What makes this wine so addictive to its lovers? Is it the taste, the aroma, or the feeling you get after drinking too much? One thing we can all associate with wine drinking are the moments we’ve tried to relive over a glass or two.

Stories to think back to over a good dinner with family or friends. The laughter we shared, the moments of silence and deep connection. The people who have surrounded us in difficult times, who have cheered us on in our victories, and who have supported us in difficult times.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a reminder of these moments? It’s good news that wine cork holders are now a thing.

What is a wine corkscrew holder?

Before going into the details of the different cork coasters, have you thought about the importance of the cork in a bottle of wine? The cap is used to ensure that no oxygen can enter the bottle. By keeping an eye on the passage of oxygen, you can be sure that mold will not form inside.

It preserves the quality and taste of your favorite wine. As we know, wine takes longer to preserve. In fact, the cork serves as a natural respirator for the wine, which needs its time. Cork is made of suberine, a water-repellent substance. It is a waterproof material and its composition may vary depending on the origin of the cork.

It is said that 80% of the world’s wine corks are made of cork. The winemaker may have noticed that the cork allows the wine to breathe slowly and in a controlled manner without exposing it to the outside air.

As a wine lover, it’s easy to lose track of how much wine you’ve already drunk. But we bet the reasons for every bottle you drink are still relevant to you. And as someone who values the quality of their wine, you should also invest in a wine cork holder to show your personality.

Some wine lovers even become craftsmen and make new items from their old corks. If you are a wine lover, you probably already have one in your home, or are thinking about purchasing one. This article hopes to introduce you to different ideas of wine cork holders that you can choose from.

Ideas for wine corkscrews

Below are some ideas for wine corkscrews.

Wine cork holder

The cage type corkscrew holder is probably the most common. In fact, it’s easy to buy in department stores or do-it-yourself stores. So you can store your wine corks in it without worrying.

There are different models, interesting ones include glass wine bottle, wine bottle and birdcage. It can be displayed on a table or shelf in the living room for visitors to see.

Photo of Amazonia

Make your own tray or stand

It is said that mahogany or even a metal frame is a good choice for this type of wine cork holder. This creative way to preserve old wine corks is not only innovative, but you can also show your guests what you can do.

It’s actually very simple to do. All you have to do is create the frame of your choice, position the dowels to fit the frame, make the necessary adjustments with the cutter and, once all the pieces are assembled, start gluing them to the frame.

cork frame collection

With this type of cork holder you can present your old wine corks in an aesthetic way. Hang it in your kitchen or living room and try to bring back old memories of drinking a bottle of wine.

It is also a good idea for a corkscrew holder for bar owners who want to display the different types of wines they serve to their customers. To make the decor even more appealing to customers, owners can ask them to personally place their wine cork in the decor when they’re done drinking, to symbolize that they had a great time at the bar.

Photo of Amazonia

Cork presentation box

This idea is a bit like a cork frame, but why not try to make it a bit more personal. For example, instead of a simple frame, you can insert a separator and add annotations. B. the division into good and bad. Means when you drink because it’s a happy or unhappy moment, his and hers – can mean when you open a bottle of wine, etc., playing with the concept and making the ad more personal.

Amazon photo


This idea of a wine cork holder is probably the most obvious. Restore an old cork to make a cork board for your office or bedroom. Just pick a pattern and glue the caps together. Pack a picnic and voila, you now have a personalized corkboard on which you can put your special notes or memories.

It can also be a good way to show some pictures. You can also add some decorative elements to make your personality stand out even more. This idea also allows you to have a perfectly sized corkboard, unlike the standard corkboards you find in bookstores.

Cork map

Just make a world map template on the whiteboard. You can even make holes or just make sure that the distance between the holes is sufficient. This is for you to corkscrew with as much as the bottle of wine you had in the country or place you visited. You will remember your bottle of wine and the places you visited. It’s a great way to keep track of your travels.

An example of a cork map of Africa – photo of the Amazon

The idea is just the beginning.

We hope that after reading this article, you have been able to get an idea of the wine cork holder that suits your needs and personality. Thanks for more wine! Stay creative and have fun!

frequently asked questions

Can a wine cork kill you?

No deaths have been reported. … Yet even a direct blow to the eye by a cork, without being able to blink, cannot kill a human being. Spiders are probably even more deadly. We don’t know if a poisonous spider shot through the eye by a bottle of champagne can kill someone.

Is it bad to put a cork in your wine?

Your wine is perfect – a floating cork won’t hurt or ruin it. … Just be careful when you push the cork into the bottle, because the pressure in the bottle increases when you push the cork in, which can sometimes make the wine bubble.

What can I do with all my wine corks?

‘ Blog ‘ How to use ‘ Wineries.

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