California’s leading winemaker closes a historic year with his second Green Business Award.'s-Best-Organic-Initiative-by.png HOPLAND, CA, 17. December 2020 – Bonterra Organic Vineyards (Bonterra) has been named Best Organic Initiative 2020 by the Beverage Company (UK) for its high-profile Save the Planet advertising campaign. In the 11th. Now in its 10th year, the Green Awards recognize world leaders in the beverage industry who are driving change through environmental and social performance. This year’s Bonterra publication was praised for its use of humour to raise consumer awareness of the importance of climate change mitigation and to promote the benefits of regenerative organic farming, particularly the stronger tasting glass.

The annual Green Award rewards companies that go beyond contributing to the climate crisis and bring their efforts to the attention of a wider audience. Recognising that organic wines, beers and spirits have become a popular choice among consumers, this year’s jury wanted to reward a company or brand for its work in introducing a new approach to organic products into the production, retail or distribution sectors, highlighting the efforts made by the company over the past 12 months.

We are honored that our campaign has been recognized in the beverage industry among global organic initiatives as a campaign that stands out and makes a difference, said Rodrigo Maturana, Vice President of Marketing and International Affairs for Fetzer Vineyards, Bonterra’s parent company. We had a lot of fun with this campaign, which ridicules stereotypes about wine while emphasizing the important fact that regenerative organic farming can help save the planet, he added.

Bonterra Save the Planet’s innovative campaign ran from August to November 2020, mainly on popular streaming platforms and targeted digital media networks. The campaign, which reached nearly nine million completed video views, complemented Bonterra’s efforts to promote regenerative organic products and integrated sustainability initiatives, ultimately increasing awareness of the transformative power of organic products while building brand loyalty. It has also helped to make consumers aware of how their purchases can help the planet, with a hint of good humour.

In addition to the beverage prize, Bonterra is also the winner of the California 2020 Green Medal in the environmental category, which was awarded earlier this year. The California Green Medal is part of the sixth annual Sustainable Viticulture Leadership Award, recognizing leadership in wineries and wineries committed to sustainability. It is awarded by the California Sustainable Viticulture Alliance, the California Winegrowers Association, the Wine Institute, the Lodi Viticulture Commission, the Napa Valley Winegrowers, the Sonoma County Winegrowers and the Vineyard Team. Bonterra was one of four wineries honored and recognized as an environmental award, officially recognized as the California winery that is the best example of environmental stewardship by maximizing the environmental benefits of sustainable practices.

This year it is 21% higher than in 1987. Bonterra has long been committed to regenerative agriculture and practices that are exclusively organic. The smart approach to viticulture includes useful practices such as harvesting, less tillage, composting, grazing, integrated pest management, integration of wildlife and conservation of nearly 50% of the land as protected wilderness areas. These practices improve soil fertility and the sustainability of the vineyard. Research shows that regenerative agriculture yields measurable climate benefits, such as B. increased storage of organic carbon. Besides the vineyards, Bonterra is certified Zero Waste and CarbonNeutral®, the energy is 100% green and the Bonterra team is working to make legislators in California and Washington aware of climate and soil standards.

About Bonterra.

The Bonterra Organic Vineyards collection, organically grown and masterfully crafted, embodies wines in perfect harmony with nature. The portfolio celebrates the vitality of organic farming and showcases the country’s wines through careful farming practices on a dynamic network of farms and partners across California. In addition to a wide selection of organic wines, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Equinoxe Rouge, Jeune Rouge and Rosé, Bonterra produces a trio of coveted single varietal wines from its biodynamic® vineyard in Mendocino County, as well as the Merlot Elysian Collection, a sublime range of organic grapes.

Long before organic produce filled the shelves of convenience stores, Bonterra’s dedicated team embraced organic and biodynamic farming because they passionately believe that farms rich in biodiversity, including vines, insects and wildlife, and healthy soils produce organic grapes that produce better wines.


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