The winery and distillery are the first in Michigan to take a significant step into this century.

Mar. 3 – (PAW PAW, Mich.) – St. Paul’s Company was founded in 1921 by Mariano Meconi. Julian Winery has been able to adapt and transform over time to get to where it is today. Julian’s is the oldest winery in the state of Michigan and remains a pioneer in the production of wines and spirits, having overcome many challenges and difficulties.

We have survived Prohibition, wars, the Great Depression, the Great Recession, fires, family tragedies, a pandemic and countless other problems in our 100-year history, says John Braganini, president of St. John’s. We have survived Prohibition, wars, the Great Depression, the Great Recession, fires, family tragedies, a pandemic and countless other problems in our 100-year history. As we enter a new era of possibilities, we are preparing the company for an exciting journey.

To celebrate this milestone, the winery is releasing six special 2019 editions of Cabernet Sauvignons, all from the Mountain Road Estate vineyard. In the St. Julian’s Centennial Series, each wine starts the same way, but the first five in the series are then aged for 14 months in French oak barrels from different cooperages, yielding wonderfully different results:

  • Element: Aged in a CbyCADUS barrel, designed to celebrate the elements and landscape of the vineyard;
  • Icon: Elegance icon of Seguine Moreau, matured in barrel. These barrels are highly valued by winegrowers for the structure and balance they give to the wine. They are designed for quality wines with a full flavour;
  • Maturation: Aged in Alain Fouquet barrels, dense and granular, which contributes to the structure and expression of the wine;
  • Expression: Aged in a CADUS Sensorial barrel, which gives a round and full wine;
  • Classic: an aged Radu Classic barrel. This Cabernet is rich in black cherry and black currant fruit, mixed with notes of spice that are the result of slow oak toasting.

The finale, the final ode to the century, is a masterful blend of five other wines from the St. John’s series. This wine celebrates the fusion of nature, science and art in winemaking. Fascinating and complex, its cherry, red currant and blackberry flavors combined with high acidity and medium tannins define a perfect finish.

These limited edition wines – just 20 cases each – will be available exclusively at St. John’s Tasting Rooms. The wine will be available at St. Julian’s later this year for $100 a bottle ($85 for Wine Club members). Julian’s is also offering 100 wooden cases containing the six wines for $499 ($424 for wine club members). Celebrations of the centenary are expected later this fall, including the release of these special wines. During this special paid event, consumers can learn how barrels support a winemaker’s spices and discover the differences between different styles of barrels. The Braganini family will also be in attendance to celebrate 100 years of Michigan wine definition.

Julian’s is also looking forward to the next 100 years of wine, cider and spirits production in Michigan. Building on a 10-year growth plan originally planned for 2016, the $20 million expansion and modernization of the winery, already the largest in the state, is key to their initiatives. According to Mr. Braganini, these efforts will help achieve the goal of 500,000 cases per year.

Growth is also expected in other areas. A new tasting room is in preparation, bringing the total number of tasting rooms to seven. The winery also plans to add producers from the Leelanau Peninsula appellation to its network, expanding the current range to 59 grape varieties by 2021, most of which come from the Lake Michigan coastal appellation.

About St. John’s Julian’s:

For 100 years St. Petersburg’s emblematic winery and distillery has been producing wine, cider and spirits in a variety of styles to satisfy the tastes of all customers. The company is now run by the third and fourth generations of the Braganini family, who are dedicated to producing authentic wines on the shores of Lake Michigan. Julian’s is Michigan’s largest and best-known winery and has been a local leader in innovation and quality since its inception. From the highly popular Red Heron and Blue Heron wines and the Braganini wine family to the growing range of spirits, ciders and sparkling juices, St Julian’s has something for everyone. Julian’s currently has tasting rooms in Dundee, Frankenmuth, Troy, Rockford and Union Pierce, and a new tasting room will be announced later this year.

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