April 13 – Mather now offers its Depletion Optimization Tool to eliminate guesswork in pricing and inventory management decisions for wineries.  In the past, winery prices were determined by competitor benchmarks, inaccurate assessments of economic conditions or simply by instinct.  The Depletion Optimization Tool provides vineyard managers with valuable information on the market’s response to price changes and the ability to model scenarios. Mather Economics develops econometric models of SKU-level price sensitivity and detailed forecasts of depletion, enabling stakeholders to make rapid data-driven decisions to maximize revenue.  The interactive user interface of the desolation optimization tool is designed to provide quick answers to frequently asked questions:

  • Am I on track to sell the current variety too soon this year, and how much should I raise the price to make sure I have enough stock until the next release?
  • How has the COWID-19 pandemic affected my inventory reduction compared to previous years, and how should my prices meet my year-end inventory management goals?
  • In the autumn, we organized a big sale. How will this affect my turnover rate?
  • We have made a drastic price increase compared to last year. Will this affect my ability to sell my current crop at the desired price?
  • How will the price adjustment affect my cash flow next year?

The Depletion Optimization Tool has many results-oriented features, including: 360-degree views of historical inventory declines across the winery’s portfolio, evaluation of price sensitivity by grape variety, year-to-year performance comparisons, revenue growth forecasts, and the ability to quantify and predict the impact of price adjustments on revenue and inventory.

Wine producers have all the information they need to make intelligent, data-driven pricing and inventory decisions.  The only thing missing is the experience and knowledge needed to unlock the potential of this data to increase sales and manage inventory.  At Mather Economics, we believe that ideas without action are meaningless. That’s why our team of economists has worked hard to develop this pest optimization tool, which provides wine producers with the information they need to make informed and impactful business decisions.  Mather Economics is dedicated to providing world-class, cost-effective analytics to wineries so they can spend more time doing what they do best: making great wine!

Contact us to discuss how you can use your internal data to improve DtC Wine Club member recruitment and retention (proactive strategies to prevent churn) and improve the profitability of your current and future publications.

Download the whitepaper.

About the Maser economy:

Mather Economics is a management consulting firm specializing in applied economics. In our work, we use econometric analysis to develop actionable business solutions, such as optimal pricing recommendations, suggested inventory levels, sales forecasts, asset valuations, subscription pricing and customer loyalty. We use advanced econometric approaches to solve complex business problems and help our clients implement these solutions to maximize operating margins, increase revenues or reduce costs. We help businesses leverage their own data to develop and sustain a competitive advantage, and create value through our intelligent business solutions. Mather Economics has worked in many industries, including lotteries, sports, wine and spirits, publishing and media, energy and utilities, technology, telecommunications, litigation support and environmental impact assessments.


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