Advertising's-New-Wine-Line-de.png 10. December – The Farm Collection pays homage to a place where many friendships were born and the most beautiful memories of my life. Stanford University, also known as the farm. Says soccer legend, restorer and philanthropist John Elway.

The new collection consists of 3 options. The rich Cabernet Sauvignon with intense black fruit notes received 92 points in The Tasting Panel / Somm Journal and is the most popular variety to date. Their Chardonnay has also gained valuable fame after receiving the Best Buy award from Wine & Spirits magazine in August 2020. Shades of lemon, pineapple and vanilla give it a creamy colour and a light, crunchy and refreshing taste. Their Pinot Noir with a hint of cherries, cola and dried herbs earned them 89 points on

The agricultural collection was created by three large AVA companies, including Paso Robles for Cabernet Sauvignon, Monterey (Santa Lucia Highlands) for Pinot Noir and Arroyo Seco for Chardonnay.

Thanks to the resounding success of 7Cellar’s Elway’s Reserve collection, the company has expanded its range and now offers more options at daily prices. The agricultural collection, which already started in April 2020 with 5,000 crates, plans to quickly increase the crate production by a total of 400% due to the high demand.

John and his agent, friend and old business partner, Jeff Sperbeck, joined forces in 2013 to establish 7 wineries and were able to consolidate the legendary Rob Mondavi Jr. as their winemaker. 7Cellars was originally a compliment to John’s already famous restaurant, Elway’s Steakhouse, but since then the brand has taken on a life of its own.

In a year marked by such disagreement, the introduction and sale of The Farm Collection was a relief. It’s co-founder, CEO Jeff Sperbeck.

In addition to the many successes in 2020, 7Cellars and its partner OneHope opened a new winery in Rutherford, California this winter. Enjoy unforgettable hospitality with world-class wines and a chef’s menu in a spectacular facility designed by the famous architect Howard Backen in the heart of the Napa Valley.

OneHope is a wine company that has a positive influence on the world with every bottle sold. 7Cellars is honored to be part of their mission and is today their only partner for high quality wines. 7 The cellar preserves the spirit of philanthropy.  With every bottle they buy, they make a donation to Team Rubicon, a nonprofit organization that supports, trains and guides U.S. veterans to participate in emergency relief missions around the world.

These achievements in themselves are proof that 7Cellars is not a wine company like any other. Their fruitful partnerships, excellent winery, the presence of Napa Valley and excellent quality make them proud to stand out from the competition.

According to John Elway, the only driving force in my life has always been the pursuit of excellence. I have adopted this philosophy in all aspects of my life, both personally and professionally. I applied the same standard to my family’s vineyard with 7 wineries. Looks like he’s feeling good about his wine.


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