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If you like wine, you’re in luck: there’s a new collection of short stories focused on wine coming out this month. Vines & Vision is a collection of 100 stories, all under 1000 words, written by 100 Santa Barbara County winemakers. Each winemaker has his or her own tale to tell, from their first trip to a vineyard, to the moment they realized they wanted to make wine their life’s work.

If you’ve been following Vines & Vision, the monthly newsletter of Santa Barbara-based wine importer Louis/Dressner Selections, then you know this year has been a particularly exciting one for Santa Barbara County (the coastal region of Southern California). Not only has the region’s wine production been on the upswing—a reflection of the area’s skyrocketing popularity as a tourist destination, a growing number of vineyard conversions, and more vineyards changing grapes from high-yield varietals to higher-quality, often more labor-intensive ones—but the region is also home to an impressive amount of new wineries. The following are links to the articles I created using the templates above: Reddit Discussion


Kindle, Google Play and iTunes sell the 649-page book for $27.99; it will also be available on the 21st. In May, there will be an event hosted by S.B. Culinary Experience.

SANTA BARBARA, CA 20 APRIL 2021 – Vine’s acclaimed new book and vision, comprehensive information and detailed photos : The Santa Barbara County Winemakers book is now available in the three most common ebook formats: Kindle, Google Play and iTunes sell the 649-page edition for $27.99.

Published in November 2020 by journalist Matthew Dennis Kettmann and photographer McDuff Everton, the book is the most detailed exploration of the people and places that make Santa Barbara County such a special wine community.

With a foreword by legendary winemaker Richard Sanford, introductory chapters on the region’s geography, history, and winemaking practices, and brief overviews of key trends – from the rise of women winemakers to the influence of Sideways – the book consists primarily of detailed profiles of nearly 100 winemakers, their operations, and their families. The book also includes a chapter titled El Buen Equipo, a yearbook on the efforts of all those needed to bring grapes to market, including the often forgotten farm workers who are the backbone of viticulture around the world.

Although it took us a long time to complete the book during the coronavirus pandemic, we were very pleased with the near-universal response we received from both wine industry leaders and general readers, says Kettmann, who was editor at the Santa Barbara Independent for about 20 years and . People see the care we put into our work and recognize the passion McDuff and I have for this project.

Printed copies of the book are almost sold out, but some bookstores and wineries still have a few copies on their shelves. These e-books will allow more readers to see our work, especially since print runs are currently quite limited, and these versions are created in a way that respects both Matt’s words and my photographs, said Everton, who has worked for National Geographic, Conde Nast and many other publishers in his 50-year career as a photographer. Plus, you don’t have to walk around with a ten-pound behemoth. You can read Vines & Vision on your iPad, in bed!

To bring the e-books to life, Everton and Kettmann worked with Terri Wright of Terri Wright Design in Santa Barbara. Terri was impressed with what we were doing and worked hard to transfer that same energy to the digital versions of the book, Kettmann says.


Vines and Visions : Santa Barbara County winemakers, especially those from El Buen Equipo, will take center stage on the 21st during a virtual event hosted by the Santa Barbara Culinary Experience. May will be welcomed. Kettmann and Everton discuss the fact that it takes an entire village to produce a good Santa Barbara wine. Featuring winemakers Ruben Solorzano, Maria Lupe Monroy, Fabian Bravo and Fidencio Flores. Details about this free event are available at sbce.events.


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