This summer, The Vine Bar, a wine shop in New York City, is launching a new line of wine from a “better-for-you” winery, which means the wines have no added sugar, no sulfites, and no added sulfites. This better-for-you wine is made from all natural grapes and has no added sulfites. Unlike wine that has added sulfites, this better-for-you wine is made from all natural grapes and has no added sulfites. While you’d be hard-pressed to find better-for-you wine on the shelf, this new line of wines is unique in that it is only available in the New York City area.

A Better-for-You Wine, Launching Nationwide in July

Making better-for-you wines, is something we’ve always done at the Vinebar. We’ve invested in our own vineyard, but we’d like to see the same passion for the wines we sell. Our goal is to make great wines that are better for you, and to help you make the right choices about your wine-drinking lifestyle.


Grapes from sustainably farmed high-altitude Argentine vineyards are being used in a new range of low-calorie, low-sugar, low-alcohol wines launching this summer with Sauvignon Blanc.

Fort Worth, Texas, June 20, 2021 – Osmosis™, a new wine brand created by Vino del Sol and produced by co-winemaker Martina Galeano, offers high-quality wine that’s better for you, for those who care about their health. The Osmosis™ project has been developed over the past three years. It is a new wine on the market, low in alcohol, without sugar or calories, made from grapes grown under organic conditions in prestigious family wineries in Argentina.  Osmosis™ launches in July with a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, perfect for summer.

As health-conscious consumers seek sustainable brands in the wine category and strive for a more balanced lifestyle, Osmosis™ is focused on offering wine with integrity, produced by a team of respected winemakers.  Although we have reduced the alcohol and calorie content of the wine, Osmosis™ prides itself on not sacrificing taste.  With nine percent alcohol and no more than 85 calories per five ounces, Osmosis™ wine is the highest quality wine that fits today’s healthy lifestyle.

Vino del Sol president and co-founder Matt Hedges was interested in the better-for-you category even before it became a trend. Our vision has always been to make a great tasting wine with less calories and alcohol, says Hedges. It took us a while to reach perfection, but today the combination of strategic harvesting of the highest quality grapes and an unparalleled winemaking process creates a wine that offers 100% taste.

Hedges and his co-winemaker Martina Galeano use grapes from vineyards grown on sustainable farms in Alto Agrelo, Mendoza.  The altitude of the vineyard contributes to the crisp acidity and highly concentrated flavor, resulting in a full-bodied wine even after the alcohol is removed. Hand-picked, double-sorted grapes are strategically harvested on three different days to create a more complex flavor that combines bright acidity with citrus and tropical notes.  Our pneumatic press uses a special nitrogen component to capture and enhance the flavours and aromas of the fruit.  Each harvest is fermented in separate tanks, then blended to achieve perfect balance and aged on lees to give more body.  Thanks to the winemaking team’s innovative and gentle alcohol removal techniques, Osmosis™ retains all the flavor but contains less alcohol and calories, resulting in a light, high-quality, guilt-free wine. The wines retain their optimum flavour and freshness as they mature throughout the year in stainless steel tanks and are bottled as required.

Osmosis™ wines are not only low-alcohol, but also gluten-free and vegan.  Sauvignon Blanc is a naturally dry wine, without sugar, but with a certain sweetness due to the juicy pineapple flavors of the recent harvest.  The wine is pale yellow in color with added aromas of grapefruit and floral and spicy notes. The acidity of the wine is balanced by the pleasant softness resulting from the leaching process.

Osmosis™ will launch in July with Sauvignon Blanc (SRP $14.99).  The red mixture will appear later. For more information on the wines and where to find them, visit Preserve your wine with Osmosis™.


Vino del Sol’s mission is to be your trusted source for fine wines. Since 2004, we have built a reputation as a leading importer of terroir-driven wines that stand out for their value.  We are known as the specialists in Argentine wine®, but also sell exceptional wines and sakes from California, Chile, Japan and New Zealand. We are proud to be the exclusive US importer of Altocedro, Anko, Black Cabra, Criss Cross, Crooked Path, Formation, Gen5, Kura Selections, Lagar de Codegua, Lamadrid, Puramun, Taonga, Tapiz, Tassajara, Teho & Zaha, OSMOSIS™, Wapisa and Zolo.  All Vino del Sol wineries are family-owned and operated, and many have been working with Vino del Sol since day one.


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