When launching a new beverage, a key part of the marketing plan is to raise awareness for the product by featuring it in various outlets. New York-based bar and restaurant Riviera has accomplished just that with its new cocktail series, KYLA, which stands for “Keep Your Losses Low And Keep It All.”

The Riviera is a sexy new cocktail series that is coming to a bar near you this month. The concept is simple: create a cocktail with a twist or new flavor profile (think Baja smoothies, blueberry lemonades or kiwi infusions), and name it after a KYLA hotel property. The series debuted at the Paris hotel and the Riviera at Wynn Las Vegas. The idea is to create a new cocktail that will captivate guests and whet their appetite to try the other KYLA hotels.


MARE ISLAND, CA –You have a tasty product and an attractive label, but how do you get the attention (and sales) you deserve in a crowded market? This is where your most important brand comes in.

Brand identity is the graphic expression that conveys your brand’s message to the public, says Cynthia Sterling, creative director of Affinity Creative Group. Sterling continued: A good example is the work we developed for the KYLA Riviera cocktail range. We’ve presented Riviera with an evocative seascape, creating a sophisticated ambience for this premium canned cocktail line that’s even better for you, with the added benefit of probiotics and artisanal flavor profiles.

In preparation for the launch of the Riviera range, the KYLA team engaged the visual and verbal branding experts at Affinity to develop a series of key visual brand images for the launch, as well as a supporting brand toolkit to capture retail interest, engage consumers and motivate them to buy.

Finally, in collaboration with the KYLA team, a personalized and colorful illustration was created for a summer getaway. The look and feel of Riviera attracts consumers, transforms and captivates.

After Affinity defined the key visuals for the brand, the creative agency developed a series of unique illustrations for each of the four flavors to ensure versatility and flexibility. The graphic depiction of each cocktail in a glass cleverly uses a shadow in the shape of a cocktail glass, alluding to the live probiotics found in the intriguing flavors of classic cocktail culture.

Affinity then aligned the brand elements at all key points of the customer journey. The agency designed a range of branding tools, including a website homepage, custom product pages, window displays, shelving, cold storage stickers, sales brochures and original branded merchandise.

KYLA president Morgan Robbath noted: The team at Affinity Creative sought to capture the true essence and spirit of the Riviera cocktail series. Through the use of vivid imagery and language, Affinity has captured and embodied our unique offerings, and elevated the KYLA cocktail experience to a craft level.

Geoff West, marketing manager at KYLA, adds: Whenever we work together, Affinity Creative demonstrates a strong sense of partnership by providing seamless execution. Their visual expression speaks for itself, accentuating the quality of the products we offer and taking our marketing efforts to the next level. The grand appearance of KYLA’s Riviera series perfectly captures classic cocktail culture with a modern twist.

About KYLA:KYLA is a pioneer in the strong kombucha category and drinks better for you. KYLA is the only major brand of hard kombucha in the Pacific Northwest. It makes hard kombucha and cocktails from cane sugar for which pure spring water from Mt. Hood, a special SCOBY and organic ingredients are used. The result is a clear and refreshing drink with modern and versatile flavor combinations. In March 2021, KYLA launched Riviera, an innovative range of craft cocktails featuring live cultures in a convenient ready-to-drink format. Gluten-free, vegan, with live cultures, KYLA is a rush of benefits. Keep in touch with KYLA on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or visit kylakombucha.com.

About Affinity Creative Group: From its unique creative campus on historic Officer’s Row in Mare Island, California, Affinity Creative Group provides brand design, digital media and retail marketing services with a focus on wine, spirits and other luxury categories. For more information about Affinity Creative Group, please visit us: AffinityCreative.com or call 707.562.2787.


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