California’s Central Coast Wine Country will, as always, be festive, even if it looks a little different this year.

(Santa Ynez Valley, California) – The Santa Ynez Valley has long been a stronghold of celebration, and the Santa Barbara County, California wine region has no intention of ending that tradition now. This year’s celebrations will look a bit different, but the opportunities to create your own adventure – shopping on location, switching on the party lights, celebrating the season alone with wine or strolling through the famous Danish bakeries in Solvang – are more successful than ever.

Solvang, the backdrop for the new Christmas movie A very charming Christmas town, like the other five communities in the Santa Ynez Valley, has gotten into the habit of offering Christmas fun. The events calendar is simpler than in previous years, but the joy of the season has returned. And he’s never been more welcome.

The entire community has been thinking about how we can protect our community and our guests while providing the festive pleasure for which the region is famous, said Shelby Sim, president and CEO of Visit Santa Ynez Valley. The result is the repetition of these unique celebrations in the Santa Ynez Valley in a way that is in keeping with our times, while preserving the authentic and charming character of these experiences. This period has always been very popular and I think the whole community is looking forward to the return of the joyful atmosphere that the Santa Ynez Valley is famous for.

Think of holidays in the Santa Ynez Valley, and the Julefest (pronounced Julefest) is often commemorated. The celebration of Solvang, which has transformed the Dano-American village into one of the most festive cities in America, will enlighten the region again, albeit in a slightly different way than in previous years. The Santa Ynez Valley, with over 100 vineyards and a rich culinary scene from farm to table, is a two-hour drive north of Los Angeles and always offers a pleasant holiday, whatever the season.

What do we do this holiday season? You will find below the idea of staying in the valley of Santa Ynez:

A walk through a bakery in Solvang – Perhaps none of Solvang’s Danish-American traditions are more appreciated than Danish bakeries, making it a perfect start to the day. From Ablodivers to sweet curls and Christmas favourites such as risala basket, Solvang’s bakeries offer a succession of sweets and delicacies, especially at festive times. Visit one or try to visit all of them. Add a hot chocolate or a cup of coffee and the festive feeling is sure to follow.

Find something special for the people you love: Away from the big department stores and big city chains, there are more than 200 independent and family-run businesses in the Santa Ynez Valley. Shopping here is definitely an adventure, because you’ll be looking for something special among the products, jewelry, clothing and handicrafts of local craftsmen. J. Woeste,Global Gardens,Los Olivos General Store,With Me,Drilling Florals,Santa Ynez GeneralandPlenty Boutiqueare just some of the stores where you will find that perfect gift.

Wine walk in Los Olivos: What day would be in a wine country without wine tasting? Among the shops and galleries in the centre of Los Olivos are more than 30 tasting rooms, most of which are housed in picturesque Victorian-style buildings lit up for the festivities. Stops may includeSoil History,Solminer,Barbieri,Zinc Wine,Artist’s Wineryand many others. And a short drive from the city centre is Foxen Canyon Road, where the famous Foxen CanyonWine Roadis located.

The light of the holidays: As day turns into night, the festive lights of the Santa Ynez Valley shine. A stroll through the centre of Solvang or Los Olivos, decorating the streets with a festive light show throughout the city. Don’t forget to visit the Christmas tree of Santa Ynez, the highest in the region. Even the famous windmill on Alice Road in the centre of Solvang is lit up in a festive atmosphere – for the first time in the history of this place.

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Over the Santa Ynez Valley:

Just two hours from Los Angeles and four hours from San Francisco, the Santa Ynez Valley offers six different cities, each with its own culture, life and experiences. Surrounded by fertile farms and vineyards, California’s Central Coast wine region, with its mild climate, enables all year round activities. It extends to the historic communities of Ballard, Buelton, Los Alamos, Los Olivos, Santa Ynez and Solvang. World-class restaurants and wines await you, as do accommodations of all levels, painted against an atmospheric backdrop that colourfully connects the Old World and the Old West. Visit over 100 wine cellars, sample the chef’s dishes and enjoy festive events and design details from Victorian times to mid-century Danish and contemporary cuisine. For more information, including a list of wedding venues, restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms and events, please

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