Advertising FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS (3 December 2020) – John Rivenburg, a leader in the Texas wine industry, has recently acquired the Kerrville Hills Winery and is transforming it into a wine cube. This change enables Rivenburg to achieve one of its most important professional goals: to promote the development of highly talented winemakers. The famous winemaker also produces the first vintages under his supervision. The famous winemaker also produces the first vintages under his supervision.

In the Kerrville Hills Winery incubator, winemakers can now manage the capitalization of their business, learn winemaking techniques and work in a cooperative environment. Kerrville Hills Winery differs from bespoke press facilities in that the winemakers who make it are naturally involved in all aspects of production. It is an educational think tank for cooperation, exchange of ideas and stimulating creativity, so that the various winemakers can produce their best products. Rivenburg offers project and programme support, access to a 14-year industry network and advice and guidance in the wine industry.

The wine industry is an innate partnership, says John Rivenburg, winemaker and owner of Kerrrville Hills Winery. At the beginning of my winery career, I used the help of people from the industry and many other business friends to set up my own consulting firm, Rivenburgh Wine, which specialises in labels. This experience has enabled me to fully understand the need for a body responsible for advising winegrowers on the production of quality wines. I’m happy to be able to play a role in this area, because I love teaching people and I really enjoy helping people succeed. Helping people achieve their goal of bottling excellent wine is a real pleasure for me.

Among the members of the Kerrville Hills Hatchery

The passion and desire to produce quality wine from Texas is just the beginning, says Barbara Lekuona, winemaker at Siboney Cellars. Even with many years of training and practical experience, the construction of a winery and a label requires a lot of money, not to mention the financial resources needed to equip the production. While we were building our own factory, we made wine in the communal areas. As our little wine label had outgrown the space we had with friends in the store, we realized we needed to take it to the next level by working with John Rivenburg and his experienced team at Kerrrville Hills Winery. I am now supported not only by John and his expertise, but also by his fantastic team and by other Texas winemakers who create great Texas labels. This trust fosters a common desire to create world-class wines, to acquire knowledge, research, experiment and seek quality, while providing access to the best equipment and practical experience.

For the purchase of the Kerrrville Hills vineyard, Rivenburg planted the Tannat grape on a large scale and created award-winning wines on it. Tannat, a grape variety widely grown in France and South America, is appreciated for its rich color and tannins, which give the wine its structure and complexity. Rivenburg has helped plant dozens of hectares of tannin in more than 20 vineyards across the state. He is one of the first Texas winemakers to receive international awards for Tannat wines, including the 2011 Tannat CM, Bending Branch Estate, which won Double Gold, Texas Class Champion, Class Champion and was voted Best Texas Wine at the Houston Rodeo Uncorqued in 2014! International wine competition. He has also received prestigious awards for Tannat wines from numerous wineries and vineyards, including Reddy Vineyard, Rustic Spur Vineyard, Texas Heritage Vineyard, 1851 Vineyard, Hoover Valley Vineyard and Newsom Vineyard. This important development has stabilized Tannat’s reputation as a leading innovative winemaker and helped to raise its status as a heraldic grape variety in Texas.

It is not surprising that Tannat, one year after the purchase, is one of the first new wines produced in Rivenburg by Kerrrville Hills Winery. New publications

Each of the new wines is available online and at 3600 Fredericksburg Rd Kerrrville, TX 78028.

Kerrville Hills Wine Estate

Kerrville Hills Winery (KHW) is located at the highest point of Kerr County, overlooking the beautiful Texas Hill landscape. It was the first winery established in Kerrville. In 2019, John Rivenburg bought Kerrville Hills to create a wine cube, a common area for skilled viticulture that speeds up the operation of the stores. Deeply rooted in the Texas Hill Country region, John is an award-winning winemaker and passionately committed to growing high quality organic Texas grapes.


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