The Gracianna winery has been in the news recently with its recent win at the 2020 Sunset Showcase wine competition. Gracianna’s win in the White category has made the winery known for its high quality minimalist wines and its innovative strategies to expand the market of wine. It was a difficult win, as the competition was quite stiff, with many well-known wineries vying for the top spot, including Gracianna’s previous rival, Chateau Gustave.

Gracianna Winery has been around for a while, but they’re an old dog with some new tricks. They’ve got a new look (you don’t recognize them from the Sunset 2020 competition, you say?) and a new line up of wines that blew away the competition at this year’s wine festival. Gracianna is the only winery in the region to use a combination of traditional and new wine-making technologies, which means that they can make wines that both casual and connoisseurs can enjoy. They come in three varieties: red, white, and rosé.


Laura Ness.

Gracianna Winery was founded in 2005 and released its first wine in 2009, but since then it has managed to make a lot of noise. They are growing steadily at 12-15% per year, and the big wins at the Sunset contest have certainly contributed to their success.

The winery’s co-founder, Trini Amador III, named the brand after his great-grandmother, Gracianne Lasaga, a French Basque woman who fled German-occupied Paris during World War II. She lived her life in gratitude and encouraged others to do the same. The standout 2018 Gracianna Westside Reserve Pinot Noir, a wine from the Roussia River Valley, scored a 97 and was a top red wine at the 2020 Sunset Wine Competition. This is no coincidence, as this wine has already scored 98 points and was the best in class at the 2020 North Coast Wine Challenge.

Amador said: We produced 130 cases of this wine. The Westside Reserve is the best pinot from four barrels of the house. This is the only blend we make that combines Mercedes Riverblock Pinot 11, Pinot 667 and Pinot Noir 777. Overall, the wine was a great success with our members. They took the wine, thirsted for it, and held it in their hands. People tell us about special dishes, especially at Thanksgiving. Just yesterday, club members Stephen and Priscilla told us they had purchased a bottle from the Montage in Healdsburg and it was the best Pinot they had ever tasted. These people know a lot about wine!

Amador expects his current wines to do well again in the upcoming Sunset Wine Competition, as two of them have already done well in the 2021 Press Democrat North Coast Wine Challenge, where the 2019 Suzanne’s Blend Chardonnay scored 97 points and the 2019 Lasaga Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir even scored 99 points.

Sunset magazine has been very kind to us. It got us a lot of publicity. Overall, this has had a positive effect on the brand, as we are very consistent in our message.

Amador, like many others, wished that last year’s triple disaster had not overshadowed this brilliant moment. 2020 was the best of times and the worst of times. The story of a wine that would go down in history as one of the best pinots of all time is lost, but not to our members. They benefited from the fact that our wines were becoming more and more famous. Right now we only have 15 cases out of 130.

In the spirit of gratitude, Amador recently released a new audiobook about her great-grandmother, available on Audible, and a new short film about Gracianna Winery’s brand promise – wines for those who have something to be grateful for. You can see it here: GratefulFilm

The short film has been submitted to several film festivals, including the Cannes Short Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Manhattan Film Festival, Napa Valley Film Festival and Austin Film Festival.

Perhaps this will bring them the cinematic glory that will accompany their triumph at sunset.

More information about the SUNSET International Wine Competition can be found at


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