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The Silver Oak of the Napa Cabernet Sauvignon Valley comes from Silver Oak wineries and their winery in Oakville, California, USA.

Your Napa Valley Winery is one of the two large wineries managed by Silver Oak.  They also operate their factory in the Alexander Valley in Hildsburg, California.

Silver Oak started in 1972 in a milk barn in Napa Valley and produced only 1100 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon in the first year.

They were founded by Raymond Your Duncan and Justin Mayer.

Over the years, Silver Oak has built a reputation as one of the most important producers of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Silver Oak is currently run by the Duncan family, who have run the wine business as a family business since 2001.

Silbereiche Cabernet-Sauvignon wine review

I did this review with a good friend of mine, Big Al, who appears here regularly and helps me with the reviews.

We tasted this wine of the year 2012 together.

It should be noted that 2012 was a productive year, the weather was cooperative and led to an exceptional growing season and a gift from Mother Nature, as evidenced by the tasting notes of this wine.

What I didn’t know is that cabernet sauvignon from the Silver Oak Napa Valley is not 100% cabernet sauvignon.

In fact it is a mix of the following, for the vintage we have tried (2012) :

  • 80% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 10% Merlot
  • 7% Cabernet Franc
  • 3% Pti Verdot

Finally, Silver Oak says that this old cellar with cellulose can be kept until 2037 if heated properly.


In the glass the wine was not opaque and purple.  The appearance was almost metallic.

It’s Cabernet’s foot that created two foot waves in our glasses.

The first wave fell quickly with fine drops.  And the other one fell slowly with thicker drops.


This part of the experience was my favorite!

The aroma of Silver Oak escaped from the glass immediately after pouring.

We both noticed the delicious scents of silky vanilla and black cherries.

I noticed something subtle that I could not attribute, like the smell of black olives from a distance.

I gave up, and I had to cheat and look at the test notes.  In fact Silver Oak describes it as hoysin sauce!

I happened to have a bottle of hoisin sauce in the fridge, so of course I had to compare it to how I felt.

But of course… Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Apart from that, we both appreciated the fact that the aroma burns little or no alcohol.

Alcoholic strength by volume Silbereiche Cabernet Sauvignon 14,4 % on the tasting notes.


Al and I have noticed the simple taste of cherries and black cherries.

Although there was a hint of nutmeg, the taste was mainly fruity.

We also noticed a slight loss of taste, because the wine can breathe.

The fresh filling brought back the essence of the taste.

Sneeze and tanning in the mouth

The feeling in your mouth was silky soft and you really had to smear your mouth to notice the well kept tannins.

We appreciated that the tannins didn’t compete with the taste.


The finish of Silver Oak was long (Al counted 12 seconds) and pleasant.

As expected with well integrated tannins, the aftertaste was dominated by the aromas of the wine.

Silbereiche Cabernet General view

In general, although we certainly enjoyed this wine, we had high expectations that were not entirely justified.

Although this hut was certainly delicious and had an excellent aroma, tannic structure and excellent finish, we hoped for a more complex and varied palette of flavours.

We also hoped that the flavors would develop more than they did.

I argued at the time that we can expect pure cabernet for what we get out of it.

But, uh… it wasn’t a pure cabernet, but only 80% with a 20% mix of other options.  At the time of the tasting we thought it was 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.

It is often these other options that make things even more complicated.

But the complexity of taste was what was missing from this guilt, given its price and reputation.

So the result is very nice, but I have not reached the high level we set for this wine.

Oak Silver Cabernet Sauvignon Price $119.99.

Wines Silbereiche Cabernet Sauvignon Check Pinterest Pin

Suggested nutrient steam

Silver Oak proposes to serve it with Cabernet Sauvignon in the Napa Valley with fried ridges of grass.

They have other suggestions, but I like the idea of combining pure cabernet with pure red meat.

I think this pair’s gonna work!

What do you think of this wine or this magazine?

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