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San Francisco, CA. March 20, 2021 – Be the Change Job Fair, an initiative led by Cara Bertone, Filana Bouvier, Leah Jones and Rania Zayat, in partnership with Diversity in Food & Beverage and Lift Collective, announced today that alcohol employers can now register for the second virtual job fair on March 22. April 2021. This year’s event is being organized in partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF), the largest national organization exclusively representing the black college community, to promote the Be the Change initiative and digital jobs fair within their networks. Other educational partners include the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and JP Morgan.  Bacardi USA and Tito’s Handcrafted Vodka will be among the many exhibitors with a new spirit (more partners and exhibitors will be announced). Exhibitors can register here.

Be The Change is the ideal partner for TMCF. Their commitment to increasing diversity through highly targeted and intentional strategies is commendable, said Dr. Harry L. Williams, president and CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Foundation.  We are proud to work with them to provide HBCU students with better career opportunities in the alcoholic beverage industry.

By December 2020, the first virtual job fair of its kind has connected more than 700 job seekers with leading companies in the industry, including Jackson Family Wines, Constellation Brands, Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, E & J Gallo, Moet-Hennessy USA and The Wine Group, using Brazen’s cutting-edge technology and ForceBrands’ beverage industry recruitment division, BevForce. The event connected unemployed candidates with new opportunities.  Like many sommeliers around the world, I retired last March because of the pandemic, said visitor Juan Carlos Ruiz, who took a job at Moet Hennessy USA in Las Vegas. For four hours, I had the opportunity to speak with 37 different representatives of these companies. One of the last companies I spoke with finally found work in my market! Check out Juan Carlos’ full statement here.

Further information

  • Who: The Be the Change job fair was founded by industry leaders Cara Bertone, Filana Bouvier, Leah Jones and Rania Zayat in partnership with the Diversity in Food and Beverage collective and Lift.
  • What? Be The Change opens its next virtual job fair on the 22nd. April 2021. The four-hour event will feature employers committed to diversity, equality and inclusion (DEE), up to 1,000 jobseekers and numerous vacancies in the wine, beer and alcohol sectors. It’s a fair job, with equal opportunities, open to all.
  • Why? Be the change is an equal opportunity initiative that seeks to change the status quo through action and policy. The initiative aims to diversify the beverage industry by promoting employment in companies that are committed to finding real solutions through diversity and equality training, measurable outcomes and long-term strategies.
  • When: April 22, 2021
  • Where: Employers can register here as an exhibitor.

Be the Change was launched on the 1st. July 2020, the wine industry’s first digital job fair focused on diversity and inclusion. After the huge success of the first event in December, Be the Change expanded into the alcohol and beer industry. At the opening event, major employers in the wine industry were able to connect with hundreds of new candidates: The Be the Change job fair is a game changer. We focus on employment and education, and through our partner organizations Diversity in Food and Drink and Elevator Collective we want to bring our sector to a wider audience, says co-founder Philana Bouvier. Our team is committed to effective and positive change through our initiatives and programs. The April event will have the same format, where job seekers can upload their resumes, connect with employers and network with other industry professionals, while exhibitors can receive resumes from job seekers and post job openings.

About Be the Change,

Be the Change seeks to change the status quo through action and policy. The initiative aims to create a diverse industry by helping employment organisations create real solutions through diversity and equality training, measurable outcomes and sustainable change. Founded by industry leaders Cara Bertone, Filana Bouvier, Leah Jones and Rania Zayat, Be the Change launched the wine industry’s first virtual job fair in December 2020 with a focus on diversity, equality and inclusion.  Be an advocate for change in diversity efforts that promote the professional development of many identities, including gender, race, sexual orientation, national origin, and persons with disabilities.

About thurgood marshall.

Founded in 1987, the Thurgood Marshall College Foundation (TMCF) is the largest organization in the country representing exclusively the black student community. TMCF member schools include historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) and state-supported predominantly black institutions (PBI). More than 80% of all students at HBCUs are enrolled at government-supported HBCUs. Through scholarships, capacity building and research initiatives, innovative programs and strategic partnerships, the TMCF is a vital resource for primary, secondary and higher education. The organization is also a source for top employers looking for the best talent for competitive internships and good jobs. TMCF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. For more information on the TMCF, visit:

About Brazen.

Brazen helps employers succeed in a new, entirely virtual world by providing recruiters with a variety of virtual recruiting tools, including virtual recruiting events, virtual job fairs, text, audio and video discussions, live video streaming and more. By providing candidates with more opportunities to connect with recruiting teams than traditional applications, Brazen converts candidate interest into quality recruiting twice as fast as the industry standard. Brazen’s virtual recruitment platform is specifically designed to attract talent and is used by some of the world’s most respected companies, including CVS Health, Starbucks and KPMG. Brazen has been the leading provider of e-recruitment software since 2013.

About ForceBrands

ForceBrands is the leading recruitment company specialising in the consumer goods industry – we train the teams that build brands. Our Beverage, Food, Cosmetics, Cannabis and Pet Products divisions offer executive search services, board meetings and a digital job board for direct contact with qualified candidates. We are people to hire and we are committed to changing the way consumer goods professionals at all levels identify job openings and connect employers with world-class talent. Get started, go ahead, with ForceBrands.

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