In a limited edition of only 25 pieces, these exclusive wines are only available as a duo. 'Ultra'-Duo-of-Pinot.jpg Healdsburg, CA, 01. December 2020. – James B. McFile, who is an avid winemaker behind Tongue Dancer Wines, has just released ULTRA, the world’s first pair of Tongue Dancer Wines. 2018 ‘ULTRA’ Pinot Noir and 2018 ‘ULTRA’ Chardonnay are only available as a duo. A sincere desire for focus and detail, trust and style, as well as art and artist, led this collaboration between James McFile and Chris Blum to their art in a bottle.  The labels were made on an old handmade machine by a literary press artist, and all labels were applied by hand. These refined labels, made by the artist Chris Blum (who designed the label Tongue Dancer Wines), look at each other with nostalgia, while – from the artist’s point of view – the wines complement each other like two sides of the same Burgundian coin. At least 23 vendors/artists (mostly in Northern California) participated in the creation of this voting package. In only 25 cases, these wines will be available in a limited edition in a short time and can be packaged in a wooden box with the logo of the cellar, ideal for holidays.

All parts of these wines are harmoniously combined – cult vineyards, clones, cooperage, vinification – explained about these new releases by the winemaker James McFile. They were isolated in what I call a self-contained vessel – they stood out differently from their brothers and sisters and sang differently from the others. So I chose them. These wines, which have been closely observed and controlled, have been affected dozens of times more than any other wine. Especially the ULTRA.

The ULTRA Pinot Noir Lingual 2018 wines are made from the best grapes from the gemstone of the Van der Kamp vineyard on Mount Sonoma, a place considered sacred by the Indians who believe that the top of Mount Sonoma is where the world was born. It is one of the oldest pinot noir vineyards in California, with current plantations dating back to 1952. These vineyards are located on steep slopes and are organically grown, with an emphasis on ecological sustainability and the unique needs of each vine. The irregular type of soil includes loam with volcanic material and rotting river beds. The thin top layer of the soil gives a more structured wine and a unique terroir. This Pinot Noir opens the eyes from beginning to end, with a great aging potential.

The new Chardonnay ULTRA 2018 vineyard comes from the Bacigalupi and Linmar vineyards, in the Russian river valley, on 45 hectares. Made from 50% Bacigalupi fruit from the historic Paris tasting block and grown at 200 meters above sea level in red volcanic clay, these 56-year-old Wente clone vines produce the texture, richness and complexity of the wine. The other half of the fruit was grown on the western edge of the Lagoon of Santa Rosa, a 22 mile long reserve of streams, marshes, wetlands and oak forests. These chardonnays on the quail hill, the oldest in the vineyard, are known for their amazing floral notes and their fresh acidity.

James McFile, who is undoubtedly dedicated to his craft, has released more than 100 different variants of Pinot and Chardonnay with more than 90 points. McFile is committed to sustainable agriculture and makes the land something he can share with others. McFile has more than 20 years of experience in the development of high quality wines. All editions of Tongue Dancer Wines reflect the spirit of adherence to traditional ancient world technology and minimal interference.

Tongue Dancer Wines’ new products cost $190 per pair and can be purchased through their exclusive mailing list. You can find more information about the dancers’ wines on their website ( and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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