This recipe is a great way to embrace healthy, whole foods and get those nutrients your body needs to feel its best. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just want to improve your health, this Flat Top Hills can help. The black rice contains many health benefits, including the fact that it’s a whole grain and a good source of fiber, iron, and thiamin. It’s also packed with antioxidants. Try this flat top hills recipe today!

As a rule, red wines go with red meat, chicken, and game. White wines suit seafood, as well as pork, veal, and poultry. But that’s only the very basic outline of a whole discipline. (Click to tweet.) Taste is the most obvious consideration when choosing wine to go with food, but not the only one. For example, a velvety texture will be enhanced by a wine with a bit of tannin, while a crisp acidity will stand up to fatty foods. So which wine to choose with which sushi?


Join Angelina Mondavi and special guests on the new Instagram Live in May for expert advice.

Napa, CA, 28. April 2021. – Flat Top Hills makes it easy to enjoy the fresh taste of sushi at home and invites consumers to learn from Angelina Mondavi and other special guests during its Rolling In Style series in May, broadcast on Instagram Live. In three episodes, consulting winemaker Angelina Mondavi explains how to make sushi-inspired dishes in your own kitchen. She shares her tips and ideas with guests from Lundberg Family Farms, Eiko’s Modern Japanese and Osprey Seafood.

Sushi and wine go great together. The fresh acidity of Sauvignon Blanc or the citrusy richness of Chardonnay pair perfectly with fresh fish, while the spicy notes of Cabernet Sauvignon complement deeper flavors like unagi, says Angelina Mondavi, consulting winemaker at Flat Top Hills and a fourth-generation member of the C. Mondavi family. But even for experienced home cooks, making sushi can seem daunting. That’s why we brought together experts and friends to share their tips, techniques and, of course, their favorite wines.

Oscar Peralta, wine and food personality of @Beyond.The.Taste. Featuring Angelina Mondavi, special guests will discuss ingredients, techniques and great combinations. Live on @FlatTopWines, Thursdays at 4:30pm. Pacific, the complete series includes:

Driving style with flat roof on the hill

  • 6. May – with Britta Lundberg, Lundberg family farm
  • 13. May – with Allison Hallum and chef Tateki Noma, Eiko Contemporary Japanese Restaurant
  • 27. May – with Kelsey Coulson, Osprey Seafood

From 6. In May, Brita Lundberg, the fourth generation to run the Lundberg family business, will talk to Angelina about the different types of rice and why rice is so important for sushi. She will also share some simple recipes and talk about her childhood in the family business.

On the 13th. May Allison Hallum, owner of modern Japanese restaurant Eiko’s, and Tateki Noma, chef of First Street Napa restaurant, present Poke, a popular dish at the restaurant. They explain the differences between the California poke and the Hawaiian poke, which can be ordered to take away or in the dining room, and show how to make a delicious and simplified version of the poke at home.

The series begins on the 27th. May closed with an appearance by Osprey Seafood’s culinary director, Kelsey Coulson. For those in the Napa area, Osprey Seafood offers an exclusive Flat Top Hills Hand Roll Meal Kit, which includes everything you need to make rolls for two, including fresh fish, nori, rice, supplies and Flat Top Hills sticks* (*already in stock). Buy a kit, grab a bottle of Flat Top Hills, get cooking with culinary director Kelsey Coulson, who will show you how to make the perfect sandwich at home. Kits must be received by Tuesday 25. May, order from Thursday to Saturday, from 27 to 29. May, may be restored. Call 707.252.9120 for reservations.

For more ideas on sushi nights and choosing the perfect wine pairings, visit the winery’s Pinterest page at  Flat Top Hills’ full range includes a juicy rosé (€13.99), a crisp sauvignon blanc (€13.99), a balanced chardonnay (€13.99), a rich red blend (€15.99) and a velvety cabernet sauvignon (€15.99). The wines are available nationwide – find your nearest outlet at

about Flat Top Hills

Flat Top Hills is a collection of premium wines from the G4, or fourth generation, vineyards of the iconic C. Mondavi family, whose roots in California winemaking go back more than 75 years. Flat Top Hills is a family-owned business that builds on a heritage that includes some of California’s most famous wines and regions. The company uses vineyards grown on family farms. G4 consulting winemaker Angelina Mondavi and head winemaker Randy Herron co-developed the line with a focus on affordability and uncompromising quality. Visit for more information and follow events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @FlatTopWines.


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