He’s back! A limited chance to save 40% on the number 2 of our Top 10 Red Wines of 2020, Barber’s Choice Mountain Scott County Harvey Amador.

INSIDER DEAL! Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera – That’s Amore!

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Today’s wine comes from Amador County, located at the foot of the Sierra Mountains in California. This region is no stranger to good wine with almost 600 hectares of vines over 65 years old! Wine growing here dates back to the gold rush of 1849, and there are still some cellars (some forty or so) that were created in the 19th century. Centuries of their beginnings.

Perhaps best known as Zinfandel, the region also has a reputation for producing excellent wines of Italian varieties such as Barbera. And Scott Harvey, in turn, is no stranger to Amador Barbera County. In fact, it took him 46 years to get this far!

This wine has an MSRP of $28 and, as mentioned above, we liked this wine so much after getting this contract that it was number two on our list of the best red wines under $20 for 2020. Of course, thanks to our huge discount …..

With today’s Operation Insider you can get 4 bottles of this delicacy for only $67.99, or $17 per bottle.

That’s a saving of about 40% or $44 more before taking into account the additional savings of our $5 shipping system.

This package of 4 pieces is available for shipment to the following states: AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, KS, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NH, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI and WY.

This is a direct, time-limited offer, negotiated by our friends from Wine Country Connect. The sale closes on Tuesday 29 December at noon (PST), unless it is sold out before that time. Shipping costs are $5 per order, regardless of the number of 4-packs you buy. Please note that due to the holidays the expedition will take a little longer in week 1/4.

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The 2017 Scott Harvey Mountain Choice Barbera is 84% Barbera from the Shenandoah Valley and 16% Syrah from Fiddletown Small AVA, both located in Amador County, California.

The wine has been aged for 20 months in French oak and contains less than 2 g/l residual sugar. Only 1,540 boxes were produced.

INSIDER DEAL! Scott Harvey Mountain Selection Barbera – That’s Amore!

Get out of the bottle:

Old style

14.5% alcohol

The Barbera Scott Harvey Mountain Selection 2017 opens with a candied black cherry, lots of blackberries, raspberries, some cola and even a hint of cognac. It is quite sweet and very tasty and becomes even sweeter in the glass over time.

The tasting evokes an explosion of juicy and fruity flavours in the mouth. There are tons of candied cherries and blackberries, but the very low residual sugar content (only 2g/L) should be noted. It is not a sweet wine, although it has many sweet flavors. Sweet and with a lively acidity, this wine drinks very well, which is great because it will probably disappear before it has had time to get some air. However, if you have the patience and willingness to let it breathe, it will continue to grow.

The aftertaste is dry with persistent sweet fruit notes. Even though it is absolutely delicious at the moment, it still has 10 to 15 years of aging behind it, so there is no reason not to stockpile at this price. This wine gets a perfect score of 10, not so much because it is the most complex wine, but because it just tastes good.

We combined it with sausage, pepperoni pizza and spinach and it was perfect. Barbera is one of our favorite pizza wines and it was a fantastic choice. In case you don’t know, we follow this wine…. It’s Cupid! Use it while you can!

2017 Scott Harvey Mountain Barber Selection



Volume reference

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And this is what people say about our previous insider trading:

My wife and I enjoyed discovering new wines (and better than the ones we used to buy!) Thank you for making and offering this service!

The wine is excellent. I’m so glad I bought a suitcase.

John, I had to get more! It’s delicious!

Thanks for the deal… This wine is fantastic for $12.50 a bottle. I’m used to buying big, young, strong Cabs or old vineyard jeans and paying a lot more for them.

I took six bottles and took my first drink. Why, why didn’t I buy a suitcase?!?

Hi John, I just wanted to tell you that I love this wine !!!!. Thanks for doing what you’re doing.

John – you have to stop offering all these bargains. My self-discipline is fading fast!!!

I used your suggestion the other day. I’m so glad I did, and now I wish I had bought more (like all the quotes on your site!).

I’ve been buying and enjoying wines for the last few months!

Lots and lots! !! Love the bright red, and turn over the delivered snobbery wine !!!!. Perfect for a rainy night!

BIG! Shit, I should have bought a box!!!

WOW! Just, uh… wow. Absolutely delicious. If I’d known it was going to be so good, I would have bought a business… or two. It was right in the middle of what I like. Thank you so much!

I’ve enjoyed all my RWS offers, I can’t wait to get them.

Wow! That was awesome! Thank you so much!

I finally opened a bottle of this product and it didn’t disappoint. It’s delicious!

Thanks for this great service! We loved your email and your wine offers!

This internal affair is a great wine! !! I’m so glad I got him!

My Insider store arrived just in time for my party today, and it’s absolutely delicious! Cheers!

I wish I’d doubled my order!

Wow! This wine is awesome! Good thing I have two more bottles!!!!

I bought a suitcase. I wish I could buy two or three. A fantastic purchase for the price.

This Insider’s deal was the best. This wine is unbelievable! I highly recommend it.

Grab this deal today!

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