Hadley Hatcher paints in her studio, photo: Adrian Chitty

Newberg, Oregon (February 1, 2021) – Wineworks is pleased to announce its lead artist for 2021, abstract artist Hadley Hatcher. A pandemic in Hatcher’s career in the music industry brought him back from Los Angeles to eventually work at Harvest A to Z in Oregon. After completing the required harvest apprenticeship, the prolific autodidact asked to continue her work as a second vine artist. She has been an artist for a long time, but in her younger years focused mainly on photography. In recent years, however, she has changed creative direction and spends more time painting, as seen below in her studio by the first restoration artist, Adrian Chitty.

The daughter of two vineyard co-founders, Hatcher grew up among the vineyards and immersed herself in Oregon’s wine industry. Occasionally she played hooky at Newberg High School to clean barrels. Graduating from the University of Vermont in Classical and Eastern European Literature, she spent a year at University College London and worked as a bartender in Soho to fund her travel. You can see examples of Hadley’s portfolio and other photos of his studio paintings here.

An exhibition of photographs by British photographer Adrian Chitty, the first artist in residence, is on display at the Chehalem Cultural Centre in Newberg and online until the 28th. February to consider. Transformations : Artist in Review – Year in Review is a beautiful collection of photographs documenting the winemaking process since Chitty’s arrival as a harvest intern in 2019. Each image is accompanied by a detailed description of its contents and composition in English and Spanish. Adrian Citti has enjoyed an unusual level of trust, time and access to all areas of the business. The results are intimate portraits of employees concentrating on their tasks. These photos are a tribute to the work and dedication of those who often do not sing in the wine industry.

Applications for the third artist-in-residence from A to Z will open this spring. The 15-month immersion program gives you the opportunity to work and respond artistically throughout the year. The artist-in-residence will initially be part of the seasonal harvest team, which is recruited from scratch each year and now numbers 229 alumni from 21 countries. After the initial harvest, the artist-in-residence receives support from A to Z and access to staff and resources for a year of reflection and artistic creation. During the second harvest of the residency, time is split between winemaking and artistic work. The residency ends with a public presentation of some of the year’s work in a gallery, lecture, reading or performance. For information about the program, interested parties can email Michelle Candelaria at [email protected].

About Wineworks from A to Z

Winery From A to Z captures the essence of Oregon by carefully blending single-varietal wines exclusively from Oregon vineyards.  The family-owned winery sets the standard for fresh and healthy Oregon pinot noir, pinot gris and chardonnay. In 2014, Wineworks A to Z became a B Corp certified company and has received the top 10% B Corp award for the best company in the world every year since.


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