The Denver-based company, which specialises in single-serve wines, is a great success. It’s doubled its
team and is now in 39 states. Denver, 6. January 2021 – Wander + Ivy, a Colorado-based company that distributes premium individual packaging containing wines from award-winning wineries around the world, has seen its sales increase by 425% by 2020. In addition to launching an online wine store currently shipping directly to 39 states, Wander + Ivy’s selection of wines for preservation is available in selected stores in Colorado, Texas, California and New York.

Because direct wine sales are skyrocketing, Wander + Ivy is the only option for wine lovers who do not want to compromise on quality. The patented glass packaging of the glamorous Wander + Ivy line separates the wines with one portion, but the real difference lies inside. Wander + Ivy works with wine producers who use certified organic grapes and offers a 6.3 ounce serving (a quarter bottle of traditional wine) that is perfect for drinking with friends who prefer other wine options, or to accompany a meal without worrying about wasting a whole bottle.

Wander + Ivy takes wine to the next level, says Dana Spaulding, a certified Level II sommelier, founder and CEO of Wander + Ivy. For a couple to dine or to offer at events or small gatherings, the single service option is safest, because everyone gets their own glass with their favorite flavor.

Spaulding, a new mother and owner of a new company, created the Wander + Ivy investment pool – she has raised more than $1.6 million so far – to develop and grow the company. After Spaulding had its first child in January, the company’s turnover increased by 425% year-on-year.

The Wander + Ivy team has not only increased its turnover, but has also doubled in size and is proud to welcome Dale Catechis, a veteran of the artisan beverage industry and founder of the Oscar Blues brewery, and Jeffrey Binder, Investment Director at Overland, to the Board of Directors.

The evidence is in the pot, says Spalding. Our growth this year shows that wine lovers are willing to give up a full 750 ml bottle for more convenience, but the wine must taste and feel as if it came from a bottle.

One of the defining moments in the history of Vander + Ivy’s growth is the extent of the charitable donation. From the beginning, the company was founded to give back. In 2020, Wander + Ivy donated 1% of sales to Colorado Feeding Kids, providing 15,000 meals to hungry children in their home state of Colorado and across the country.

O Vander + Ivy

Wander + Ivy, based in Denver, is a certified company for women and people with disabilities that offers quality wine in high-quality individual packaging. All Wander + Ivy wines come from award-winning family cellars around the world. Every year, Wander + Ivy donates 1% of its wine sales to a non-profit organisation that provides healthy food to people in need. Options change seasonally and are available at selected stores in Colorado, Texas, California and New York City or online at


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