May 3rd is International Albariño Day. Albariño is a white wine with the characteristics of a white wine, but it is a dry wine with a taste of white peach and is located in the wine regions of Rias Baixas (Albariño is the region where it is produced mainly). It is a serious wine, which is produced throughout Spain, and is a wine of considerable quality.

Albariño is the white wine of the Douro’s vineyards and is known for its delicate qualities, the purity of its grapes, the region with the best climate, and especially for its production process. In order to protect this traditional way of ​​making wine, which is almost exclusively made ​​by hand, the Spains’ government grants the denomination of origin to the Douro Valley.

Seafood is a staple in many cultures. Fish and shellfish are an important part of many cuisines. As a cook I try to keep this in mind, and try to include it in my recipes, but I am always on the lookout for ideas as to how to prepare the fish the best way possible. In Spain, there is a fish that is most often cited as being a perfect example of a fish that is tasty and easy to prepare, and that is the Albariño.. Read more about ole spanish and let us know what you think.


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Olé & Obrigado has extended its yearly El Camino del Albariño campaign by creating a digital collection of more than two dozen Albariño-friendly recipes from high-profile and Michelin starred chefs from the 

Ole-Obrigado-to-Publish-Digital-Cookbook-El-Camino-Del-AlbarinoAugust 2nd – On August 2nd, 2021 Olé & Obrigado, a boutique importer of artisanal wines from Spain and Portugal, will release a self-published digital cookbook, El Camino del Albariño In the Kitchen: A celebration of Albariño featuring recipes and reflections from great chefs and wine experts around the world. The release of the cookbook is an extension of the yearly El Camino del Albariño campaign, which raises awareness of the diversity and versatility of Albariño wine, as well as awareness and funds for NYC-based nonprofit Wheeling Forward. 

2021 marked the first time the El Camino del Albariño (#ElCaminoDelAlbarino) initiative expanded beyond New York, now including Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. Restaurants and retailers participated during the month of June by featuring Albariño in a special way, and a consumer awareness ad campaign had a reach of over 1 million viewers in those 7 markets. 10% of Olé & Obrigado’s sales in the participating markets are donated to Wheeling Forward. 

Yannick Benjamin, cofounder of Wheeling Forward and managing partner at Contento in New York City, stated, “We are thrilled to conclude the third successful year of El Camino del Albariño with our friends at Olé & Obrigado, and look forward to creating a resource that will help even more people enjoy Albariño wine and food pairings, courtesy of many friends, like chefs José Andres, Katie Button, Tom Colicchio, Contento’s chef Oscar Lorenzzi, and many more.” 

The cookbook will be available as a digital download beginning Monday, August 2nd at noon Eastern; the release is timed to capitalize on the seasonal excitement for Albario in conjunction with International Albario Day, while also continuing to promote Wheeling Forward. The book will be available for free, although a contribution of $10-30 is requested. Wheeling Forward will get 100% of all contributions. 

“In addition to sharing our passion for wine and food pairing, we are committed to giving back. We are proud to announce the expansion of El Camino del Albariño with the launch of this cookbook, allowing us to bring the spirit of El Camino del Albariño to people all over the world” says Patrick Mata, cofounder of Olé & Obrigado. I want to extend our gratitude to all the chefs who contributed, as well as the many winemakers, wine writers, and sommeliers who also shared their perspective on this noble white grape.” 

Starting August 2nd at 12:00 ET, the cookbook will be available at 

To stay updated on coming news and food & wine pairing experiences, follow Olé & Obrigado on Instagram and Facebook @OleObrigado and check out #ElCaminoDelAlbarino. 

About Olé & Obrigado and Wheeling Forward 

Yannick Benjamin, a NYC-based restaurateur (Contento), sommelier, and mentor in the US wine industry, launched Wheeling Forward in 2011. They have established an organization that helps individuals adapt to life with a long-term handicap by providing a complete range of services, including advocacy, mentoring, resources, and community, in collaboration with cofounder Alex Elegudin and their board. 

Olé & Obrigado is a boutique importer of artisanal wines from Spain and Portugal that proudly connects over 40 family wineries to customers across the United States. They have raised over $700,000 for nonprofits since 2013, from special events, fundraising campaigns, and wines like Liquid Geography. 


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This year, to celebrate International Albariño Day on May 12, we’ll be doing something a little different to mark the occasion. Instead of a traditional cookbook, we’re partnering with Wheeling Forward and the United States Albariño Association to publish a digital cookbook! The book will feature 16 Albariño recipes found on our blog, and be available for purchase  via  Amazon,  iTunes,  NOOK,  and  Google Play  for $3.99. We’ll also be donating all proceeds to  Wheeling Forward  to help continue their work of forestry and wildlife advocacy.. Read more about olé song and let us know what you think.

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What does Olé mean?

Olé is a Spanish word that means Hello or Hi.

Do they say ole in Mexico?

Yes, they say ole.

Is Ole Allah?

Ole Allah is a deity in Islam.

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