The body of the wine is determined by its weight and the saturation of its taste. It’s a combination of several factors: Grape variety, alcohol content and even sweetness.

If you’re trying to find new favorites, the body of wine is a great way to differentiate between varieties to find your style preferences. Let’s break down the different body styles with a few examples, so you can find more of what you like.

- Wine - body - computer graphics - wine - complete - 2 Various factors end up in the body of the wine

How to say wine body

The difference between whole milk and skimmed milk is easily perceptible due to its fat content. However, the fullness of the aroma of the body of the wine is not so easy to determine because it contains many factors.

Luckily you can find clues on a bottle of wine:

  • Alcohol content : Wines with an alcohol content of more than 14% usually have a more intense taste.
  • It’s a grape variety: Some grape varieties produce more intense wines (see below).
  • The oak is getting old: Like Bourbon, wines aged in fresh oak barrels often have a more intense taste. Wine producers often mention the ageing of oak on the back label.
  • The climate boy: In general, grapes grown in warmer climates tend to produce richer, fuller wines (it depends on the producer!).
  • The rest of the sugar: The fermented glucose left in the wine increases the body without increasing the sweetness. Unfortunately, this is rarely mentioned on the wine label.

Offer of red and medium sized wines .

Grape variety vs. wine

Certain grape varieties are known to produce wines that harmonize well with the mass of the wine. Here are a few examples to consider.

Light red wines

In general, light red wines have an average alcohol content, lower tannins and less color. They often have a mild taste due to their lower tannins (for example, they are less astringent).

In addition, when grown in cooler climates, light red wines sometimes have a slightly sour or spicy taste.

Medium Red Wines

Food and wine! The difference between moderately saturated and saturated wines has much in common with alcohol and acidity. We humans tend to consider wines with high acidity as lung tasting. This is why grape varieties with a more natural acidity often fall into the category of medium-sized fruits.

Moreover, many wines fall into this category because of the way they are produced. For example, a Merlot with a low alcohol content (up to 14%) and a low oak age can also be a medium flowering Merlot.

Full-bodied red wines

Cocktail wines! Full-bodied red wines are so full-bodied that they can stand on their own. What makes her taste so good? Well, all this increase in tannin, the increase in alcohol content and the reduction in acidity lead to heavier taste sensations.

In addition, the ageing of the wines in oak barrels not only gives them vanilla, cedar and spice aromas, but also softens their taste.

For you fools, there is also a tasteless substance called glycerine, which comes naturally from fermented grapes and improves the body’s perception of the wine.

What about white wines?

The same rules apply to red wine for cases of white wine. The main reason why Chardonnay is considered a full-fledged white wine is, for example, that it is maturing in oak.

Show me more wines on the body

Don’t forget to take a look at the Grapes page to see how the varieties are piling up!

Or you can have it: Book Magnum Edition – it contains a collection of 100 common grape varieties and wine varieties.

Even if you are looking for good red wines for beginners, take a look at this short list of 6 wines!

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