An organic and fair trade wine store run by the Bocardo family. 8, 2021, Aventura, FL – The Zonin family’s U.S. subsidiary, 1821 Fine & Spirits, is adding Argentine winery Proemio to its growing global portfolio. Proemio is a family winery run by Marcelo Bocardo, a third-generation Mendoza-born winemaker. Proemio means “prologue” in ancient medieval Spanish. The winery has been certified organic since 2017 and is also certified as a Fair Life winery.

In 2001, Marcelo Bocardo, a descendant of an Italian immigrant family, founded Proemio Winery with the goal of producing sustainable, high-quality, ultra-premium wines that focus on the uniqueness of their soils. “Marcelo’s vision is clear in the creation of this award-winning portfolio,” he said. “Proemio’s opportunity for success extends to chains, wines and terroirs across the United States,” said Sean Balzano, director of wine and spirits sales at 1821.

“As an Italian descendant, it is an honor to be associated with the Zonin family. We share the same passion for winemaking, to produce wines that are authentic and appeal to the terroir, while protecting the environment for future generations. This is part of our philosophy,” says Bocardo.

Proemio produces clean energy which accounts for 50% of their consumption and aims to reach 100% in the coming years. They sell over 300,000 kg of grape stems for reuse as firewood in brick kilns and 120,000 kg of grape skins for the alcohol industry, which are then returned to their cellars as natural fertilizer for the vines. Proemio Winery is also making greater use of solar energy and has launched a recycling initiative with staff training.

Proemio features state-of-the-art technology, including a double selection belt, gravity-fed tanks and pneumatic presses. Proemio uses stainless steel and concrete tanks that make efficient use of energy during winemaking. The company has invested in new concrete eggs/concrete chains, improved hail protection, and new barrels for growing reserve stock.

Wines distributed 1821 Fine Wine & Spirits, Aventura, FL

Malbec origin $ 14 .99
Origin of Cabernet Sauvignon $ 14 .99
Origin of Chardonnay $ 14 .99
Terroir red blend (volume option) $ 15.99
Malbec Reserve $ 18 .99
Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $ 18 .99
Petit Verdot Reserve $ 35 .99
Syrah/Grenache Reserve $ 35 .99
Reserve Cabernet Franc $ 35 .99
Large reserve $ 39.99
Symbol $ 49 .99

1821 Fine Wine & Spirits is an independent subsidiary of Zonin1821, Italy’s largest privately held wine and spirits company. The Zonin family portfolio includes nine wineries in seven of Italy’s most prestigious wine regions, as well as in California, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand. The Zonin family is fully committed to sustainable viticulture, ensuring that each bottle embodies the philosophy of preserving the local wine traditions, terroir and culture of each region. The 1821 portfolio of wines and spirits is distributed in all 50 states. For more information, visit

Zonin, Italy’s largest privately held wine and cellar producer, is known in the United States for such successful brands as Zonin Prosecco, Castello del Poggio (Piedmont), Castello di Albola (Tuscany), Masseria Altemura (Puglia) and Dos Almas (Chile). Two new products were added to the portfolio: the Land’s End from South Africa and three California wines under the 100 Nails Ranch label. All Zonin wines were imported and distributed in the United States in 1821.


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