There are loads of great wines out there that you can drink right now. But how do you choose which are the best ones to sample? We have taken our best tasting wines from the past year and put together a comprehensive list of all the top red wines and white wines that are winning awards right now.

For wine lovers, it’s hard to imagine that the year 2020 would be any different. There are many different types of wine, but each has certain characteristics that make it unique. This means that to be a successful wine taster, you will need to know what it is you are looking for in a wine.  This comprehensive guide will show you what to look for in a wine, so that you can make the best choice available.

The Graves season is one of the most exciting for vinous enthusiasts. The wines are one of the most consistent and recognizable in the world and are always available in the U.S. The wines of Graves are the traditional French wine that offers modern wine drinkers a very good value proposition. The reds are usually very good (the most famous is the 2004) and there is no better medium weight white wine than the Graves, which is a blend of 49% Trebbiano Toscano, 22% Sauvignon Blanc and 31% Chardonnay. However, it is the Graves we want to focus on here. The classic Graves is a blend of 90% Mourvedre, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5. Read more about 2020 wine vintage chart and let us know what you think.


2020 Graves is a strong contender whether you’re looking for character-driven, early-drinking, mellow, earthy red Bordeaux wines with a hint of smoke or fresh, crisp, brilliant, fruit-filled white Bordeaux wines with character that sell for a song. There are a lot of excellent wines to select from, so savvy buyers should pay attention.

For a full report on the Bordeaux growing season and harvest in 2020, click here.

Under my home office, I sampled the following 2020 Graves Bordeaux red and white wines in non-blind circumstances.

2020 Brondelle – The earthy, savory, tinted finish is delicate, fruity, fresh, and juicy, with round tannins and mild, soft cherries, chocolate, and plums. You’ll be able to enjoy this as soon as it’s released. Pts: 87-89

On the scent and taste, 2020 Brondelle Blanc has creamy lemons, mango, and golden tropical fruits. Enjoy this summer quaffer while it’s still young. 87 points

2020 Cerons – Herbaceous with citrus accents that accompany the bright, crisp, spicy, medium-bodied fruits on the tart, green olive-filledComplete-Guide-to-the-best-2020-Graves-Red-and-White palate. 83-85 Pts

2020 Cerons Blanc – A light, bright, fresh, uncomplicated, lemon-filled white wine for immediate enjoyment. 86 points

Chantegrive 2020 – The wine has an exceptionally dark hue and is full of smokey dark red fruits, savory herbs, and spice. The wine is already approachable and easy to drink, being medium-bodied, sweet and juicy on the tongue with plenty of fruit. This is a fantastic bargain wine that smart buyers should look out for. Pts 88-90

2020 Chantegrive Blanc – Lemon and green apple notes greet you on the scent, followed by a burst of lively, sweet yellow citrus and spice on the tongue. This will be simple to enjoy when it is released, since it is juicy and fresh with excellent lift. This is a great white Bordeaux wine for the money. 90 points

Honeysuckle, lemon peel, pomelo, spice, and tangerine all emerge on the scent and on the delightful, zesty, sweet, creamy palate of the 2020 Chantegrive Caroline. This will be fantastic to drink on a hot summer day. 90 points

Apples, pears, lemons, and honeysuckle on the aroma and on the upfront, sweet, creamy, fresh palate of the 2020 Clauzots Blanc. This will be at its finest while it’s still young and fruity. 87 points

2020 Clos Castelot Bussac — Soft, vibrant, fresh red fruit, herbs, and tobacco on the palate. Drink this wine now and over the next several years since it is light in style, delicate, and exquisite in character. Pts 85-87

2020 Clos Floridene Blanc – The tart lemon, lime, and green apple-dominated aroma and spicy tongue are bright, crisp, and fresh, with bracing acidity and lift. 90 points

Clos Floridène 2020 – The wine is medium-bodied, easy to enjoy and even easier to drink, ending with ripe, lifted, savory herbs, plums, and minerality. Bright, juicy, sweet, soft, polished, and fresh, the wine is medium-bodied, easy to appreciate and even simpler to drink. Pts. 87-90

2020 Crabitey – The wine is upfront, juicy, and a little strict in the medium-bodied gritty finish, with earthy ripe fruit, a strong herbal note, and chocolate. Pts: 86-88

2020 Crabitey Blanc – Fresh, creamy, fruity, forward wine with flavors of white peach, lemon oil, and green apple. 88 points

2020 des Fougeres Clos Montesquieu — A light, lively, early-drinking, easy-drinking everyday quaffer with a red fruit focus that should be consumed over the next year or two. Pts: 83-85

2020 des Places – A lively, albeit light, wine with a medium-bodied, crisp, brilliant, red berry-oriented flavor. Over the next several years, drink this. Pts: 84-86

2020 des Places Blanc – A brilliant blast of lemons and green apples in a forward, fresh, early-drinking style that will peak in the coming years. 87

2020 Dorleac Révélations d’Hubert de Boüard – A medium-bodied, soft-textured wine with earthy red fruits on the tongue and finish. You may drink it just after it’s been released. Pts 85-87

Cigar box, chocolate dusted cherries, and herbs dominate the scent of the 2020 Ferrande. The dusty finish has a touch of chocolate and black raspberries, which is very good. Medium-bodied, smooth, silky, fresh and sweet, there is a touch of chocolate and black raspberries in the dusty finish, which is quite nice. This will be simple to enjoy when it comes out, and it will be at its finest during the first 10-12 years of its existence. Pts 88-90

Ferrande Blanc – Ferrande Blanc – Ferrande Blanc – Ferrande The wine is vibrant, sweet, and refreshing, with a strong, creamy lemon finish, thanks to all of the vivid lemon and green apples. This is a fantastic white Bordeaux wine for the money. 90 points

2020 Haura — An easy-to-drink, uncomplicated quaffer with a forward, medium-bodied, earthy red fruit laden wine that lacks distinctiveness. Pts 85-87

2020 Le Prelat de Pape Clement — This wine is medium-bodied, smooth, silky, and fresh, with refined, polished red fruits with hints of tobacco, espresso, spice, and chocolate. This is a forward, early-drinking, and already attractive wine that you may enjoy right now. Pts: 87-89

2020 Bright pomelo, crisp green apples, and waxy lemons with a beautiful sharp and refreshing acidity that continues all the way through from start to finish in Le Prelat de Pape Clement Blanc. 90 points

2020 Lesparre – Ripe, soft, polished, sweet, fruity, medium-bodied, plummy wine with a peppery, savory, green olive tinge in the aftertaste. Pts: 86-88

On the nose, 2020 Mejean has tobacco leaf and chocolate topped black cherries. The wine is round, sweet, earthy, and open on the tongue, with a hint of cigar wrapper in the mid-palate and rich, dark red fruit on the finish. The wine is made up of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. Pts 88-90

2020 Peyrat – Fresh, earthy, sweet, red berry-filled wine with soft structure and chewy tannins on the aftertaste. You’ll be able to enjoy it nearly immediately once it’s released. Pts: 86-88

2020 Peyrat Blanc – A wonderful entrance in the scent is freshly squeezed grapefruit with flowers. This well-priced wine is light, lively, crisp, and has a lovely, somewhat honeyed sweetness to the juicy, yellow citrus on the tongue. It will be ready to drink upon release and for the following several years. 88 points

Portets 2020 – With its black currants, chocolate, and tobacco core, the wine is soft, fruity, medium-bodied, delicate, sweet, and round. This should be consumed throughout the following 8-10 years. Pts: 87-89

2020 Rahoul — Medium-bodied, delicate, and silky on the palate, with a core of sweet, perfectly ripe, exquisite, smoked red fruits and tobacco leaf notes, this will improve with age. Pts: 89-91

2020 Rahoul Blanc – Notes of lemon, grapefruit, and green apple abound in this wine. The wine is sweet, fresh, creamy, and crisp, with a zingy finish of luscious Meyer lemon peel. This is already looking fantastic. 90 points

Roquetaillade La Grange 2020 – The wine is velvety, fresh, and already very simple to drink. It’s round, rich, polished, and has plenty of juicy blackberry and currants on the scent and tongue. Pts 88-90

Saint-Robert, 2020 – Smoky red fruits, smooth, soft tannins, and a medium-bodied, fruity, refined finish characterize this wine. Pts: 87-89

Green and Golden Saint-Robert Blanc 2020 Delicious apples, waxy lemons, and flowers are clearly discernible, with bright, crisp, juicy apples and lemon peel flavors lingering in the pleasant, energetic finish. 90 points

2020 Villa Bel-Air — A lighter-styled Graves with a fresh, lightly smoked red fruit flavor that will appeal to early drinkers. Over the next several years, take pleasure in this. Pts 85-87

The following study focuses on all of the finest 2020 wines from the appellations of Haut Medoc, Moulis, and Listrac.

As most of you know, the 2020s are going to be a big year for wine. As of now, we are 5 months into the decade, and we have already seen some amazing wine releases to look forward to this year. With the economic crises over, demand for quality wine has never been higher. While the industry is in a state of flux, prices have dropped from all-time highs and there are more fine wines coming out than ever before. Plums, Cabernets, Merlots, White Wines, Reds and more will all be on offer in the years ahead.. Read more about best wine vintages to drink in 2020 and let us know what you think.

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