Ravines Dry Riesling and White Springs Vineyard Dry Riesling Reviews

Dry Riesling is the smallest of the grape varietals – between 1/3 and 1/2 of the size of a Burgundy. It has the highest acid content of all the white grape varieties, so it’s definitely not for those with sensitive stomachs. It’s a semi-dry white wine that’s generally made from 100% Riesling. It’s often made into dessert wines, and it’s particularly popular in Germany and Austria.

Why should you love dry wine? Well, there are two good reasons. Firstly, dry wines don’t cost as much as their sweet counterparts. Secondly, they are much less likely to give you a hangover. True, you may not get as drunk as with sweet wine, but the buzz you get from a dry wine will be much more enjoyable. If you get the chance to drink a dry wine, don’t hesitate to do so.

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Ravines Dry Riesling and Ravines White Springs Vineyard Dry Riesling are two classic, lip-smackingly excellent Rieslings from the Finger Lakes.


Today we’ve got a fantastic set of 100% estate grown Rieslings from New York’s Finger Lakes region.

The Ravines Dry Riesling 2017 is first up, and wine comes from two vineyards on each side of Seneca Lake (52 percent White Springs Vineyard and 48 percent 16 Falls Vineyard). The wine was matured in stainless steel tanks and has a residual sugar content of 3 grams per liter.

For review, a sample has been sent. The Ravines Riesling has an SRP of $19, although it may be had for as little as $14. There were 6,000 cases made.

From the label of the bottle:

Ravines Wine Cellars is located on a hillside overlooking glacier-carved Seneca Lake in New York State’s Finger Lakes wine area. Our cold growing season, sloping vineyard locations, and the moderating influences of the deep lakes combine to produce wines that are bright, balanced, and food-friendly.

We are a small, family-run winery devoted to the art of excellent, classical winemaking, producing wines that reflect the distinct characteristics of the vineyard locations, the growing season, and the winemaker’s vision.

Ravines Riesling is produced on the steep slopes around the Finger Lakes on limestone and shale stone soils. It’s a graceful, dry style with subtle aromatics, minerality, and sparkling acidity.

Ravines Wine Cellars produced and bottled this wine. Alcohol content: 12.5%

The 2017 Ravines Dry Riesling has notes of apple, pear, nectarine, a hint of lime, and a flinty minerality on the nose. It has a typical Riesling fragrance to it.

In this extremely dry wine, the wine feels excellent in the tongue and has a lot of depth of flavor on the fruit. With a beautiful texture and flavors that are comparable to those on the nose, this wine pairs well with food and has excellent age potential, making it a fantastic value at this price.

On the lip-smackingly excellent finish, it’s crisp, zesty, dry, and lengthy.

Are you ready to purchase? Check out the stores in your area.

2017 Ravines Dry Riesling

9 out of 10 6 dollars


The Dry Riesling from the Ravines White Spring Vineyard in 2017. follows, which is entirely sourced from the White Springs Vineyard and fermented and matured in stainless steel. Residual sugar content is 4 g/L.


For review, a sample has been sent. The Ravines White Spring Vineyard Dry Riesling has a suggested retail price of $28, although it may be found for as little as $19. Only 2,000 cases were made.

From the label of the bottle:

The White Springs Vineyard is a one-of-a-kind location with sheltered limestone soil slopes. With subtle aromatics, pronounced minerality, and lively acidity, this Riesling is refined and dry.

Ravines Wine Cellars produced and bottled this wine. Alcohol content: 12.5%

On the nose, the 2017 Ravines White Spring Vineyard Riesling is comparable to the dry, but it also has a hint of petrol and white floral aromas.

The fruit is a little more expressive in the mouth, and the texture is wonderful. The fruit tastes are rich and zesty, with a lot of lemon and lime. This is fantastic!

It finishes with a lengthy, lingering finish that leaves your lips with plenty of lip-smacking tangy and luscious fruit.

Are you ready to purchase? Check out the stores in your area.

2017 Ravines White Spring Vineyard Dry Riesling

9 out of 10 2 dollars


The Riesling grape is one of more than 400 in the world. Its origins are in the Mosel region of the German Rhine Valley. There, about 250 years ago, unknown farmers planted what is now a thorny, evergreen vine. The grapes they took from those vines were the forerunner of the Riesling grape.. Read more about ravines winery wedding and let us know what you think.

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