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Some of the most concentrated, complex, and age-worthy wines in the world come from the Loire Valley in France. The Loire Valley is known for its unique style of white wines. These wines are fruit-forward and complex. Many of the wines produced in the Loire Valley are made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape. Two white wines made from this grape (Muscadet and Sancerre) have been shining in the Loire Valley for centuries. Both grapes are grown in the same region, share a very similar flavor profile, and have been used to make some of the most age-worthy white wines in the world.

The Loire Valley is best known for its red wine, like its neighbor Bordeaux. However, the region also produces some of France’s finest white wines. In fact, the region is responsible for the grape varieties that are used in some of the world’s most popular white wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc. Today’s post is focused on nine of these Loire Valley’s white wines. All of them have an average score of 85 points or higher, and they all cost less than $20.

The Loire Valley in France offers many delicious white wines. There are three different types: Melon Bourgogne, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc.

If you want a bottle with a less fruity taste and a more mineral aroma, choose Melon de Bourgogne or Muscadet. These wines are known for their citrus and salty flavors and are perfect with oysters. Additionally, Muscadet from the Loire is generally aged on lees, which means it stays on dead yeast cells, giving the bottles more depth and texture.

Many regions, such as Anjou, Saumur and Vouvray, produce a sparkling wine, dessert wine or still wine from Chenin Blanc. And these bottles are very similar to their South African counterparts. Chenin from the Loire Valley ranges from austere and mineral to rich and fruity. These chenins are sometimes aged in oak.

Sauvignon Blanc is responsible for the iconic white wines of Sancerre and is the most famous wine of the Loire. Like the wines from the Muscadet region, these bottles often have intense mineral notes, but also bring herbaceous notes or ripe stone fruit aromas. These can be heavier white wines, bordering on full-bodied, even without fortified oak aging. But there are also Sancerre wines made from oak.

Melon de Bourgogne Domaine de l’Epinay 2017 Cru Clisson (Muscadet Sèvre et Maine); $25, 93 points. Clisson is part of the new generation of Muscadet villages, where the wines mature for several years before being released to the market. Aged three years on lees, this wine has rich, ripe flavors of mango and pear and just the right degree of ripeness. Drink it now. Schatzi Wines. Editor’s Choice. -Roger Voss

Guilbaud Frères 2019 Clos de Beauregard Sur Lie (Muscadet Sèvre et Maine); $16, 91 points. Aging on lees for six months has given this ripe, fruity wine an attractive density and richness. Aromas of baked apple and pear add warmth to the mineral texture and citrusy finish. The wine has a lively and fresh finish. Drink it now. Grape Hopes (CA). Editor’s Choice. -R.W.

Domaine Batard Langelier 2018 Didascalie Sur Lie (Muscadet Sèvre et Maine); $20, 90 points. The wine made from vines planted on magmatic soils is a structured and mineral wine. The tartness suggests citrus as well as kiwi. The wine is fresh, crisp and ready to drink. Savio Soares has been selected. -R.W.

Chenin Blanc Saget la Perrière 2014 Château de la Mulonnière L’Effet Papillon (Savennières); $34, 93 points. It is now a rich and ripe Chenin Blanc. The name indicates that the fruit comes from the famous Clos du Papillon vineyard in Savennières, which gives the wine its ripeness and density. The acidity and aroma of the quince harmonise well. Drink it now. The woodpeckers of the Taub family. -R.W.

Domaine de l’Enchantoir 2019 Terres Blanches (Saumur); $20, 92 points. Aged on alcohol to add richness, this wine is full of aromas of mango and yellow fruit, as well as citrus. The taste of honey hovers in the background of this wine. Drinking since 2022. Organic. Skurnik Wines, Inc. -R.V.

Xavier and Agnès Amirault 2018 Les Quarterons Chenin Blanc (Anjou); $37, 91 points. This rich, wood-aged wine has impressive structure, ripe spice, almonds and an inspiring floral character. The texture is round and soft and the yellow fruits are generous. Although the wine is ready to drink, it will age until at least 2024. Wine Brands. -R.W.

Domaine Vacheron 2018 Sauvignon Blanc Sancerre; $42, 92 points. With increasing maturity, this wine gains depth and concentration. Ripe green apple and sour citrus flavors open up, giving the fruit a nice texture and complex structure. Drink it now. Organic and biodynamic. Terlato Wines International. -R.W.

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Pierre Morin 2018 Chêne Marchand (Sancerre); $29, 92 points. The wines from the famous vineyard show the richness and fullness of white fruit. Spicy and green elements add spice to the dense texture and fragrant, floral finish. Drink it now. Weygandt-Metzler. -R.W.

François Crochet 2018 Les Amoureuses (Sancerre); $40, 91 points. From a vineyard with clay and limestone soils, this wine is dense and full of ripe fruit. The spiciness and slight minerality contrast with the ripe fruit, with notes of apricot and crisp citrus. To drink from 2021. Organic and biodynamic. Old World Imports Ltd.

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