Üllo believes in the pleasure of wine for its natural taste and has made it his mission to make the nation appreciate wine for its spicy and refined taste. Many people are sensitive to wine sulphites, which can cause allergic reactions in their homes, and do not use wine sulphites at all. She had a great influence on the way Ullo purified the wine.

Üllo was founded in Chicago in 2014 by James Kornatsky, a chemist with a doctorate. Thanks to his extensive experience in chemistry, he was able to invent selective sulfite capture™.

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Why use a wine purifier?
It is not necessary to be allergic to sulphites to enjoy filtered wine. Sulphites are added to wine as a method of preservation, but they change the taste of the wine.

Sulphites aren’t just bad news. They prevent your guilt from spreading and turning into acid and vinegar. However, if you are an avid wine taster, you will begin to notice the difference in taste between purified and unpurified wine, and over time you will find that you want to enjoy the pure taste of home.

This overview covers all the characteristics of the Üllo wine purifier, its operation and its advantages and disadvantages. At the end of this overview you should know whether you want to try Üllo Wine Cleaner or whether you are going to spend your hard-earned time and money on it.

So let’s dive straight into Wine Purifier Review to see what Ullo stands for.

Deep immersion in Yullo Wine Cleaner

Üllo is a wine purifier specifically designed to restore the taste of wine. It uses a special technology called selective sulfite filter Capture™. The Üllo wine purifier is also a wine aerator and is equipped with a switch that allows you to choose whether you want to avert your wine or not.

This wine cleanser can be used for red or white wine and removes preservative sulphites so you can enjoy a soft and pleasant tasting glass. It is very easy to use. Just pour the wine into the cleaner and pass it through the filter. The rest of the wine’s ingredients pass through the wine without being touched, so you can enjoy it flawlessly with a real glass (or bottle) of wine.

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Who is it for?

As mentioned, the Üllo wine purifier is designed for people who love the pure taste of wine. It is also aimed at wine lovers who are sensitive to sulphites and will spoil their wine drinking experience.

To use the Üllo Wine Cleanser, you do not need to drink expensive bottles of wine, as it is cheap and four wine filters are included with every order. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work on good wine, as is probably the case, and that it cleans as well as bought good quality wine.

If you prefer sparkling wine or champagne, you should not use Üllo Wine Cleaner as it may flatten the bubbles in your bladder. This special wine cleaner is only suitable for red and white wine.

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What we like about Ullo Wine Cleaner

This filter removes sufficient sulphites from the wine, so that even people with a severe sulphite allergy can drink one or two glasses without causing a painful allergic reaction. The Üllo wine purifier also eliminates suffocating headaches that cause allergies after drinking a glass of wine.

Once the wine has gone through the Ullo filter, it tastes much better. It’s a great gift for anyone who would like to have a glass of wine with their meal, because it brings out all the flavours of food and wine in your mouth.

It seems that with this filter you can test the wine exactly the way it needs to be tested. It is best to use it easily and without too much effort; just pour the wine through the filter and enjoy!

What we don’t like about Ullo Wine Cleaner.

Filters are not reusable and a filter is only suitable for one bottle of wine. The filters have to be changed every four or six hours, which is annoying if you haven’t finished the bottle yet or if you just want to drink a glass of wine.

The filters contain a powdery substance that can influence the taste of the wine. This completely misses the point and replaces one unwanted wine flavour with another. It is important to note that the filter does not always change the taste of the powdered wine and works well in most cases, but if that is not the case, it is very disappointing.

You will need to disassemble the Ullo to change the filter and clean the wine cleaner after each bottle of wine. Do it with special care, otherwise you run the risk of splashing yourself with wine residue, and there is nothing worse than a red shirt stained with wine!


  • It gives the wine a better taste.
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and portable
  • Supplied with four filters


  • Not suitable for sparkling wines
  • It’s hard to clean.

What’s going on?

When you order an Üllo wine cleaner, you will receive four filters, a travel bag, a display base and the Üllo itself. We love the way it comes with an extra display base and a travel bag, because it gives the market a nice avant-garde look. Üllo is a cute instrument and has a very modern aesthetic, which is a good start for a conversation.

Functional overview

Filter Üllo
Filter Üllo helps preserve the natural aroma and taste of the wine by removing sulphites. The delivery includes four filters, which are supplied with each purchase from Üllo.

Üllo has a ventilation setting that can be switched on and off at any time. The ability to switch the ventilation mode on and off is not standard equipment, which makes the Üllo cleaner more user-friendly.

Suitable for
Most wine glasses, carafes and carafes can be perfectly combined with Üllo cleaner. You can simply place the cleaner on the glass and pour the wine directly from the bottle into the cleaner.

The Üllo quality is made from BPA-free food materials and is safe for repeated use. It is also easy to disassemble and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

Review overview

We can say that we are incredibly impressed by the wine purifier Üllo; it really works! It improves the taste of wine and relieves the awful headaches you feel when drinking wine, while completely preventing allergic reactions to sulphites.

If you like wine, you’ll love the wine cleaner Üllo. We recommend that you try it or give it to a friend who is an amateur.


Are wine cleaners new to you? Do we still have unanswered questions about the Üllo wine purifier and other wine cleaning systems in general? We have prepared a section with frequently asked questions especially for you.

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about Üllo wine purifier and general questions about wine purifier. We hope you find the answers you were looking for!

Q : Can you use the Ullo filter on several bottles of wine?
A : Yes, it’s possible, but it may not be as effective on the second bottle as on the first. For best results, clean Üllo and replace the filter after every bottle of wine.

Q : Do wine cleaners prevent a hangover?
A : No, wine cleaners can’t prevent a hangover. They prevent unpleasant headaches the next day for people who are sensitive to sulphite allergies. It’s not the same as a hangover headache.

Q : What does a wine purifier do?
A : Wine purifiers remove sulphites added to the wine as a preservative. Sulphites change the taste of wine and have very unpleasant side effects in some people.

Q : What is the best wine filter?
A : The Üllo wine filter is considered by many to be the best wine filter available on the market today.

Q : Is it possible to filter the wine with a British filter?
A : No, the British filter doesn’t filter sulphites out of the wine.

Q : Can Ullo filter the whiskey?
A : Whisky contains more alcohol than wine and therefore does not need sulphites to preserve it.

Q : Is Üllo wine cleaner suitable for a normal wine carafe?
A : Üllo is compatible with most standard wine carafes and is ideal for individual wine glasses. If you are looking for a wine trolley suitable for the Üllo cleaner, consider the purchase of a wine trolley suitable for the Üllo cleaner.

Q : Can I buy Üllo parts separately?
A : Filters for the Üllo wine purifier can be purchased separately, but at the moment this is the only option. If any parts are missing or defective, replace the entire wine cleaner.

Q : How many Ullo filters can I put in the bag?
A : You can buy Üllo filters in packages of 10 pieces. They are cheap and should be enough to last for a while and for a special event with friends.

Q : How do you know if the wine purifier you use works properly?
A : If you are sensitive to sulfites and the cleanser works well, you will not suffer from blocked noses, rashes or other allergy-related side effects. Suppose you invest in a wine purifier to drink a wine that tastes more authentic and natural. In this case, we recommend pouring a glass of wine with the filter, then a glass without the filter and comparing the differences in taste yourself.

Q : Can you reuse Ullo filters?
A : It is not recommended to use Üllo filters again, because they do not work or do not work properly after filtering a bottle of wine.

We hope you found our review of Üllo wine filters useful. What do you think? Would you like to try the Üllo wine purifier? If you have experience with Üllo wine purifier or any other wine purifier, we would like to hear your impressions and thoughts about the product. Tell us what you think in the Responses section below.

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