Florentz Sartorius built at the end of 1800 laboratory equipment and instruments for the research laboratories of the University of Göttingen. In 1870, at the age of just 24, he founded his own company and developed an analytical balance with short rays that greatly reduced the time needed to carry out accurate scientific measurements.

Later, in a joint venture with Nobel Prize winner Richard Zigmondy, Sartorius co-founded a company that produces membrane filtration products that can completely retain even the smallest particles, bacteria and pathogens of a certain size.

Today, Sartorius is a world leader in the biopharmaceutical industry with innovative products and services that continuously promote scientific understanding in all areas of the food and beverage industry and the medical sector.

Sartorius in Goettingen recently unveiled two new innovations that improve microbiological hygiene in the laboratory and significantly extend the shelf life of membrane filtration technology. These two innovations play an important role in the quality control of wine and other beverages.

The Microsart® Manifold is a reliable laboratory equipment used for microbiological control of liquids by means of membrane filtration to detect contaminants in beverages at any point in the production line.

The Microsart® Manifold promotes efficient bacterial count, colony count and growth-based techniques through an innovative, easy to use and convenient design for simultaneous sample filtration.

The Microsart® filtration manifold is connected to a common vacuum source and has multiple chambers so that multiple samples can be filtered simultaneously, confirms Olivier Genetz, Regional Manager of Microbiology at Sartorius. The product range includes one, three or six branched manifolds that can be connected together to increase the number of filters without limit.

Sartorius Microsart

The many advantages of the Microsart® Manifold are as follows

  • Reduced risk of secondary infection
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Reduced assembly complexity (no tools required)
  • Stable system (all stainless steel)
  • Easy cleaning
  • Flexible system with regard to the direction of use
  • Compact design, small size
  • A more stable system, fewer wrinkles

Another important product for CC microbiology is Sartorius Culture Media Sets (NPS). These are sterile, dehydrated culture media that have been successfully used for many years in the quality control of wine and other beverages. They are convenient, easy to handle and simplify microbiological testing procedures.

Many customers have used agar plates to ensure that microorganisms get the nutrients they need to multiply, explains Julian Grossman, Product Manager Microbiology at Sartorius. With our NPS, the nutrients are dehydrated, extending the shelf life of the product to two years. No need for cooling. They are absolutely easy to handle and guarantee that the media is always fresh.

sartorius workflow

The Sartorius NPS portfolio is continuously being expanded as part of the company’s ongoing development program, which adapts products to ever-changing application requirements.

All types of nutrient cushion kits are supplied with pre-sterilised membrane filters designed to meet specific microbial detection requirements. They are available with a diameter of 47 mm or 50 mm.

To learn more about manifolds and feeding sets for Sartorius Microsart® beverages, visit the Sartorius Beverage QC wine page. Here you will find further solutions for your wine-making process:



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