The designers of the revolutionary GOfermentor automated wine production system now offer the wine community an automated device that allows winemakers to quickly prepare samples for wine blends.

GOblend, is a laboratory instrument that can automatically and accurately produce a blend of four different wines in a matter of seconds, greatly improving the annoying pipette measurements and the old-fashioned ones used in almost every winery – the methodology has not changed for decades.

GOblend fine glass

Most wines are blends – even experiments in a single barrel of vineyard require balance, notes Vijay Singh (founder of GOfermentor). It is the winemaker’s ability to produce a balanced wine – this requires blending different wines. With GOblend we simply give winemakers a tool to make the process less tedious and more accurate. Instead of making 10 mixes in the morning using old-fashioned and manual measurements, you can make 50 mixes easier and more accurate than ever before.

Clark Smith, a renowned wine consultant, saw the GOBlend demo and said it speeds up the precision of blending, allowing for more in-depth testing, and that his advanced software follows each blend with ease. Every vineyard that is truly dedicated to improving its blends should benefit from this.

GObled - Application

That’s how Gobland works:

The winemaker places the wine samples in four containers on his GOblend machine. The percentage of each wine used in the fume cupboard is entered into an application on a smartphone or tablet that synchronises with the device.

With a single click, GOblend creates a composite sample in seconds. Accuracy for each component of the mixture +/- 1 ml. The sample volume can be adjusted from 50 to 200 ml.

The winemaker can then evaluate the sample and adjust the blend. Suppose you want to increase one of the wines from 5% to 10% and reduce another to compensate. Enter the new % in the application. Click on START and your new composite example will be created.

The mixing recipes can be stored and recalled later so that the winemaker can re-evaluate the old mixture. The characteristics of the mixture, such as aroma, colour, body, acidity and tannin structure can be recorded for later use. The recipes for the blends can be emailed to the winery or exported to Excel for use by the entire winemaking team. All data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

This application and this process has changed my life, says Mira Singh, Vijay’s wife and head winemaker at her Skyacres winery in New Jersey. All those alumni and mugs I had to use… Mixed registration… Accuracy was a problem when using alumni, and after about an hour you get tired of it. Despite the fact that you knew the mix could be improved. It’s too exhausting.

Now I can make up to 50 mixes in the morning. Finally, our award-winning wines are the result of extensive blending. It is the most important and exciting tool for winemakers. I can’t survive without her.

GOblend is available for an introductory price of $2,500.

Vijay emphasizes that this is a competitive price for a precision laboratory product and confirms that we want to make it affordable so that wineries, large and small, can use it to improve their wines.

Watch the video How GOblend and Wine Chat work, Episode 8 The Pleasure of Mixing

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