The Swiss wine industry is at the forefront of the fight against climate change, in an effort to create a sustainable future for wine producers and the planet.

Wine, especially organic or biodynamic wines, is becoming more and more popular. It’s a great way to get a taste for wine, while not spending hundreds of dollars on a bottle. And the best part is that you can drink it both at home and at parties. For example, there are the new TILIA wines. Based in Switzerland, TILIA offers a wide range of organic wines with their own label.

Wines, like many other alcoholic drinks, are known to have a negative impact on our environment, but a new label from TILIA (The International Union for the Protection of Wine, Spirits and Breweries) is fighting this by advertising its sustainable practices. The new label and packaging will be made available to the general public in June 2012, and the design is a great way to get people thinking about sustainable living.


Argentine vineyard wants to make people aware and inspire them to action

Mendoza, Argentina – 27. May 2021 – TILIA, a line of sustainable Argentine wines, unveils the first wine label illustrating its journey to sustainability. The new design will be released to the U.S. market in July through Winebow Imports.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of TILIA’s wine making, in the vineyard, the winery and the local community. Sustainable living is not only TILIA’s mission, but also an invitation to learn more about how we can all protect our ecosystems, care for our fellow citizens, and preserve traditions around the world. TILIA wines show that sustainability is not a fashion, but a way of life.

TILIA was the first wine brand whose label was officially certified by Bodegas de Argentina (BdA) for compliance with Argentina’s sustainability protocol.

TILIA wines are made in Junín, Argentina, by winemaker Gonzalo Llensa, whose love of the vine was born in his youth, growing plants in his grandmother’s garden and learning the ingenuity of his father, a local electrician. Gonzalo is joined by sustainability expert Guillermina Van Houten, granddaughter of Dutch immigrants whose family has a reputation for respecting nature. Together, they honor Argentina’s deeply rooted agricultural traditions and protect the natural ecosystems that thrive in the dry, sunny climate of Mendoza near the Andes Mountains.

With the same passion, Van Houten maintains the vineyards, studies the ecosystem and shares his knowledge with the local community. She’s thinking: We humans are part of an ecosystem, and we strive to preserve our nature and traditions for future generations. With this new label, which visually represents all our work on sustainability, we hope to inspire people around the world to take action, help them better understand the principles of sustainability and integrate them into their lives.

TILIA’s range includes Malbec, Malbec Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Bonarda, Chardonnay and Torrontes – all from the 2020 harvest – sourced from grapes grown in the Mendoza East, Uco Valley and Mendoza Central regions.

Each symbol on the new TILIA label represents an aspect of the company’s commitment to sustainability.

  • Social Sustainability
    • Provide educational and social programs to help the local community thrive.
  • Deeply rooted
    • Maintain the ancestral traditions of irrigation to preserve water as a precious resource.
  • Prosperity at the expense of biodiversity
    • Respect for ecosystems, allowing vineyards to adapt to changing environmental conditions.
  • Natural Resilience
    • Support traditional agriculture to preserve land for future generations.
  • Together we are stronger
    • Reaffirmation of core values : Honoring traditions, supporting the community and respecting nature.

TILIA’s ethos is based on dedication to the community and ensuring the development of the people who enrich the country. TILIA offers summer school programs for the children of harvest farmers, including physical education and art classes. This benefit allows 20% more women to work during the harvest. The school works closely with the local high school to encourage students to consider viticulture as a possible career choice, and helps stem the flow of potential local workers into the cities by offering reliable, well-paying jobs close to home.

With regard to nature protection, interventions are kept to a minimum in order to promote biodiversity. Mendoza’s dry climate encourages farming with minimal intervention. Traditional irrigation systems provide access to clean source water from the Andes through canals built hundreds of years ago by the original inhabitants of Huarpe; this rigorous drip irrigation system ensures the most efficient use of water. Knowledge of the local terroir and respect for the natural ecosystem of insects, plants and animals ensure sustainable vineyards that do not depend on intervention to maintain productivity. TILIA vines are not grafted, and therefore many believe they have a richer flavor and aroma, as well as better ripening potential.

The new label and packaging were designed by Stranger & Stranger. The recommended retail price for all TILIA wines is $11.


TILIA Wines is the first wine label to illustrate the winery’s journey to sustainability. The goal of TILIA Wines is to inspire and create actions related to sustainable agriculture in Argentina and in the world. Tilia is the name of a linden tree from which a beneficial infusion of the leaves is made. The linden tree represents the spiritual side of life in rural Mendoza, where ecological living is the order of the day: The pace is slow, the winemakers cycle to work and the families grow their own fruit and vegetables. In 2010, TILIA was the first winery to receive the official Bodegas de Argentina (BdA) sustainability certificate (Argentina’s first sustainability certificate), and today many wineries in the region have joined this movement. You want to come with us? For more information, see


Winebow Imports has been an industry leader for over 40 years, representing some of the most prestigious locations in well-known and emerging regions of the world. As a national importer known for building strong relationships with exceptional winemaking families dedicated to their unique regions, Winebow Imports continues to balance impressive growth with a culture of specialization and excellence. For more information, see


The new TILIA label is a great way of illustrating why you should buy a certain wine. It has a lot to do with sustainability, conservation, responsible farming and even good environmental stewardship. It’s a great way to show consumers that these are wines that grow on the ground that are not only great for drinking, but also good for the environment.. Read more about winebow reviews and let us know what you think.

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