OneCircle, one of the world’s leading suppliers of PET kegs, has expanded its presence in the United States with the appointment of Saxco, an award-winning North American distributor of packaging solutions for the wine, spirits, beer and food markets, to its official reseller KeyKeg and UniKeg. Today’s announcement is a key part of OneCircle’s expansion plans in the United States and reinforces OneCircle’s position as a leader in the sustainable packaging market.

Saxco has been chosen as official reseller because the company meets OneCircle’s strict criteria in the areas of sustainability, innovation, growth, efficiency and quality.

Headquartered in Northern California, in the heart of wine country, Saxco enjoys a solid reputation with winemakers and brewers throughout the United States. Hundreds of manufacturers are already using the KeyKeg. The team of packaging experts support clients at every stage of their business cycle, ensuring their brand stands out in a busy retail environment, driving sales and managing supply chain logistics costs.

In addition to its ecological character and considerable economic benefits, the unique laminated inner bag in the high-tech PET packaging protects the taste and extends the shelf life of drinks such as wine and beer. For the hospitality industry looking for cleaner and more flexible packaging solutions in VIDOC-19 there is the possibility to offer wine on tap.  It is becoming increasingly popular as it helps restaurants and bars to reduce waste, protect the environment, manage stock more efficiently and offer customers a greater choice of fresh wines by the glass.

Sean Gallagher, Senior Vice President/General Manager of Saxco’s Western Division : We are pleased to add the KeyKeg to our packaging solutions. Not only is it the most sustainable drum on the market, but we already have many customers using drums, both nationally and internationally.  They are also well suited to the COVID 19 era because they are clean, safe and more flexible than other forms of packaging, offering significant growth opportunities.

Mark Kibby, Senior Director of U.S. Sales, comments : The US is an exciting market for KeyKeg and UniKeg, and we are pleased that Saxco has joined our reseller community and can bring their extensive knowledge and experience to the table. This is an important step in our U.S. growth strategy that will help us tap into a huge potential market for our barrels.

The KeyKeg and UniKeg are both 100% recyclable and 30% of the KeyKeg and UniKeg are made from recycled materials. The drums offer significant sustainability benefits, including the reduction of CO2 emissions and water consumption, as well as the elimination of harsh chemicals for cleaning.

For more information on OneCircle’s products and services, visit

To learn more about Saxco’s KeyKeg and UniKeg offers, call 1-877-641-4003 today.

A sustainable packaging solution

The family business is focused on the long term and especially on the environment. For this reason, OneCircle ( has been launched to build and implement waste collection networks in several countries and, where possible, to complement existing waste streams.

To date, OneCircle has successfully launched waste collection and recycling projects in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, France and Belgium, and is exploring effective networks in other countries around the world.

OneCircle has also joined the Plastics Alliance and signed a declaration that its products comply with the European Union’s environmental criteria. Therefore, no additional tax should be levied on its products.

The OneCircle operation is still under construction. Nevertheless, we take responsibility for the end of life of our barrels and work with the companies involved to create a circular economy.

About Saxony

At Saxco International, LLC, our goal is to make our customers’ dreams come true. With over 80 years of industry experience, Saxco offers a wide range of packaging solutions and supply chain services for the wine, alcohol, beverage and food industries. Saxco offers a wide range of packaging products, including glass, metal and plastic packaging, closures, custom packaging and mold development. Saxco is headquartered in Concord, California and has an extensive network of support and order processing centers in the United States, Canada and Asia. In Spirited magazine’s annual reader survey, Saxco has just been named the best bottle supplier in the country.


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