The safe storage of wine has been a problem for centuries. Oxygen and microbial contamination can quickly destroy a wine. Many solutions have been tried, from sealed amphorae to rubber bladders. Modern wine storage mainly uses metal barrels and tanks. All these devices have a critical weakness: they are hard containers, so there is free space. The loss of wine through leakage, evaporation and shrinkage causes air to enter the container, creating space. The air in the main compartment oxidizes the wine. The only remedy is to fill the containers regularly. It’s a process that takes time and brings air into the ship. It also significantly increases the risk of microbial contamination. There are certain methods, such as. B. floating main tanks or argon cloth, but they are expensive and prone to failure.

Problems with the operation of cooperatives

In conventional drums there is always evaporation and the drum has to be filled, Dr. Vijay Singh notes. At Sky Acres Winery we go from the substrate to the bottling line and process everything into disposable packaging. No water is used, no washing is done and no waste water is produced. The liners are immediately available when you need them, with an absolute guarantee of cleanliness.

GOfermentor’s SmartBarrel is an efficient, cost-effective and reliable solution for the safe storage of wine during decantation, maturation and bulk storage. This technology was developed after years of experimentation based on Dr. Singh’s unparalleled expertise in flexible pharmaceutical treatment. An important element of SmartBarrel is the patented immersion tube. The wine is stored in disposable bags with an extremely low oxygen permeability. Contact materials have been used in Package-in-a-Box systems for many years and are not known to transmit odors or other negative effects.

SmartBarrel spare parts

All SmartBarrel operations are performed with wine pumps. The immersion tube is connected to the jacket by a standard three-phase lamp 2. The wine is pumped into the liner through the filler opening of the stylus. When the wine is removed, the coating collapses so that there is never any space. The patented design of the immersion tube ensures that the clear wine is drawn first. Aftertreatment is never necessary. Sampling with a conventional wine thief introduces air and can lead to cross-contamination. SmartBarrel does not use a wine thief. Samples are taken using a vacuum extractor, which ensures that nothing gets into the wine during sampling.

Because there is no free space on the SmartBarrel, partial quantities can be stored for up to 24 months. It’s a godsend for small wineries. You can start with, for example, 50 gallons in a 60 gallon substrate and add wine if necessary until the substrate is empty.

Traditional bulk operations, such as baking oak, can easily be carried out by incorporating cost-effective and environmentally friendly oak products such as chips, rods or cubes into the SmartBarrel liner. A secondary advantage of this procedure is that when the correct degree of curing has been reached, the process can easily be completed by simply pumping the wine into a new liner without the oak products. Chips, rods, etc. are held in the original housing by perforations in the immersion tube. This is not possible with traditional wooden barrels.

SmartBarrel liners are available in both vertical and horizontal 60 gallon drum sizes. Any vessel or rod supplied by the user can be used to secure the liner. GOfermentor even offers kits to convert old wooden barrels into SmartBarrels. A 330 gallon liner is available for user-supplied IBC/macro tanks. The covers are disposable, so there is no cleaning. A perfectly clean storage container is immediately available.

For the SmartBarrel system you have :

  • One reusable SmartBarrel immersion tank per tank.
  • A battery-operated SmartBarrel extractor/sampler for the entire work area.
  • SmartBarrel disposable lining.

GOfermentor offers until the 31st. 10% discount in January on SmartBarrel liners.

The new SmartBarrel Volume Estimator instantly determines the amount of wine in your SmartBarrel IBCs.

SmartBarrel volume meter

Simply attach it to the edge of your GObase, macrobase, IBC or vertical drum container. Now press the button and you will immediately see the amount of wine in the lining. Lectures in litres, gallons and bottles. The $129 battery-powered massager can be easily transported from one container to another.

Once you have good wine, you should cherish it. Our system protects the end product. You can’t afford to ruin it by bad storage, says Dr. Singh, inventor of the SmartBarrel system.

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