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The Franciacorta Festival is one of Italy’s premier wine festivals, and has been going for more than half a century. Now, for the first time, the festival will be held outside of Europe, in the United States of America, in Chicago to be more precise. The Franciacorta Festival has been known to be held in Northern Italy, and in the last decade it has been held in Modena, a town that has a long wine tradition, and is a town that is known for its many festivals, including the Ferrari festival, the San Luca festival, and the Modena Jazz festival.

The Franciacorta Festival to Go digital and global for the first time in June 2021. The event will see an increase of new partnerships from the world of events and new digital tools to boost the exchange of information, cultural interaction and experience between the different stakeholders in the Franciacorta wine sector.


June 2021: first digital and international edition of the festival

May 10 – After travelling all over Italy and visiting the most important international cities, from London to New York, Munich to Tokyo, Zurich to Edinburgh, this year’s Franchacorta festival will be digital and global for the first time.

In June, a series of events will be organized on various digital and social media platforms to provide industry professionals and wine lovers around the world with information and anecdotes about Franciacorta.

They start on the 7th. June with a seminar in English with detailed information on Franciacorta Satèn, Rosé and Dosaggio Zero for wine professionals. Starting at 9:00. In June, Mai Matta-Alia, Franciacorta’s ambassador to the United States, will be interviewing different producers of Franciacorta live on Facebook every Monday and Wednesday, asking them questions about the history, biodiversity and different varieties of Franciacorta.

For Italian wine lovers, there are live shows on Instagram every Tuesday of the month, where Nicola Bonera, Italy’s former best sommelier, finds the best food pairings by chatting with leading culinary experts – Chiara Macchi, Gnambox and Lorenzo Biagiarelli. The 17th. In June, he talks about the history and presents live on Instagram his book Le origini del Franciacorta nel Rinascimento italiano about the origins of Franciacorta during the Italian Renaissance.

There will also be events aimed at the American, German and Japanese markets, featuring local sommeliers and Franchacorta ambassadors.

The digital edition of the Festival of Franchacorta will be a unique opportunity to learn more about the style, quality and identity of the wines of the region, all from the comfort of your own home, in a program that is available worldwide.

For more information and a detailed programme: www.franciacorta.net

The detailed program was published on the 7th. Updated May 2021:

Zoom – by invitation only
June 7 | Launch Seminar
18:00 EST – 12:00 EST – 9:00 PT [FRENCH] Seminar by Ambassador Mai Matta-Alia Franciacorta with the participation of the President of the Consorzio Franciacorta, Silvano Brescianini, dedicated to the study of the wine types Satèn, Dosaggio Zero and Rosé for wine professionals

Instagram live profile of @chiarainpentola
June 8 | Chiara Maci and Nicola Bonera
6:00 PM Italian time [ITALIAN LANGUAGE] Instagram with the best couple : Nicola Bonera, renowned sommelier and former winner of the Best Italian Sommelier award, and Chiara Maci, influential culinary personality. While Chiara cooks, Nicola will share live the secrets of one of the Franchacorta varieties.

Zoom and Facebook live at @franciacorta
June 9 |Winegrower interview – HISTORY
6:00 pm European Time – 12:00 pm EST – 9:00 am PT [FRENCH] May Matta-Alia’s roundtable discussion with three Franchacorta producers on the history of Franchacorta and its roots.

Streaming live on Instagram from profile @wein_verstehen
June 10 | Tasting by Daniel Bayer
19:00 German time [GERMAN LANGUAGE] Live tasting with wine expert and blogger Daniel Bayer and two Franciacorta Rosé influencers, Satèn and Dosaggio Zero.

Zoom and Facebook live @franciacorta
June 14 |Meeting by Winegrowers – BIODIVERSITY
6:00 pm European Time – 12:00 pm EST – 9:00 am PT [FRENCH] Roundtable discussion by May Matta-Alia with three Franchacorta winegrowers on biodiversity and sustainable and organic viticulture in Franchacorta.

Instagram live profile @gnambox
June 15 | Gnambox and Nicola Bonera
6:00 PM Italian time [ITALIAN LANGUAGE] Instagram live with the top trio : Nicola Bonera, renowned sommelier, former winner of the Best Sommelier of Italy and Lombardy award and culinary expert of Gnambox. While Stefano and Riccardo make live wine, Nicola will reveal the secrets of one of the varieties of Franchacorta.

June 15 (date to be confirmed) | GuildSomm Webinar

[FRENCH] Webinar created by GuildSomm for wine and professionals. An excellent opportunity to get to know all the particularities of the region, from grape varieties to production methods, from climate to history.

Zoom and Facebook live at @franciacorta
June 16 |Winegrower interview – SATÈN
6:00 pm European Time – 12:00 pm EST – 9:00 am PT [FRENCH] May Matta-Alia’s roundtable discussion with three Franciacorta producers on the most unique of all Franciacorta varieties produced only in Franciacorta, the Satèn.

Live stream on Instagram of @marta_perego’s profile
June 17 |Wine Reading – origini del Franciacorta nel Rinascimento Italiano
19:00 Italian time [ITALIAN LANGUAGE] Live stream on Instagram of the presentation of the re-release of Le Origini del Franciacorta nel Rinascimento Italiano with history professor Archetti.

17. June | Feinschmecker tasting
Wine expert Jens Priewe, a great Franciacorta connoisseur who has been interested in the region for many years, will give a masterclass in collaboration with the renowned food magazine Feinschmecker.

Zoom and Facebook live at @franciacorta
21. June Winemaker Interview – ROSE
18:00 European Time – 12:00 EST – 9:00 PT [FRANÇAIS LANGUAGE] May Matta-Alia Roundtable discussion with three producers of Franciacorta about Franciacorta Rosè. What better way to celebrate the first day of summer?

Zoom in on
22. June | Tasting with Chef Silvia Baldini and Mai Matta – Alia
7:30 pm ET [ENGLISH] A tasting workshop by Saten Franciacorta combined with food by Chef Silvia Baldini. Participants can work with the chef to prepare some perfect dish combinations, while learning all about Franciacorta’s most iconic wine.

Instagram live from profile @lorenzo.biagiarelli
June 22 | Lorenzo Biagiarelli and Nicola Bonera
18:00 Italian time [ITALIAN LANGUAGE] Instagram live with the main couple: Nicola Bonera, renowned sommelier, former winner of the Best Italian and Lombardy Sommelier award, and influential culinary expert Lorenzo Biagiarelli. While Lorenzo cooks live, Nicola will reveal the secrets of one of the Franchacorta varieties.

Zoom and Facebook live at @franciacorta
June 23 | Winemaker Interview – DOSAGGIO ZERO
6 p.m. Italian time – 12 p.m. NY – 9 a.m. West Coast [FRANÇAIS LANGUAGE] Roundtable discussion by May Matta-Aliah with three Franciacorta producers on the subject of Franciacorta Dosaggio Zero.
Live on Zoom and Facebook at @franciacorta

June 28 |Wine Maker Interview – RISERVE
6pm Italian time – 12pm NY – 9am West Coast [ENGLISH] May Matta-Alia Roundtable discussion with three Franchacorta makers on the subject of Franchacorta Riserva and layering.

By invitation
27/28 June | German Sommelier Association Tasting
[German] On the occasion of the annual congress of the German Sommelier Association, whose members are among the country’s leading wine experts, a Franciacorta tasting will be held with President Silvano Breschianini.

Zoom – Invitation Only Event
June 30 |Jon McDaniel Tasting

2:30 PM EST [FRENCH] A master class featuring a tasting of three Franciacorta varieties by Chicago wine expert Jon McDaniel, for buyers, sommeliers and wine experts only. John McDaniel is one of America’s best-known wine experts. He was named Food + Wine’s Sommelier of the Year, one of the tastemakers of 40 Under 40, Riedel Crystal’s International Sommelier of the Month and winner of several Wine Spectator awards.

Consorzio Franciacortais the organization that guarantees and supervises the production standards of Franciacorta, the first Italian wine produced exclusively by fermentation in bottle, which received the Protected Designation of Origin and Guarantee (DOCG) in 1995. The work of the consortium takes many forms: Protect the brand and the territory, improve the product by constantly working on the rules and regulations governing production, raise consumer awareness and promote Franchacorta as an expression of the territory, the wine and the production method. The company was founded on 5. The company was founded in March 1990 and is located in Erbusco, in the heart of Franchacorta. The consortium includes 121 wineries.


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