Advertising'-Dry-Steam-Validation-Study.jpg Petaluma, California – December 2020 – Scott Laboratories, a leading supplier of packaging, equipment, filtration and fermentation products to the North American wine industry, is pleased to announce the first results of a validation study conducted by Scott Laboratories and made available by ETS Laboratories.

ETS Laboratories, an independent wine testing laboratory in St. Helena, has evaluated the cork supplied by Scott Labs to assess its own cork cleaning process called Scott Labs Dry-Steam Technology. The aim of the study was to provide Scott Labs with preliminary information on the effectiveness of the cleaning process based on TCA measurements before and after the dry steam treatment.

Scott Labs’ standard quality control process rejects any cork ball whose results exceed 1ppt TCA. However, as part of this study Scott Labs ETS provided samples of natural cork with different TCA levels before it was treated with dry steam to fully and accurately test the performance of the technology on a wide range of corks.

The original cork samples were individually tested by the ETS laboratories with significant results. All corks with a TCA content of less than 10 ppm before the dry steam treatment had an undetectable TCA level after the dry steam treatment (less than 1 ppm).

Comments from Alex Scott, President of Scott Labs: We are the oldest and only independent supplier of cork in the American wine industry and are constantly striving to develop innovative methods to reduce TCA and improve the overall quality of natural cork stoppers. The combination of individual control with dry steam technology enables us to radically improve cork quality over and above what is currently available on the market. With the support of our Scott promise, for all cork products, at no extra cost to the customer.

Scott Labs is the only independent cork company in North America. Alex Scott’s grandfather Robert Scott imported the company’s first cork in 1974, making Scott Labs the oldest and most experienced importer in North America. The independence and integrity of the company are the cornerstone of the cork program.

  • Independence protects the interests of the customers and not those of the suppliers. Scott Labs has the unique ability to accept only those files that meet the strictest quality control protocols in the world.
  • Scott Labs’ TCA test protocols are drawn up prior to the purchase of the raw materials. These tests are carried out by independent laboratories to ensure that third party testing precludes any conflict of interest in the supply chain.
  • As a family organization with a mission and a fundamental belief in education, honesty and doing the right thing, Scott Labs’ reputation depends on any congestion and transparency in its program.

Chris Holman, General Manager of the Packaging Division of Scott Labs, comments: Our motto is Clean Cork with a clear promise. When we sell something, we do so with an absolute guarantee. We believe that good cork starts with good raw materials, and thanks to our dry steam technology we can take the best raw materials and make them perfect.

Thanks to the great success of the dry steam process, Scott Labs can now offer the Scott programme Promise™.

Scott’s promise: 100% clean cork or Scott Labs buys the bottle. Every traffic jam, every day, at no extra cost to the customer. Winemakers can rest assured that their wine is protected by 100% pure cork, purchased from Scott Labs, and that its quality is maintained. It’s their way of doing business. For more information on what the Scott Pledge programme includes and the conditions, restrictions and limitations that apply to the Pledge programme, please visit

More information about Scott Labs and the natural cork drying process can be found at


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