One of the main selling points of the kombucha – and the reason it is often found in health food stores and farmers’ markets – is natural probiotics. Fans of fermented tea would also be able to relieve conditions such as blood pressure and gout.

Fixed kombucha adds a dose of alcohol to this formula. Although it may seem counterintuitive to add alcohol to an apparently healthy drink, the makers of strong kombucha disagree.

We see a market for healthy people who still want to drink, says Chris Kelly, head brewer of AfterGlow Hard Kombucha from Vermont. He thinks that people who start their day with a traditional kombucha might want to switch to the spiked version for happy hour.

In general, people are careful about what they drink and what’s in their glasses, he says. Kombucha gives them another choice that suits their lifestyle.

Sierra Nevada Hard Kombucha The largest hard Kombucha brewery is Sierra Nevada, which has a line called Strainge Beast / Photo Courtesy by Chico Fermentation Projects.

Kombucha dur is regulated by the Office of Taxation and Trade in Alcoholic Drinks. As a controlled substance, its health or health benefits cannot be advertised. However, this has not prevented many companies from using words such as natural, organic or clean as a nod to the health-conscious consumer.

Traditional kombucha is made by making tea and sometimes other herbal ingredients in hot water. The liquid then remains in a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts called Scoby. Scoby is a gelatinous mass that consumes sugar and produces acids. The resulting carbonation adds a little spice to the kombucha. Pieces of scoby are often converted into bottles of unfiltered kombucha.


Controlled substances shall not be advertised as solid kombuchas because of their health or benefits. However, this has not prevented many companies from using words such as natural, organic or clean as a nod to the health-conscious consumer.

To make a solid kombucha, the brewers add extra sugar to the liquid and supply it with pure yeast, such as beer or champagne yeast. This provides extra alcohol during fermentation.

In the traditional kombucha, scoby can form traces of alcohol, but in some hard versions the alcohol content (abv) is more than 8 %. Most are located in the 5% abv area and attract consumers looking for the type of moderate sound offered by serious sellers, such as Truly (5% abv) and White Claw (3.7%).

hard kombucha To make a hard kombucha, the brewers add extra sugar to the liquid and serve it with clean fermentation yeast / Getty

In contrast to the highly competitive carbide market, the hard kombucha is still a new category. Last year, it grew 61.7% and generated more than $30 million in revenues, according to Nielsen, who tracks industry data. Early adjustment can help you to win loyal customers.

Hard Kombucha is a growing segment, especially in the major coastal markets where we do not currently sell our beer, says Eric Smith, CEO of Odell Brewery, who launched the AllKind Hard Kombucha last summer. Because we have developed a shelf product that is brewed separately from our beers, we want to give it a chance to meet new people in more markets.

The largest brewery that produces kombucha is the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, which has created a line called Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha. The brewery uses a special production space for hard kombucha, so that the microbes have no influence on the rest of the brewery.

Giant Hard Kombucha California Giant Hard Kombucha uses a culinary approach to his flavour combinations / Photo courtesy of Giant

Sean Lavery, director of Brewing Techniques and Innovation for the Sierra Nevada and Chico Fermentation Project, became aware of the hardness of the kombucha thanks to the science of its fermentation.

A strong kombucha needs the right environment, the right circumstances, and that plays an important role in our strengths, says Lavery. I’m glad we can bring our scientific knowledge to the world of the kombucha.

He thinks there’s room for growth, too.

As with other drinks, manufacturers of strong kombuchas experiment with flavours. They add herbs, fruits, spices and much more to attract consumers.

Aaron Telch, co-founder of California-based Jiant Hard Kombucha, explains the company’s culinary approach to flavor combinations including elderflower and jasmine, ginger and lemongrass.

What is the optimal time for a difficult kombucha? For Telch, this is part of an afternoon situation in which you want something light and refreshing that tastes good, and you want to have something.

Published on the 6th. January 2021

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