Low-alcohol wines are suitable for various situations, such as the perfect lunch drink or as a means of concentration during a stressful board game evening. White wines have less alcohol than red wines, but even they approach it often and exceed 13% by volume (abv). And with our constantly warm climate, red wines tend to be consumed every year and sometimes reach 18% abv.

These 11 wines have a low alcohol content of only 12% abv, but taste good at the same time.

Millton 2017 Te Arai Chenin White Vineyard (Gisborne); 33.97 points Magnificently structured, oscillating between disorder and freshness, it is a soul wine of New Zealand’s biodynamic godfather, James Millton. Millton’s reputation for Chenin Blanc is no less powerful, and this honey-shaped beauty suits him in every way. Very fragrant as a flower garden, it offers intoxicating aromas of jasmine, hyacinth and lavender combined with raw honeycomb, guava and pineapple peel. LLC Importation of wine dogs. -Christina Picard

Van Volksem 2016 Goldberg GG Riesling (Moselle); $40, 96 points. Ephemeral compared to the grandiose expressions of the Moselle cruise, which are becoming increasingly intense, this finely engraved dry Riesling offers invigorating scents of lemon and yellow plum, layered in smoke, flint and dusty minerals. It is light but silky, with a steel rim. Tested in 2020, it’s dazzlingly fresh. Must continue to improve until 2035 and continue to do so. Vintus Ltd. -Anna Lee C. Iijima. -Anna Lee C. Iijima.

Anselmo Mendes 2019 Colheita Alvariño-Lureiro White de Pasaro (Vigno Verde); 14.93 points The blend of the two main grape varieties of Vinho Verde has produced a ripe, full-bodied and impressive wine from an agricultural point of view. With its ripe apple and citrus fruits and dense, mineral texture, it will ripen well and will be the best since 2021. Grape glass. Best buy. -Roger Foss

Hermann Y. Wimmer 2018 Magdalena Riesling Winery (Lake Seneca); $35, 93 points. Pleasant aromas of waxy lemon peel, crushed stone and fennel onions carry a refreshing nose. The palate is naturally riper, with creamy apricot and red apple flavours, with a well-integrated acidity that nourishes it. Mandarin and lemon peel give texture to the round fruit of an orchard, while a pulsating mineral tint penetrates them everywhere. The formation of the marrow is slowed down in a point-flat zone to dry it out. -Aleksandrovskoeboom


Mc Forbes 2016 Pinot Noir Cold Stream (Yarra Valley); $55, 93 points. This pinot cherry from the relatively warm Cold Stream sub-region in the Lower Yarra also offers cherry scents, accompanied by spicy and earthy notes, floral notes and a few resinous mineral notes. There is also some volatility, the addition of balsamic nuts and a general increase in wine. The palate is light, juicy, spicy and mineral, with a silky texture and soft, granular tannins cut by the crystalline acidity. Wine with a striptease that avoids any semblance of funk. Hudson wine broker. -S.P.

Brand and family 2017 Bailey Ranch Cabernet France (Paysin); $30, 93 points. In this bottle, the royal sense of restraint begins with the bright colour and aromas of strawberry, white pepper, marjoram and terracotta. Crispy cranberry and raspberry flavour, covered with capparral and desert herbs, a style that goes well with a wide range of products, from tacos to tenderloin. Editorial selection. -Mother Kettmann

Odonata 2019 Denis Circle B Winery Carbonan (Paso Robles) rating; $28, 93 points. Winemaker Denis Hoey jumps on a carbon train with this elegantly labelled bottle and touches all the markings. Vibrant aromas of raspberry, hibiscus and rain cement lead to a spicy taste of plum, strawberry and a wetter stone taste. Editorial selection. -M.C.

Palmento Costanza 2019 Mofete (Etna); $25, 92 points. Spring flowers, white stone fruits and aromas of Mediterranean shrubs provide a delicate and seductive nose. In the mouth there is a crisp acidity with ripe pear, apple and lemon candies, while a salty note supports the already energetic aftertaste. Traditional vineyards. -Kerine O’Keefe

Sattlerhof 2019 Sauvignon Blanc (South Styria); $25, 92 points. The hint of smoke and flint first appears on a fine nose with the idea of nettles. Then heaven offers beautiful notes of lemon, balm and nettle on its illuminated, luminous and always so luminous body. It can be light, but also fragrant and dry for the bones. Handicraft + Landing – Wind. -Anna Krebil, MW.

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Clau de Nell 2017 Grolleau (Loire Valley); 62.91 points. Groll’s red wine, normally used for roses, is rarely found. However, this rich and structured wine with funky aromas and dense tannins shows the tendency of the grapes to turn red. Made from biodynamically grown grapes, the wine costs more to age. Liqueur of the year 2022. Wilson Daniels Ltd -R.V.

Umatum 2018 St. Laurent (Burgenland); $20, 90 points. A funky and playful note floats on the nose, spiced with fresh cherry notes. Then the taste is infused with a juicy cherry freshness and an extraordinary liveliness. Silky tannins accompany the funny dance of fruit, while the aftertaste is fresh, juicy and dry. The winemaker. -A.C.

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