Drinking ● masau ● wine ● beautiful ● painful ● delicious ● dancing ● tongue. A touch of bitterness mixed with sweetness. Courage is fertility, it is the space for your taste buds, courage is pouring another glass.

Masau is more than a guilty pleasure with a cacophony of flavors. It is a part of Nizhny Novgorod.

The fruits that grow on the trees are Masau (Ziziphus Mauritania), English Jujube, Indian Jujube, Chinese apple and Indian plum.

Zimbabweans know of many uses for the fruit, from its purported ability to cure nausea and relieve gout symptoms to its ability, once fermented and distilled, to start a feast.

Everyone who takes a sip of it loves it.

Wine, said wine, said dried fruit looking wrinkled and reddish-brown, said large bowl, which is then filled with water. We add yeast, a tank and a container of corn.

The barrel is then placed in a hole in the ground. After a week, the barrel is removed and put on a high fire, where it is boiled and distilled. So the recipe looks like the way to make illegal alcohol. In rural Zimbabwe, it is known as wine or doro, which means alcohol in the local Shona language.


Lewis, Jinzi, a self-proclaimed Masau lover of Mt. Darwin, Zimbabwe.

The area is very remote and when you get bored, you make it look like that, he says. It’s a great drink because many of us can’t afford expensive drinks, so it’s a cheaper alternative.

Dzinzi is passionate about bringing people together. Everyone who takes a sip of it loves it.

This drink was born out of poverty and ingenuity in rural areas such as Mount Darwin, Mukumbura and Dande, where fruit trees are most common. Because there was no nightlife and little money to buy alcohol, enterprising villagers took matters into their own hands and made masks.

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My father made phone booths. Now I do, he says. That’s how each week goes by, but each Sunday I begin the preparations [which can take up to seven days]. This has been my life since birth, says Bhango about his family’s legacy.

Other Zimbabweans, however, have taken a simpler approach. They follow the first part of the traditional recipe, but omit methods such as cupfu, conventional and distillation. So, it is a simple and easy process that can be followed in any home kitchen.

photo courtesy of DeAgostini/Getty Images

How to make MasauControlWine

There are no strict rules. The most important part of the recipe is fun and patience.


5½ pounds (available at Tropical Fruit Box).

1 tablespoon dry yeast

2¼ cup sugar

5 litres of water

Mango slices, for the garnish

Route description

In a jar or container, mix all the ingredients except the filling. Do not fill the jar all the way to the top to make room for fermentation. Stir carefully.

The lid of the pot is made of plastic and is firmly attached with a rubber band or string. Store it in a dark place, about 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fermentation should begin after 24 hours. Look for bubbles on the surface of the liquid. After a week, open the jar and stir. Distorting the wine with cheesecloth. Allow the wine to cool in the glass for another 2 to 3 days. Serve with or without ice cream, alongside the mango slices.

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