The VinoKarma Project is a non-profit dedicated to changing the way the world drinks wine. We produce the world’s first and only annual conference, combining the finest in wine, food, and entertainment. The conference will be held in San Diego, California, in March of 2021.

The VinoKarma Project, a non-profit organization, today announced the launch of their inaugural conference, VinoKarma 2021, which will be held in Melbourne, Australia in May 2021.



The inaugural event will focus on the alcoholic beverage and hospitality sectors’ prospects and changes.

The-VinoKarma-Project-Launches-2021-VinoKarma-Conference-Reimagining-the-FutureSan Diego, CA, July 8, 2021 — The 2021 VinoKarma Conference has been announced by the VinoKarma Project, a network of leaders and changemakers dedicated to promoting good change in the alcoholic beverage sector.

The 2021 VinoKarma Conference, themed “Reimagining the Future of the Beverage Industry,” is a hybrid event taking place on Thursday, October 28. More than 300 industry influencers, consumers, beverage executives, buyers, sommeliers, wine, spirit, and beer producers, as well as founders and entrepreneurs, will share their views and business ideas to help define the beverage sector’s future.

Amanda Laden, creator of The VinoKarma Project, said, “It is time for change throughout the hospitality and beverage sectors.” “The economic consequences of a worldwide epidemic, a systematic failure to engage and integrate diversity, and significant shifts in customer expectations and preferences have pushed the whole sector to the brink of collapse. We aim to bring together voices from all across the business and push each participant to broaden their horizons and be ready to share their ideas and lessons learned with their communities, workers, and organizations.”

From financing and capital to distribution networks, distillers, brewers, wineries, and vineyards, to goods on shelves, the 2021 VinoKarma Conference will showcase innovations, developments, and opportunities confronting the sector throughout its breadth.

Experts in the field and growth professionals are in charge. Keynotes, roundtable discussions, fireside chats, and interactive dialogues will be held at the conference to cover important problems, opportunities, trends, and innovations, such as:

  • The condition of the business
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation are all words that come to mind when thinking about diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation.
  • Sustainability and alternative packaging
  • Social repercussions
  • Change is fueled by macroeconomic developments.

Speakers with knowledge and unique perspectives are welcome to participate in the conference. For additional information and a speaker’s packet, send an email to [email protected].

“The VinoKarma Project has welcomed innovators and change-makers such as Ibram X. Kendi, André Hueston Mack, Jyoti Sarda, TJ Douglas, and Nayana Ferguson, and I am eager for the 2021 VinoKarma Conference to lead additional discussions on industry transformation and growth,” Amanda Laden said.

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The VinoKarma Project (VinoKarma) is a project that aims to

The VinoKarma Project, which was founded in 2014, is a growing community of food, wine, and travel enthusiasts, change agents, and innovators dedicated to highlighting innovation, social impact, and representation across the entire value chain: from environmentally conscious sourcing and logistics to inclusive employee and customer experiences, as well as socially conscious leadership, organizational mission, and v The VinoKarma Project is dedicated to advancing our goal of giving back by highlighting important issues, helping under-represented groups, and fostering dialogues for meaningful change, with a network of thousands throughout the United States.

Amanda Laden’s story

Amanda is a wine celebrity, mentor, and social activist who has built and grown her own wine distribution company, run a management consulting firm, and counseled hundreds of CEOs on how to build and nurture their teams. She is a former Chapter President of the National Association of Women Business Owners and an adviser to The Commonwealth Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting businesswomen in leadership roles (NAWBO). 

Amanda is a Certified Specialist in Wine from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) (CSW).



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