In the last 15 years I have tasted the most pleasant corners of the Napa Valley – from the bottom of the valley to the side of the mountain. With over 1,000 wineries and producers in the Napa Valley that I have visited so far, my travels have taken me to some of the most luxurious, secret and desirable places.

It is always difficult to get to the top of the list, especially considering our broad perspective on the vineyards of the Napa Valley. Many others could have been on that list, but they are among the best of the best.

Blankiet Estate, Medieval Hall
The passion for vines and wine extends all the way to the famous Napa Valley, but so often we meet people whose passion and obsession for making world-class wines goes beyond that. This is Claude and Catherine Blanquette. It’s another castle in the valley. The room is dimly lit, but not too bright. Rare works of art. Exceptional wines.

CONSTANT Diamond Mountain, Pool House
The quintessence of the day at Constant Diamond Mountain Winery is when it’s hot but cold and the valley floor is still covered in a thick layer of white mist. The robust yet elegant architecture offers a homogeneous and sophisticated mix of interior and exterior spaces.

Dana Homestead, Library Room
After all the restoration work, the former ghost vineyard is a wonderful mix of history, function and visual appeal. The wine cellar is in the most modern condition, while the reception area exudes a sense of refined elegance. It is probably our favourite vineyard, designed by bakers from all over the Napa Valley.

Davis Estate, Cellarium
Deep in the Mayakamas Mountains is a special space that is only accessible with an infrared electronic vein scanner that is calibrated in such a way that only members and staff have access to this space. For users, it is enough to scan your hand and the system will recognize the unique pattern of your veins.

Edge Hill, Distillery Building
Edge Hill is one of the most historic and valuable wineries in the Napa Valley. The old distillery has been rebuilt and renovated in three years. Each brick and stone in the building was numbered, removed and then put back in its original place. The interior seems comfortable – almost like a walk in the past.

Hall of Rutherford, Hall of Candelabra
The roof of the cave is clad with handmade Austrian bricks, each with a family crest. These stones are old, from 14 to 20 centuries. In the recesses of the cave are works of modern art, which are exhibited in alternating order. If you visit this rare place, you can imagine the choral singing – the hall brought the Vienna Boys’ Choir to the baptism of this cave when it was opened.

Hourglass, Cave
This small cave, which is located together with the main cave, serves as an impressive tasting room – with Swarovski crystal chandeliers hanging over it, complemented by a comfortable sofa and several chairs. In this part of the cave you can relax for a few hours with excellent wine and a good conversation.

Piazza del Grotto, Piazza del DottoVisually the most impressive part of this cave is Piazza del Grotto, with its impressive chandelier of Madagascar red agate surrounded by Venetian glass. Carrara marble wine barrels. The ceiling is decorated with frescoes hand painted by Italian artists. And if you know what he’s looking for, you might see several members of the Del Dotto family on the mural.

Raymond’s Vineyards, Red Room
Perhaps no one else in the history of Napa Valley would combine such extreme creativity with financial resources to build an ever-expanding empire around wine and food – combined with visual extravagance and opulence rooted in a unique and memorable experience. Exclusive Red Room gives a brief account of the personality of Jean Charles Boisso. And throw in some JCB hangars for safety.

Napa Valley Reserve, House of Representatives,
A beautiful day arrived at the House of Representatives, mid-morning, early summer – the sliding doors open to let in the coolness, just the right temperature. The shadows slowly play through the olive trees and vines below. The Napa Valley Reservation, glass in hand. Good friends. In times like these.

Tusk Estate, Private Cellar
partnership for 3 people, including the famous winemaker Philippe Melka, Tusk produces only about 200 cases per year and the waiting list is several decades long. This private property is one of the most spectacular caves in the valley, with a fascinating collection of international wines, but the real visual appeal lies in the breathtaking scenery.

Vineyard 29, library number
A bottle of Vineyard 29 contains the best fruit their vineyards have to offer – a true balance of terroir and technology. The library room has an elegant but dramatic visual hall. Enjoy a sought-after couple with exceptional wines.

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