Despite its slim and compact design, it can hold up to 29 bottles of wine on the sliding beechwood shelves. Moreover, the shelves are adapted to your bottles.

The double temperature zone allows owners to store their wine collection at different temperatures. You can store your white wine in the upper zone with a temperature range of 40 to 50 degrees or your red wine in another zone with a temperature range of 50 to 66 degrees.

Striking is the soft blue backlighting, which illuminates the interior and gives it a cool, modern look. The tinted double glazing protects your collection by limiting the penetration of ultraviolet rays. In addition, the insulated and reversible doors can be locked and the cooler is not very sensitive to vibrations.

  • quiet work
  • Attractive blue lighting
  • Sliding shelves provide easy access
  • Compact design
  • Easily adjustable thermostat
  • Lockable door
  • Defective compressor
  • After a certain time, the temperature stops working.

III. Integrated wine cooler Purchase guide

With all types of built-in wine coolers available on the market, it can be difficult to find the one that best suits your needs. Here are some things to consider when looking for the best integrated wine cooler.

  1. Placement

Before buying the best built-in fridge, make sure you have access to the room where it will be installed. Wine refrigerators are available in different sizes, depending on the capacity of the bottles. When building a new house or renovating your kitchen you have the advantage that you can choose the size and dimensions of the cooler that suits you best.

Otherwise, space can be a limiting factor when replacing or installing a cooler under a wine counter, as you will have to work with certain dimensions depending on the space available.

  1. Capacity

When you think about the capacity of your built-in wine refrigerator, you need to think about the number of bottles you want to keep at any given time. Normally manufacturers indicate how many bottles their coolers can contain. However, it should be noted that they use Bordeaux type bottles.

It is therefore necessary to calculate the size of the bottle of wine and make sure that the model you choose is suitable for the model. It is advisable to choose a model that offers more space than you plan to store, so that the bottles fit as well as possible. It’s a good idea to double the number of bottles you need or are likely to keep.

  1. Style

The built-in wine coolers not only serve to store the wine, but are also an important part of your kitchen furniture and a valuable addition to your household appliances. So you need to choose a style and colour that matches the aesthetics of your kitchen. Are you looking for a cooler with a wooden front or a stainless steel version?

Whatever your style, make sure you check it out before proceeding with the installation. Some units are equipped with additional features such as LED lighting and support material to enhance the style of the wine cooler.

  1. Long lifespan

Sustainability is an important aspect, because you want your integrated wine cooler to serve you for a very long time. Again, you don’t want to spend your money on investments that look good on the outside but don’t fit your purpose on the inside.

One way to ensure the durability of the chiller is to look at the brand’s reputation and check the reactions of other customers. When you choose a product from a reputable brand and a product that receives many positive reviews, you are assured of quality and durability. Although most of these products are initially expensive, in the long run they will be cheaper to maintain than cheaper brands.

  1. Sound level

Basically, all refrigerators make noise, and built-in wine coolers are no exception. Fortunately, there are quieter models, such as the thermoelectric cooler, which has the advantage of running quietly. In addition, there are no vibrations due to the absence of moving parts, which contributes to maintaining the quality of the wine.

However, they also have the disadvantage of being less powerful. So if you live in a warm climate, you have to choose a powerful but noisy model that cools your bottles well. Even though it is difficult to find better harmony, you absolutely must find out which element is most important to you.

  1. Efficiency

Although all refrigerators consume a lot of energy during operation, there are fewer models that are energy efficient and ultimately cost less. The fact that wine coolers have to work long hours should encourage you to look for the most efficient models on the market that will keep your costs low and offer you the best value for money.

  1. Temperature range

The temperature range of the integrated wine cooler should also be taken into account. As the different wine coolers operate at different temperatures, it is advisable to make a choice based on your needs.

A temperature-controlled dual-zone cooler is a good choice if flexibility is important to you. Indeed, it improves the user-friendliness by offering a wine storage area and another service area. It also allows better control when placing the bottles. This type of collection is a better choice if you like different types of wine, because white wines are stored at different temperatures than red wines.

On the contrary, if you like the same type of wine, you can choose the model of an area with the same temperature. Of course, the temperature can be adjusted a little.

  1. Budgetary needs

Another element to take into account when making a decision is the limit of your budget. Integrated wine coolers are available in different price ranges, depending on size, brand and function.

The high-end models of renowned brands have a number of useful features such as high quality shelves, touch screen, lockable doors and replaceable hinges. Unlike inexpensive models, they also have protective features such as carbon filters, UV protection and odour control to ensure that your investment is well protected. On the other hand, models with few features are cheap and save money in the long run.

Major wine coolers also cost more than their competitors. It is therefore very important that a budget is drawn up in order to simplify and speed up the purchasing decision.

  1. Additional features

Some additional features you should know:

Extensive shelves: This function gives you access to the bottles in the back of the fridge, under the counter, and also allows you to see the labels.

Temperature Display on Touch Screen : This function allows you to remotely monitor and control the temperature so that you do not have to open the door all the time, as this can affect temperature consistency.

LED Backlight : In addition to the elegant design of the fridge, the LED backlighting makes it easy to view the wines.

IV. Conclusion

Thanks to the reliable built-in wine refrigerator, you will feel comfortable storing your wine collection in optimal conditions. The best device preserves the taste of your wine so that you can drink it optimally. In our review above, we’ve listed some of the best built-in refrigerators that can serve you for a long time, whether you’re in your home bar or in the office.

For all 10 products, our best choice is the model Kalamera Wine Cooler 30 Bottles 15, which not only has an elegant design, but is also equipped with useful functions such as a large bottle capacity, universal installation, digital control and temperature storage. Other models also look great and will certainly complement the interior of any home.

When making a purchase decision, it is important to remember the factors listed in our purchase guide so that you can make an informed decision. The purchase will also help you identify the units that meet your individual wine storage needs. Look for features such as user-friendly design, size, quiet operation, efficient cooling system, etc.

However, you must make a decision based on your needs, available space and budget.

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