The makers of the revolutionary automated wine production system GOfermentor are now offering the wine community an automated device that allows wineries to quickly produce samples to evaluate wine blends.

GOblend is a laboratory device that can automatically and accurately make blends of four different wines in seconds. This represents a significant improvement over the laborious use of pipettes and sizers in almost every winery – a technique that hasn’t changed for decades.

Most wines are blends – even experiments with single barrel vintages require balance, notes Vijay Singh (founder of GOfermentor). The art of a winemaker is to make a balanced wine – to do this, you need to blend different wines. With GOblend, we simply give winemakers a tool that makes the process less cumbersome and more accurate. Instead of making 10 mixes in one morning using graduations and manual measurements, you can now make 50 mixes in the same time with more ease and accuracy than ever before.

Clark Smith, a well-known wine consultant, saw the GOblend demonstration and said: It speeds up precision mixing and allows for more thorough testing, and the advanced software makes it easy to track each mixing operation. Any winery that really wants to focus on improving its blends should take advantage of this.

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The winemaker places the wine samples from the components in four containers on the GOblend machine. The percentage of each wine used in the blend is entered into the application on a special tablet that comes with the device.

With one click GOblend creates a mixed sample in a few seconds. Accuracy of each component of the mixture +/- 1 ml. The sample volume can be set from 50 ml to 250 ml.

The winemaker can then evaluate the sample and make changes to the blend. Suppose you want to increase one of the wines by 5-10% and decrease another to compensate. Enter a new percentage in the application. Click Start and your new sample mix will be created.

Blending recipes can be saved and recalled later, allowing the winemaker to recreate the old blend for re-evaluation. Characteristics of the blend, such as aroma, colour, body, acidity and browning texture, can be recorded for later use. Blend recipes can be emailed, printed in the winery or exported to Excel for use by the entire winery team.

This application and process have changed my life, says Mira Singh, Vijay’s wife and winemaker at Sky Acres in New Jersey. All those degrees and cups I had to use… to record the mixtures… Accuracy was an issue when using the graduates, and after an hour or so, you got tired of it all. Even if you knew the mix could be improved. It’s too much work.

I can now do up to 50 mixes in a morning. And ultimately, our award-winning wines are the result of extensive blending trials. It is an important and exciting tool for winemakers. I can’t survive without it.

GOblend has an introductory price of $2,750.

Vijay notes that this is an affordable precision lab product and confirms that we want to make it affordable so that small and large wineries can use it to improve their wines.

Watch the video How GOblend and Wine Chat Work, Episode 8 The Joy of Blending.

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frequently asked questions

Can you put the wine in the blender?

A blender can help the wine mature. … This is called hyperdecantation and it makes wine lovers froth. Enthusiasts of decanting wine with a blender put red wine in a blender with the idea of aging the wine for five years in 30 seconds. Some say that exposing a young wine to so much air can quickly soften the tannins.

What is a cut wine called?

Winemakers make blended wines from different grape varieties – the only qualification for a blended wine is that it contains more than one grape variety, also called a varietal wine. Use this property to distinguish blended wines from unblended wines. If it’s made from the same stem, it won’t mix.

How is blended wine made?

Blending can be done in the vineyard, during fermentation, after fermentation, or not at all, depending on the winemaker’s approach. Field Blend is a wine made from different grape varieties that are grown, harvested, fermented and bottled. Another possibility is to ferment the grapes together after the harvest.

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