The research, co-sponsored by Colangelo & Associates, contributes to the current debate on wine labelling. 21. DECEMBER, NEW YORK, NY – A study on the nutritional value and labelling of wine ingredients, carried out by Wine Opinions with the support of Colangelo & Partners, has shown that wine consumers are more interested in knowing the ingredients of wine than in its nutritional properties.  It is clear that neither ingredient nor nutrition labelling influences the purchasing decision of most respondents.  A total of 1,053 people were interviewed (fairly equally divided between men and women), 84% of whom identified themselves as frequent wine drinkers (those who drink wine several times a week or more).

While the enthusiasm for ingredient and nutrition labelling is clear, the impact on purchasing decisions is somewhat moderate according to John Gillespie, founder and CEO of Wine Opinions.  According to the study, calories (83%) and carbohydrates (58%) are the most interesting.  Although this survey is not exhaustive, the fact that more than half of the respondents say they want to know more about the wines they buy should wake up wine producers and the sector as a whole.

Overall, 69% of respondents said they were interested in information about the ingredients on the label and 54% said they were interested in nutritional information, suggesting that there is a link between wellbeing and wine consumption. However, 57% of respondents indicated that ingredient labelling would not influence their purchasing decisions, while 4% of respondents indicated that ingredient labelling would actually reduce their willingness to buy.

Our customers need to understand the interest of wine lovers in food and ingredient labels, but also in the trend towards wellness and the link with wine consumption, says Gino Colangelo, President of Colangelo & Partners. Although this study is not definitive, it complements the ongoing debate on labelling.

About John Gillespie and the wine opinions.

John Gillespie is the founder and CEO of Wine Opinions, a leading U.S. research firm that conducts tailored quantitative and qualitative research into U.S. wine consumers and the wine trade for wineries, marketers and wine associations.  He is the best known researcher on the wine market in the United States.  Gillespie began his career in New York City as editor-in-chief of a wine magazine and worked as a wine, retail and hospitality journalist, in vineyard marketing and communications, and as director of the Wine Information Office and the Wine Market Council in Bordeaux.

About Colangelo and its partners

Colangelo & Partners ( specializes in high quality food, wine and spirits and has long-standing relationships with the major media channels that define these business categories and help identify industry leaders. The agency’s managers have years of experience in retail, distribution and communication, a rare combination that gives Colangelo & Partners an invaluable knowledge of buying behaviour. The agency focuses on closing the cycle between creative communication programmes, sales, promotion, advertising and the consumer in order to maximise the effectiveness of communication programmes and achieve measurable results. Colangelo & Partners, founded in 2006, is currently one of its clients. Global institutional marketing specialists and leading wine and spirits companies, both nationally and internationally.


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