Oliver Twist is one of the most famous brand names in the wine world and is known for its reasonably priced wines. This company would have gone by Oliver Twist Wines Inc. if its lawyers had not intervened. But in a recent ruling, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) found that “Twist” was too close to “Twist by Robert Mondavi” and that might cause confusion in the marketplace, so the company will now go by Oliver Twist Nostalgia Wines Inc.

“Oliver Twist is Now Nostalgia Wines Inc.” is a small company that has been making wines for the last five years. Their most well known product is their Oliver Twist Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine that has been described by wine experts as the best value for the money in the entire wine industry.


April 27 – [Oliver, BC] Oliver Twist Estate Winery is now Nostalgia Wines Inc. The owner remains only Gina Fernandez Harfman. When Harfman took over Oliver Twist Estate Winery in 2012, she retained the Oliver Twist wine of the same name and created her own Nostalgia series to leave her mark on the company. As the winery celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2021, it’s time to finalize the changes.

Nostalgia Wines is more authentic and more in line with what we present here, Harfman notes.

The name change was accompanied by improved packaging that better reflects the quality of the wines in Nostalgia Wines’ three tiers: Nostalgia, pin-up and family collection.

History of Nostalgia Wines Inc.

Harfman is proud of its agricultural heritage in the South Okanagan. She has terroir in her blood: Mr. Harfman is the fourth generation on his father’s side and the third generation on his mother’s side to own South Okanagan land. His maternal grandfather, Joe Fernandes, left Madeira in the early 1950s to plant orchards and open a fruit stand in Osoyoos. Her father, Ken, owns 6 acres of vineyards in Osoyoos, which he farms with the help of Jeremy, Mrs. Harfman’s brother.

This connection to wine led to Harfman’s involvement in winemaking, beginning with a course in winemaking at Okanagan College. In 2010 she gained experience as an assistant winemaker at Cassini Cellars. In 2011, she joined former owners and wine consultant Christine Leroux at Oliver Twist.  Mr. Leroux has led the production of the Oliver Twist wines since the first vintage and continues to be a key member of Nostalgia’s winemaking team.

Harfman Winery is a woman-run winery that continues the vision and tradition of its predecessors. She chose the name Nostalgia because for her wine evokes memories and creates bonds. She hopes people will discover her wines and make new memories.

Nostalgia is something that is inherent to everyone, she notes. Like everyone has memories.

Wines and vineyards

Open year-round on the Black Sage Bench in Oliver, B.C., Nostalgia Wines offers a wide range of small wines in the Nostalgia, Pin-Up and Family Collection categories: dry to semi-dry whites and rosés, medium to full-bodied reds, sparkling wines and dessert wines (including fortified ports). The wines are offered in quantities ranging from 24 to 675 cases and are worth a look at with each release (all wines can be purchased at the winery or online at NostalgiaWines.ca).

Mr. Harfman guarantees high quality grapes by sourcing most of his grapes from the winery’s own vineyard: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Viognier, Kerner, Merlot and Syrah.  It also sources its products from its family farm and from trusted and long-standing partner producers. Their attention to detail is evident throughout the vinification process.

Visitors to Nostalgia Wines are welcomed with soul, personality, nostalgia and good wine. After seeing the collection of memorabilia in the wine shop and observing the winemaking process through the windows of the tasting room, the sense of history and love for this family estate is undeniable. Located in the heart of the southern Okanagan wine country, the hotel offers guests views of rugged desert hills, vineyards and orchards as they sip their drinks and take in the scenery.

The Nostalgia and Family Collection wines show a serious side to Mr. Harfman’s style of winemaking. The guests are impressed by the entire line and intrigued by the series of fun and seductive pin-ups that show off Mrs. Harfman’s fun side. The retro-cool design of the bottle is the work of artist Ralph Burch.

Nostalgia is the comfort and happiness evoked by a sensory experience. After exploring this family-owned property and enjoying a glass of wine on one of the property’s picturesque terraces, visitors will want to take it home and create even more memories.

To preserve those memories and satisfy yourself at home when you’re feeling nostalgic, a membership to the Recollections Wine Club is your best bet. This flexible membership allows you to choose and order at any time of the year, in person or online, at special club rates. Harfman produces wines exclusively for members, including small lots of Malbec and Petit Verdot.

The new Nostalgia labels, family collection and updated Pin-Up series are on winery shelves this month, or you can order them online at NostalgiaWines.ca.

About Nostalgia Wines Inc.

Nostalgia Wines Inc – is a winery located on Black Sage Bank in Oliver, British Columbia. It is owned by Gina Fernandez Harfman, who is a fourth generation farmer in the Okanagan. Harfman is a winemaker who makes terroir wines in small batches.

Nostalgia Wines offers three levels of wines: Family Collection, the Nostalgia series and the mischievous Pin-Up series, whose labels feature illustrations inspired by the 1960s.

To learn more about Nostalgia Wines or to purchase wines, visit NostalgiaWines.ca.


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