An Italian multinational company introduces the first tannin of its kind with antioxidant, free radical fighting, metal chelating and antimicrobial properties.

Martino di Trecate (NO) – 18. February 2021 – Enartis, part of the Esseco Group, a global wine merchant, announces the launch of Hideki, an innovative tannin with antioxidant, anti-free radical, anti-metallic and microbiostatic properties. It is obtained by selecting and purifying the molecular fractions of some of the most effective tannins used in oenology.

Hideki, which means great opportunity in Japanese, is the result of more than two years of research and development by Enartis in the field of natural polyphenols, initiated in collaboration with leading Italian universities in Italy and Spain. Hideki represents a major step forward in the protection of wine withnatural products, which provide effective removal of metals (chelation) andantioxidant protection, as an alternative to or in synergy with sulphur dioxide to preserve fresh flavours and colours. In addition, naturally inhibits the growth of microorganisms that can alter the composition and organoleptic quality of wine, thanks to the combination of tannins of different composition and chemical structure that exert a microbiostatic action against various potentially harmful microorganisms.

Compared to other tannins on the market, Hideki represents a significant advance in terms of efficacy, thanks to the combined action of selected and purified tannins enhancing antioxidant, free radical fighting and antimicrobial properties that are rare in traditional products.

With this great opportunity, which allows wine producers to combine a natural technical approach with results without defects, highly appreciated by today’s consumers, Enartis has been confirmed as a world leader in oenological innovation, said Samuele Benelli, Director of International Trade.

In recent years, new discoveries and testing techniques have made it possible to investigate more thoroughly the complex world of reactions occurring in wine. Thanks to a great deal of knowledge and innovative technologies, new tannins can be found and existing tannins improved. In particular, voltammetry measurements have enabled Enartis to select new raw materials and deepen its understanding of the purification process, focusing on the properties of polyphenols, which are particularly useful in oenology.

This extensive knowledge has led to the new tannin Hideki : a great and natural way to produce increasingly healthy wines. The tannin mixture contains selected tannins and two purified tannins, the combination of which increases the microbiostatic spectrum of the product with respect to the pH range; it is a technical and versatile tannin that can be used to reduce wine oxidation, refresh wines and better control microbiological spoilage.

Applied research on this product has allowed Enartis to expand its knowledge of the functional mechanisms of natural tannins and put it at the service of technical and technological innovation in oenology with the development of Hideki, says Giovanni Calegari, technical director and product manager of Enartis.

Enartis is part of the Esseco Group, an all-Italian industrial group that has been developing technological innovations and production capabilities for the world of inorganic chemistry and oenology for almost a century. With a range of more than 300 products and specialties – tannins, fermenters, fermentation activators, yeasts, bacteria, stabilizers, colorants and finishing products – and 200 employees, the company currently works with more than 10,000 producers in 50 countries to improve wine quality and ensure that global standards are met. Thanks to a constant commitment to research and development, international certification FSSC 22000 for food safety and compliance with the strictest quality requirements of oenology and food legislation, Enartis can offer the market innovative solutions and safe products for winemaking that best express and enhance the characteristics of wine.

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