Healthy Vines is a new publication that explores the entire process of wine-making, from vineyards to wineries. Healthy Vines focuses on the practices of organic farming, biodynamic processing, and other sustainable farming methods, and as a result it delivers the highest quality wines with the healthiest impact on the planet.

Healthy Vines recently published a book titled “Sprout: The Dirty Secrets of the World’s Cleanest Food” by David Eng. (Photo above) For the uninitiated, Healthy Vines is a small publishing company based in Sonoma, CA, that seeks to promote a plant-based lifestyle. Sprout explores the topic of clean food.

Vintners have been increasingly interested in incorporating environmentally or socially responsible practices into their wine production today. The California wine industry has the potential to be one that incorporates the best of green practices into their business, as well as the potential to be one that has a great influence on the wine world of the future.


Valid from 10. June 2021

9. June – SONOMA CA : This June, winemakers and grape growers who want to commit to organic winemaking will receive a new guide to organic winemaking best practices in the Sonoma Napa region. In Healthy Vines, Clean Wines – Organic, Biodynamic, Natural and Sustainable Viticulture Techniques, written by ecotourism advocates Pamela Lanier and J.J. Lunier. Н. Hughes, provides an overview of sustainable viticulture labels and their importance, a detailed description of various organic and sustainable viticulture practices, such as the use of groundcover crops and beneficial insects, and a detailed study of sixteen California wineries that adhere to environmentally friendly business practices. With direct contributions from the legendary leader of organic farming and founder of the EcoFarm conference, Amigo Bob Cantisano, this publication aims to cover all the bases to introduce the many possibilities of sustainable viticulture.

With another dry season approaching, more and more winemakers are realizing that they can play an important role in solving the climate problem in their region. Pamela Lanier said. Our book is a comprehensive reference work on ecological, sustainable and regenerative methods, with current examples of wineries that have successfully put these methods into practice.

We worked with several local wineries to conduct field research, including Frog’s Leap, Tres Sabores, Marimar, Benziger and others, J.N. Hughes said. What they have achieved in their vineyards and production facilities can be replicated by other producers who want to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

  • The legacy of Amigo Bob Cantisano, visionary advocate of sustainable agriculture and organic viticulture, with a detailed account of the methods he championed and the advice he gave to farmers who switched to closed-circuit farming methods.
  • An interview with Jean-Charles Boisset, the standard-bearer of biodynamic viticulture, and the innovators of organic viticulture Phil and Sam Coturri.
  • The focus is on the new role of women in wine industry leadership and the future of wine producers and consumers.

Healthy Vines, Pure Wines – Methods in Organic, Biodynamic, Natural and Sustainable Viticulture is published by Business Expert Press and can be ordered in print and digital form from Business Expert Press, Amazon and other outlets. Follow this link to order a magazine or desktop copy.

Founded in 2009, Business Expert Press is now a renowned publisher of business content for the professional and academic communities. The BEP offers more than 1,100 books on 30 different business topics. Authors from Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, and innovative businesses and organizations have contributed their expertise to make BEP the premier source of up-to-date business books. More information on


The vineyard is part of a movement of environmentally sensitive wineries, spearheaded by the Wine Business Institute, that are looking to increase their profits without harming the environment. The practice of winemaking has become increasingly scrutinized in recent years, with critics arguing that the process is both inefficient and unsustainable. As a result, there has been a surge of new interest in environmentally friendly winemaking, and Sonoma County’s wineries are leading the way.. Read more about leed database and let us know what you think.

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