The 2018 Bordeaux Superior is a mixed bag. There are many delicious, ready-to-drink Merlot wines that produce a fantastic, elegant and characterful drink without breaking the bank. But thanks to the appellation’s enormous size and countless different terroirs, there are also light, unripe and over-extracted wines. You just have to know where to look.

If you’re looking for an affordable red Bordeaux wine, take a good look at the Bordeaux Superieur. Many of these wines are very easy to drink and are perfect for enjoying on the go. The following notes are dedicated to the best 2018 Bordeaux Superior wines we tasted.

The following 2018 Bordeaux Superior wines were all tasted in my home office under non-blind conditions. Other famous Bordeaux wines are discussed in separate articles.

2018 – Balthus – Deeply colored, polished in texture with layers of lush, ripe, sweet, round, juicy, rich, polished fruit with lots of oak, licorice on top on the finish. He is already a very good drinker. 92 pt.

2018 – Bohler – Liquorice, dark cocoa, cherry, 5-spice, pepper, black raspberry and chocolate rise to the surface of the aroma with ease. Medium-bodied, playful and fruity, with fresh and spicy undertones, it’s fun to drink. The wine is a blend of 50% Petit Verdot Vieille Vigne and 50% Merlot, unique in Bordeaux. 91 pt

2018 – Bouscat Caduce – This wine is full of ripe, sweet, round and juicy fruit, licorice and spice from the start. The flavor of the wine is really starting to merge with the sweet fruit and dark chocolate. It’s amazing that you can buy such good wine for so little money. If you are looking for an early drinking Bordeaux, this is the wine for you. This wine is exclusive to the US market for Jeffrey Davies Signature Selections. 90 pt.

2018 – Bouscat Cuvée la Gargone – Round, fleshy and brimming with black cherry, espresso, licorice and cocoa, this is lush, rich, ripe and decadent. He also drinks at a young age. The wine is a blend of 60% Merlot, 20% Malbec, 18% Cabernet Franc and 2% Cabernet Franc. 91 pt

2018 – Bouscat Les Portes de L’Am – A dark, black color just by looking at it, you know it has a lot going for it, starting with a startling nose and all its notes of espresso beans, licorice, bitter dark chocolate, plum liqueur and blue fruit. Dense, lush layers of sweet, perfectly ripe black and red fruit are as good as it gets. This blend of 50% Merlot, 25% Malbec and 25% Cabernet Franc is pure hedonism in the glass. This wine is the exclusive choice of Jeffrey Davis. 93 pt.

2018 – Courteilac – Medium-bodied, fresh, sweet, fruity, forward and focused on its sweet red cherry character. This makes it easier to drink when it is released. 88 pt.

2018 – Croix Mouton – Medium bodied, forward, easy drinking and already very charming, the fruit is ripe, sweet and delicious. One of the most important values is to play in Bordeaux, take advantage of it on the exit. 87 pts.

2018 – Fleur Haut Gaussens – Floral, cocoa and sweet cherry notes in a medium-bodied, sweet, forward style with sweet and tart red cherries. Drink it on the youthful side. 87 pts.

2018 – Grand Village – The nose brings out lush, silky, sweet, suave, fresh cherry, tobacco leaf and floral notes. On the palate, the wine is elegant, powerful and sweet, with layers of sweet red fruit hitting all the right notes. Made from a blend of 78% Merlot and 22% Cabernet Franc, this is one of the most expensive wines you can buy by the case, if you can find it….. 92 pt

2018 – Fort Island – Fresh, bright, soft and sweet cherries and strawberries in a sophisticated, medium-bodied and already approachable style. It’s just perfect for drinking early. 89 Coefficients

2018 – Jean Faux Sainte-Radegonde – Medium-bodied, herbaceous red berries with sweet, approachable, ready-to-drink nuances with a sweet red fruit character. 88 pt.

2018 – La Fleur-Mongiron – With a lovely floral note that goes well with all the sweetness, cherries and a touch of cocoa. Elegant, fresh, soft, silky, ready to eat and sold at a very, very consumer friendly price. What more could you want? 90 pt.

2018 – The Advisor – Light, round, medium-bodied and fruity, with lush, juicy plums, chocolate, licorice and black cherries in a front-loaded, ready-to-drink style that sells for a song. What else can you expect from a good Bordeaux wine? The wine is made from 100% old Merlot vines. 90 pt.

2018 – Le Pin Beausoleil – Licorice and black cherry come alive in this medium-bodied, sweet, forward, round and soft, silky-textured wine. 91 pts.

2018 – Les Perrieres – Les Perrieres replaces the Guinaudeau family wine formerly known as Acte. Bright, fresh, stony, clean, red berry-driven, medium-bodied wine with notes of herbs, undertones, spice, tobacco leaf and kirsch. The spicy finish shows a nice salty touch of sweet fruit. This little wine can age well. 91 pt.

2018 – Madran Cuvée Prestige – Lovingly structured, full, round and dense, the wine is fruity, powerful rather than complex, the wine is a little warm on the finish, but the fruit is so ripe and sweet that wine lovers will not notice the style. The wine is packaged in an impressive, huge, massive bottle that weighs as much as some magnum bottles. 89 Coefficients

2018 – Pey-La Tour – Medium-bodied, sweet, fresh and fruity with accents of greens, licorice and olives and a dusty finish. You can drink it right away, or wait a year or two before you pull the plug. 88 pt.

2018 – Pezat – Smooth, polished and fruity wine with a round texture and medium body that is forward from the start so you can enjoy all its bright, juicy and sweet red fruit and licorice. A simple cotton ball and pour is enough here. 90 pt.

2018 – Reignac – Espresso, chocolate-covered cherries, plums and smoke fill the nose, while layers of ripe, plush dark red berries and oak hit the palate. You can drink it now or let it age for a few years. This may be the best Rignac ever made! 91 pt

2018 – St. Barbe – Tobacco leaf, spice, licorice and earthy red fruit are easily found on the nose and palate of this fresh, cherry red, round and forward wine. It’s much better to see it in the bottle than in the bottle itself. Value seekers should be everywhere. 89 Coefficients

2018 – The Sainte Marie Vieilles Vignes is medium-bodied, earthy, soft, supple and centered on a fresh core of red cherry fruit. It’s perfect for drinking like this and for years to come. 86 pt.

2018 – Senailhac – I love the truffle accents that go with all the ripe, sweet cherries and plums. Medium-bodied, sweet and fresh, the wine offers an elegant, lean, ready-to-drink experience. 89 Coefficients

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