There are hundreds of grape varieties around the world, with some grapes having more than one common name. In fact, a person can go through life without ever knowing the origin of a grape, as they are often not apparent in the winery.

Did you know that there are five different kinds of grapes called wines? Did you know that two of these grapes, Gewurztraminer and Riesling, are actually made for cooking? Did you know that another two of them, Trousseau and St. Laurent, are made from one grape, which is then blended into two different wines? Luckily for us, the wine experts at The Vine Bar have done all the research for you and have found out exactly which grapes are most popular around the world.

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Wine is a global business, and grapes have been traveling the world for thousands of years. When different varieties take root in new regions, they often get new names – think of how the French variety Syrah became Shiraz, or how Primitivo became Zinfandel.

Here are five popular grape varieties that have different names depending on where they are grown.


Syrah is a French grape variety that is perhaps best known as the main grape variety of the northern Rhone. But when it was exported to Australia, this red grape became known as Shiraz.

No one knows exactly why the name was changed. But it has raised the profile of Australia’s offerings as remarkable and unique. In fact, regions like California have adopted the name Shiraz to indicate that their bottles are sometimes more akin to the fruity Australian style than the rustic French Syrah.

Domaine des Remizières 2019 Crozes-Hermitage; $23, 91 points. Tones of eucalyptus and charred cloves enhance the blackcurrant and cherry flavors of this 100% Syrah wine, made from vines averaging 45 years old. Aged 15 months in a combination of new and used oak, the wine is full and deeply concentrated, but retains freshness and vitality. Delicious now, the wine will keep until 2029. A French drink. -Anna Lee K. Iijima

One Leaf 2018 Shiraz (California); $10, 90 points. This robust, drinkable wine offers generous black fruit, white and black pepper notes, and a firm but rich texture. It flirts with a playful, earthy character that gives it an added complexity rarely found in such reasonably priced wines. Best buy. -Jim Gordon


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Powell & Son 2017 Shiraz (Barossa Valley); $31, 90 points. This is a rich, old-fashioned Barossa Shiraz. Big fruit in the form of plums and blueberries is complemented by notes of olive brine, earthy spices, charred vegetables, furniture polish and vanilla oak. The mouth is tight, but not too syrupy or muscular. There is some bright oak, but also lots of fruit and spice. She’s well groomed, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a few freckles through all that makeup? Powell and Sons. -Cristina Picard


The warm growing seasons in Puglia are ideal for the production of a powerful and well-structured Primitivo. But in California, this grape is known as Zinfandel, where it makes sweet, luscious wines.

Although these regions are the best known for this grape, it has its origins in Croatia, where it is called Tribidrag.

Tribidragus, or Primitivo, was first mentioned in Italy in 1799. And the grape may have appeared in the United States as early as the 1820s. As with the Syrah/Shiraz separation, both names can also be used to designate the style in international markets.

V. Sattui 2018 Pilgrim Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel (Lodi); $39, 93 points. Deep and dark, this quietly powerful wine is infused with dark fruit aromas and highlighted by notes of clove, vanilla and cinnamon, creating a sense of complexity and rich, satisfying fruit. It is a full-bodied wine, but with fairly supple tannins and a sweet taste. Editor’s Choice. -J.G.

2019 Allan Hancock Zinfandel (Paso Robles); $15, 92 points. Light in the glass, this is a fresh, zesty style of Zinfandel that shows strawberries, fennel and light garden herbs in the nose. The lovely palate is also fresh with sour red plum and raspberry flavors complemented by baking spices and dried herbs. Higher alcohol levels are not noticeable at all. Best buy. -Matt Kettleman

Botromagno 2018 Primitivo (Puglia); $19, 90 points. A mix of treated earth, violets, blackberries, plums and dried hibiscus carry this seductive Primitivo. The medium-bodied palate is driven by juicy black fruit, while savory earth, floral and spice notes add depth. The tannins show some grit, but it’s nothing that can’t temper the flavorful protein. LLS-Winbow. Editor’s Choice. -Alexander Pertrey.

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Pinot Noir/Spätburgunder

Pinot noir is the most common name for this grape variety from France. The origin of this grape is not exactly known, but it is already mentioned in 1283 under another name – Moreillon.

Pinot Noir is the source of the iconic wines of Burgundy and has spread under the same name to produce world-class wines in regions such as California and Oregon. It is the characteristic red grape of New Zealand.

In German this variety is called Spätburgunder, which refers to the origin of the variety and the growing season. Germany is one of the largest producers of these grapes in the world, and the wines made from them are of exceptional quality.

Wittmann 2018 Red Wine Dry Pinot Noir (Rheinhessen); $30, 93 points. The nose is quiet, with light hints of toasty aromas and smoky minerality, but on the palate this quick, fresh Pinot Noir offers powerful stabs of black cherry and raspberry. Fresh, concentrated and with fine, silky tannins, this wine is ready to drink now, but will be excellent to drink until at least 2028. Loosen Bros. USA. -A.I.

Elevated Winegrowers 2018 Björnson Vineyard Pinot Noir (Eola-Amity Hills); $52, 92 points. The ripe strawberry fruit is reminiscent of jam, as are light aromas of Bing cherry. It is an open wine, delicately spicy, with a peppery note on the finish. One third of the barrels were new. -Paul Greggutt.

Domaine Dominique Guyon 2017 Les Dames de Vergy (Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Nuits); $35, 91 points. It is a generous, fruity wine, with an abundance of red fruit approaching maturity. The juicy acidity combines well with the light structure and refreshing fruit. Drink it now. The woodpeckers of the Taub family. -Roger Voss


This Spanish variety has many names in the country, but the most common is Monastrell. It is assumed that this grape was already cultivated in the 16th century. The name Mourvèdre is derived from the grape variety that arrived in Provence in the 16th century from Morvedre, now Sagunto.

The Mataro variety has also arrived in the Roussillon region of France. Mataro is currently the most commonly used name in Australia and California.

Skinner 2018 Mourvedre (El Dorado); $30, 92 points. Lush flavors of plums, blueberries and black cherries give this full-bodied, moderately tannic wine plenty of merit, while the moderate tannins give it balance and grip. This is an excellent example of an undervalued species. Editor’s Choice. -J.G.

Bodegas Luzón 2017 Luzón Colección Monastrell (Humilla); $11, 90 points. The nose has pure, fruity notes of plums and berries. The combination of dark fruit and spicy notes creates a solid flavor profile, and this Monastrell offers notes of burnt toast, black licorice and spice in a slightly warming finish. Aviva Vino. Best buy. -Michael Schachner

John Duval Wines 2017 Annexus Mataro (Barossa Valley); $60, 90 points. This small batch of Mourvèdre from renowned Barossa winemaker John Duvall is more austere than the previous vintage. The wine should be shaken in the glass to reveal its true qualities of cherry, currant, licorice, spice and stony earth notes. The signature of the winemaker Duval is clearly visible on the palate. A powerful grip of structured tannins supports red fruit, spice and earth. Drink it now with protein and until 2029. Old Bridge Cellars -C.P.

Pinot gris/Pinot grigio

Pinot Gris is a mutation of Pinot Noir. The result is berries with a darker skin than most white grapes, which can turn pink or even purple as they ripen.

This name is due to several varieties dating back to the Middle Ages. But the modern Pinot Gris was developed in the early 19th century. It was introduced to Italy in the 19th century and received the Italian translation Pinot Grigio. Since then, this variety has rapidly spread throughout the world, producing wines ranging from simple to complex. And Pinot Grigio has even become a favorite among white wine producers around the world.

Bedell 2019 Pinot Gris (North Fork of Long Island); $25, 90 points. This wine from young vines planted in 2016 is a triumph. Bright, zesty aromas of yellow apple, Meyer lemon and honeysuckle are concentrated and elevated on the nose. The light mouthfeel has a delicate roundness, juicy and sweet apple and lemon flavors that don’t falter from start to finish. A little spice wax gives this deliciously fruity wine some more power. -A.P.

Kettmeir 2019 Pinot Grigio (Alto Adige); $20, 90 points. This fresh and delicious white wine has subtle aromas of spring flowers and white stone fruit. On the palate, fresh acidity combines with green apple, white peach and fennel. Santa Marguerite USA. Editor’s Choice. -Kerin O’Keefe

Bieler Family 2019 Daisy Pinot Grigio (Columbia Valley): $12, 88 points. The aroma is light, but brings with it some complexity, with notes of apple, pear and the underside of pineapple. The citrus and pear aromas are still present on the palate. In the aftertaste, notes of dried flowers linger. Best buy. -Sean P. SullivanThe grape goes by many names. What is the yellow grape? What is the wine grape? How about the wine grape? Which one is the red grape? And which one is the white grape? There are a lot of grapes to go around, so we’re going to take a look at some of the most commonly-seen grape varieties around the world.. Read more about names of wine brands and let us know what you think.

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