Malbec is made from dark purple grapes and is a very full-bodied and rich wine. These wines are dry and have blackberry and plum aromas with delicious notes and flavors.

Malbec wines often contain a hint of tobacco, vanilla and oak, making them an excellent choice to drink. These dry wines have average acidity and are for many people a blend.

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I picked my favorite Malbec blends and shared them with you in this magazine. Below you will find a detailed overview of the different wines and a section on the pros and cons to emphasize their good and bad qualities.

At the end of this overview you will find my winning wine and a FAQ section that explains a little more about Malbec wines. Have fun!

Our best evaluations and comparisons of Malbec

1. Katena Malbec


Main product characteristics

It is a wine from Mendoza, Argentina, for the rich cuisine.


  • 750 ml
  • A beautiful couple with poultry, pork and rich fish.


What we like about Katena Malbec

This wine is not too dominant, so it can be enjoyed with meals and only as an evening filling pleasure. The beauty of this wine is that it has no unpleasant or irresistible aftertaste.

What we don’t like about Katena Malbec.

It may be that the wine is too easy to drink, so you are a little dissatisfied and want more.


  • Easy to drink
  • He eats perfectly.
  • Beautiful and affordable


  • Flavours can be stronger

2. Cursive Malbec


Main product characteristics

It is an Argentine wine with an alcohol content of 14%.


  • Classic Flavours
  • From Mendoza, Argentina.
  • Completely.
  • Shades of vanilla and black cherries.
  • Perfectly served with a cheese platter.
  • 90 points from James Solling.


What we like about Malbec Cursive

The cursive malbec is perfectly balanced and well rounded. It is surprisingly powerful and has a brilliant scent. Although it’s a cheap Malbec, it doesn’t taste exactly the same.

What we don’t like about Malbec Cursive.

You can hardly blame this wine, but it won’t blow your socks off either. There are no surprising factors that set it apart from all the other quality malbecs on the market.


  • An affordable price
  • Balanced
  • Perfect for holidays
  • It’s a great housewarming gift.

3. Royal Malbec Rabbit


Main product characteristics

This French malbec has an alcohol content of 13% and is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


  • From Languedoc, France.
  • Full of dark red fruit aromas
  • A hint of dry leaves
  • Looks like a surprisingly bright ruby red colour in the glass.
  • Silk tanners
  • Balanced acidity
  • Smooth texture
  • Vegan
  • Perfectly combined with spicy tomato sauces.


What do we like about the Rabbit King Malbec?

The 2019 King Rabbit King Malbec is proud to be vegetarian, making them suitable for the wider wine lover market. This wine is excellent for meat dishes, both for poultry and red meat. Your guests will certainly compliment you on the wine selection during dinner!

What we don’t like about Bunny King Malbec

The bottle and the label are not for everyone. The storage of a bottle is not easy and the cap is difficult to remove from the bottle.


  • Works well with meat.
  • The guests love it.
  • Maybe a gift.
  • Some vegetarian mixes


  • The bottle has an unfavorable shape.
  • Difficult to hold

4. Malbec cake


Main product characteristics

The Malbec diaper cake from Menzoda, Argentina.


  • Imported from Mendoza, Argentina.
  • The grapes are harvested six weeks later than in other vineyards.
  • Bold taste of black fruit and rich earthy tones


What we like in Malbeccake

This Malbec is full of diapers. It is a rich, fruity wine, with grapes full of character. This will certainly have a big impact and make the conversation between friends flow.

What we don’t like about the Malbec layer cake

If you like very good wine at dinner, this wine might seem too rich for you.


  • Suitable for dinners and events.
  • The full flavour
  • A high quality wine
  • A concentrate of character and charm
  • Long-term fruits

5. Alamos Malbec


Main product characteristics

Malbec d’Alamos is a red wine with an average alcohol content of 13.5%.


  • Soft tannins and smooth finish
  • Argentine Malbec
  • 750 ml
  • Awarded 91 points to James Solling.
  • Notes of plum, black cherry and blackberry.


What we like about the Malbec d’Alamos

This wine is an absolute pleasure, especially when served at room temperature! Keep it in the larder for those evenings when all you need is a glass of wine to relax.

It is an excellent wine for a certain price and you can be sure that you will enjoy it. It’s not too rich or too bitter, that’s exactly what you expect from wine!

What we don’t like about the Malbec d’Alamos

For a cheap wine, this Malbec blend is pretty good, but it won’t knock you out. If you drink it with food that is not to its taste, it can leave an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth.


  • Balanced
  • Easy to store
  • After the autopsy, it will take some time before it oxidizes.


  • Not suitable for desserts.
  • spicy aftertaste

6. Zuccardi Series A Malbec


Main product characteristics

Enjoy this wine with a tender steak wrapped in a rich garlic marinade; believe me, you won’t regret it!


  • aromas of plums and ripe fruit
  • Spicy and fragrant floral notes
  • Medium and full-bodied wine
  • The great heights of Malbec
  • Red meat grilling
  • 13.9% alcohol


What do we like about the Zuccardi Series A Malbec?

The packaging has a strong and sweet taste, which is excellent for a cheap bottle of wine. You can use this wine as a marinade, drink it with food or enjoy it yourself; it is so versatile!

What we don’t like about the Zuccardi Series A Malbec

You won’t like this wine the day after the opening. It seems to oxidize very quickly and become quite bitter and sharp.


  • Cheap price
  • Glatt
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Fruity and juicy aromas


  • Difficult to hold
  • Put yourself on the map quickly.

7. Malbec Wine Fountain Set


Main product characteristics

Who says you can’t make the best Malbec blend? If you like wine as much as I do, you can make your own wine. It’s such a brilliant set of wines, which is very funny.


  • Home Wine Kit
  • It’s 23 liters.
  • ABV 11 to 13%.
  • seven-part set
  • High quality ingredients from California
  • Individual red wine


What we like in the Malbec Wine Fountain Kit

With this set you get a rich and intense red wine. The set contains stickers that look professional and are perfect as a gift for a big event. The wine tastes professional and your guests will be shocked that you did.

What we don’t like about the whole Malbec wine fountain.

If you are not familiar with winemaking, it is best to buy wine in a shop. If you don’t make wine for fun and don’t mind the way it works, you can be disappointed in the results, because homemade wine requires practice and patience.


  • You make your own wine.
  • Seven pieces in one set
  • Produces 23 liters of wine.


  • Not for newcomers.
  • Cooking takes four to six weeks.


My favorite on that list is Malbec Layer. If you want to enjoy the rich Malbec, do it with perfect acidity and interesting flavours!

Purchasing guide

For many people, a bottle of wine is a very important subject that they often think about before choosing the perfect wine. If you are new to blending Malbec, it is important to choose a Malbec wine that suits you to really discover this beautiful wine. Below you will find a buying guide that explains what to look for.

1. The
Malbec colour is a red wine capsule, but it is not really red. A good quality malbec will be deep purple.

2. Tannins
The soft and subtle tones of oak should be palpable, but at the same time soft enough not to overwhelm the other aromas of the wine.

3. Versatility
If you are looking for a bottle of wine, you should choose a bottle that can be used for cooking, drinking with food or just for fun. Of course, meeting your favorite bottle of wine is a real love story, and you want your wine to have it all, don’t you?

Plum and blackberry are the main flavors of Malbec. Each sip of cherry should give a hint of black cherry, but should not mask any of the main ingredients of the wine.

5. Blackcurrants and violet are classic Malbec fragrances. Many Argentine Malbecs are produced in Mendoza, thanks to the magnificent altitude, which makes the grapes richer and fills them with delicious aromas.

I advise you to read the label on the bottle of wine carefully and search for your favourite ingredients before buying. Don’t be afraid to try something new, because that’s how we get to know our unique range of wines.

The world of wine needs time to understand; some people want to discover everything, while others like to drink their faithful blend of wines every time they reach the bottle. No matter what kind of wine lover you are, you want every sip to give you a feeling of relaxation and happiness.

There is a lot to learn about wine blending. I want to help you learn more about wine so you can make the most of this glass. That’s why I made this FAQ section so you can understand the complex blood that is Malbec. I hope you find them useful!

Q : At what temperature should I operate Malbec?
A : Malbec is best served just below room temperature, ideally at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q : What are the main features of Malbec?
A : Malbec is usually saturated and almost always dry. They are full of intense, deep red fruit aromas, such as plums and blackberries.

Q : Is Malbec a strong wine?
A : Malbec’s not too strong, I’d describe it as slightly less spicy than Cabernet Sauvignon.

Q : Can I cook with Malbec?
A : Yeah, Argentine cooks love to cook with Malbec. They also recommend Malbec as the wine par excellence to accompany meat dishes.

Q : Should I let Malbec breathe?
A : You should open the bottle about 30 to 60 minutes before drinking. Medium-warm red wines often taste better when drunk slowly.

Q : Is malbec a cheap wine?
A : It all depends on the brand of Malbec you want to buy. Like everything else on the market, Malbec and Premium Malbec offer affordable options.

Q : Why is Malbec so popular?
A : Malbec has gained popularity in France because of its rich colour and taste. Over time, consumers have come to understand and appreciate the complexity of specially designed dishes.

Q : Is malbec healthier than pinot noir?
A : Malbec wines use a very specific grape variety. This grape has a thicker skin than normal, which means that it is loaded with antioxidants that increase immunity. Pinot Noir has a slightly lower sugar and calorie content, making it the best choice for a low-calorie diet.

Q : Malbec sweeter than merlot?
A : Both Malbec and Merlot are dry wines, so neither is too sweet. The Malbec wines are dry, but the Merlot is very dry, which makes the Malbec a little sweeter.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found a new Malbec mix you’d like to try next time. Malbec is your favorite wine blend, and what do you drink it with when you taste it? Your comments, recommendations and suggestions are always welcome!

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