Exclusive report explores the hows and whys of better long-term digital marketing.

New York, 11. March 2021 – 3×3, a growth marketing company, releases its own report on how spirits brands can develop long-term marketing strategies that drive growth. With e-commerce exploding and store openings remaining pandemic, brands need a solid approach to digital marketing that goes beyond short-term ad campaigns.

In today’s digital world, consumer decision-making begins online. But product discovery isn’t necessarily the reason people open their web browsers or social media applications. Research by Think with Google shows that 60% of people have discovered their favourite brands online by doing other activities, for example. B. reading email, scrolling through news feeds, browsing websites and lifestyle applications, etc. They are more likely to see targeted ads in the right place at the right time.

But 3×3 knows that customer discovery may start with an advertising campaign, but brand marketing is not. Alcohol providers looking to increase customer loyalty and retention must strategically invest in tools that provide the who, what, when, where and why information that builds strong customer relationships.

Brand marketing is like showing up to a party, says Mike Provance, CEO of 3×3. If you sit in a corner, people might forget you’re there. But if you seek people out, have different conversations based on their interests or how you know each other, maybe sing a little karaoke together, you’ve made friends for life. The most successful brands behave like dedicated guests at the party. They build enticing marketing paths that send some customers back to them, again and again.

In this report, 3×3 provides an introduction to digital marketing and explores how beer, wine and spirits brands can build long-term marketing that drives growth. Contents include:

  • Digital Marketing 101: What is digital marketing?
  • Marketing in the short and long term : How can short and long term strategies be integrated?
  • Build a better way: What is a good brand marketing strategy?
  • Case studies : How are brands using digital marketing tools to grow?

This digital marketing plan will strengthen recurring customer relationships for the beverage brands. The specifications of each brand can (and should) evolve through constant analysis and the use of available tools. The most successful brands of tomorrow are already betting on long-term digital marketing. The best strategies and campaigns help any brand grow, even in uncertain times.

For more details, additional information and specifics on 3×3, please read the full report.

About 3×3 – www.3×3.us

3×3 is a growing company specializing in the marketing of beer, wine and spirits. The company focuses on democratizing data to help alcohol brands grow with their goals in mind. How: 3×3 uses proprietary sales data to find the ideal local customers for brands, then delivers alcohol ads to them through digital channels. Alcohol brands rely on 3×3 to identify, activate and retain valuable customers who buy through the independent retail channel.

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