More than 40% discount on this delicious rose, Isabelle Mondavi Rose du Cabernet Sauvignon.

Isabelle Rose is a beauty.

There is a large choice of couples for all those festive dinners that are fast approaching.

Although you don’t see them very often, we are big fans of a Cabernet Sauvignon rose, and this rose is fantastic! If you liked our rose oil company Mulderbosch at the beginning of the year, you should too.

This wine has an MSRP of $20 and an average selling price of $19 per wine. He also got 89 points from Wilfred Wong. A total of 2,500 cases were handled.

Thanks to today’s insider deal, you can easily stock 6 bottles of Isabelle Rose during the holidays for as little as $69.99 or $11.67 per bottle. This saving amounts to 48% (or $69 in total) if we take into account our low performance of $5 compared to the standard rate.

This six-pack is about ships: CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MT, NC, ND, NH, NM, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, WA, WV and WY (These states are subject to individual authorisations for the proposed vineyard. Future transactions may have more or less states).

This is a temporary and direct offer of a vineyard, with the help of our friends from Wine Country Connect. The sale closes at noon (PST) on Friday 27 November, unless it is sold earlier. The delivery costs a fixed amount of $5 per order, regardless of the number of 6 packages you buy.

When you click on the buy button above, you will be redirected to for your order. If you don’t see the built-in shop window, click here to order. You can also change the number of 6 packages in your order by clicking on the Update Cart link at the top of the screen.

Isabelle Rose is a beauty.

From the wine cellar:

What started with a few boxes of roses for mom has turned into an exciting new business with a food-friendly style of wine and attractive packaging: Isabel Mondavi wines. The current family business is run by Isabelle’s daughter Dina, who handles packaging and blending, while Isabelle’s son and winemaker Rob Mondavi Jr. manages the wine cellar and Isabelle’s husband and wine industry veteran, Michael Mondavi, is the brand’s biggest advocate.

Delicate pink and light in body, our Rose 2018 offers fresh aromas with hints of honeydew and ragweed melon, complemented by white peach, followed by a balanced acidity that gives way to a clean, crunchy finish.

Cellar and bottles of the Michael Mondavi family
13.5% alcohol

2018 Isabel Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

2018 Isabel Mondavi Rose de Cabernet Sauvignon begins with a very attractive scent of watermelon, cherry, strawberry, melon and just a hint of spices.

A sip will allow you to discover a rich and delicious fruit, with a deep taste you won’t always find at the rose, and just a hint of sweetness. With its spicy acidity it is very good to eat and quite pleasant to drink. I’m a big fan of Cabernet Sauvignon roses, and this is a good example. As we said, if you liked our agreement on the Mulderbosch rosé, you would like it too.

It ends with a crispy, long, melting, good finish. It’s really delicious and fortunately there are packs of 6, because these bottles will disappear in no time!

2018 Isabel Mondavi Rose de Cabernet Sauvignon

KEY: 8 COSTS : 7


Highly recommended

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And that’s what people say about our former insider trading:

He just took six bottles and had his first drink. Why, why didn’t I buy a suitcase?!?

Hey, John, I just wanted to tell you that I love this wine. ! !!!. Thanks for doing what you’re doing.

John – you have to stop making all these incredible offers. My self-discipline is fading fast!

I recently took advantage of your offer. I’m so glad I did, and now I’m sorry I didn’t buy more (like all the quotes on your website!).

I have bought and enjoyed wine many times in recent months!

Really great company!!! I love the bright red, and the reverse snob wine, delivered to ! !!!. Perfect for a rainy night!

TURN! Damn it, I should have bought that suitcase!

WOW. It’s just that… Wow. It’s absolutely delicious. If I’d known it was gonna be so good, I’d have bought a box… or two. It was a dead end in the comfort zone that I liked. Thank you very much.

I’ve tried all the wine clubs (except Kermit Lynch) and I wasn’t really impressed, except for a random bottle here and there, but your choice was really great.

I liked all my RWS contracts, I can’t wait to get them.

Wow! That was awesome! Thank you very much.

I finally opened a bottle, and she wouldn’t let me down. It’s delicious!

Thank you very much for your excellent service! We loved your emails and your wine offers!

This insider trading is a great wine! I’m so glad I got him!

My Business Insider arrived just in time for my holiday today, and it’s absolutely delicious! Cheers!

Thanks for the offer… this wine is great for $12.50 a bottle. I’m used to buying big, young, cheeky taxis or old grape jeans and paying a lot more for them.

Too bad I didn’t double my order!

Wow, this wine is awesome! Good thing I have two more bottles!!!

I bought a suitcase, I want to buy two or three. Buying a great price.

That insider trading was the best. This wine is unbelievable! I highly recommend it.

Enter the deal today!

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