If you can’t watch another minute of Zoom and all that Netflix stuff, there’s another way to curb boredom at home: Game nights.

These six wine themes are perfect for spending time with a bottle, expanding your knowledge of wine and improving your tasting skills.


Wine wars

Where is the best place to see the acidity of the wine: at the top, at the back or at the sides?

This is just one of 700 questions in the game about wine regions, cultivation, steam, winemaking and many other topics.

The goal is to be the first player or team to complete their board with tiles representing colored cardboard wine bottles, by correctly answering all quiz questions in all categories.

In addition to game boards, playing pieces, question cards and a die, a map of the world’s wine regions is included for participants to use as a cheat sheet.

17 $
On the table



Wine IQ

This game contains 400 multiple choice questions to test which team has the most knowledge about wine. But don’t worry, WineIQ is not like those standardized tests you probably still have nightmares about in elementary school.

With topics like winemaking, tasting and wine chemistry, even the most serious students are sure to learn something new.

The first series of WineIQ questions tests your knowledge, while the second series tests your memory. So if you want to win, watch your wine consumption.

22 $



The creators of the SOMM series have developed a card game that allows you to become a better blind taster in a fun and unpretentious environment.

Each of the 3 to 6 players must bring a bottle to pay for the blind. And the goal is to draw and discard cards until you’re sure your hand matches the wine you’re tasting.

The game includes descriptions of wines ranging from cat urine to cotton candy to potting soil. The maps also show characteristics such as oak or unharvested, regions and varieties.

You can sample the original deck of cards, which includes descriptions of red and white wines from around the world; the red deck of cards, which focuses on red wines from the New and Old World regions; the white deck of cards, which focuses on all different white wines; and much more.

Silencer bridges



Wine tasting with conversation tables

This elegant box contains everything you need (except the wine) to conduct your own blind tasting at home.

The game includes cheat sheets for wine terms, scorecards, wine bottles and labels, glass pens, as well as botanical glasses, crowns and other fun accessories to keep you from taking things too seriously.

Each player brings a wine for a blind tasting, then the bottles are rated in five categories. Between rounds, you can check each other with 100 bonus cards.



Reading between calls

If you roll your eyes when someone describes a wine as austere or nervous, you’ll appreciate this cheeky play on words that takes the stilted edge out of tasting.

In each round, a theme card asks players to describe the wine they are drinking in an unorthodox way: What hashtags would you give to this wine? or write a personal ad in the name of this wine.

Players then vote for their favorite description each round, earning a point for each vote.

The player with the most points wins when the wine ends.





This variant of the classic board game proves how complicated and expensive it can be to own a winery. Move a tile with a bottle of wine to Cheers! About. Raise $200, buy properties named after grapes and buy stores and wine cellars while trying to avoid the import tax or get stuck in a wine cellar.

Like the original, Vinopolite can last for hours, but there’s also a quick one-hour version for those nights when you only drink one bottle.


Published on the 18th. January 2021

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