Hallmark Channel Wines premium sparkling rosé wine based on seltzer in 250ml cans.

(New York, March 23, 2021) Following the phenomenal success of the Hallmark Channel Wines launch at last July’s Christmas programming event, the channel and its wine partner Wines That Rock have teamed up again to introduce CHEERS Rosé Seltzer, an all-new exclusive offering in this unique wine collection.

CHEERS is a new way to enjoy the holiday atmosphere of the Hallmark chain. CHEERS is a deliciously sweet selection of pink wines on sale this spring. Made specifically in disposable cans, Hallmark Channel Wine’s CHEERS wines are easily available anywhere from beach picnics to backyard barbecues.

This low-carb (<8 carbs), gluten-free, vegan wine ice cream seltzer is made with 100% natural ingredients and contains only 2.5g of sugar and 137 calories per serving. Packaged in fun and attractive 250ml cans and with 8.4% alcohol, CHEERS is the perfect accompaniment to your next toast.

With subtle bubbles floating over layers of crisp acidity, CHEERS is a delectable individual blend of refreshing citrus and light strawberry notes. The addition of seltzer just before canning gives an excellent sparkling profile with champagne-like bubbles.

Cheers is a brand new category. If you like rosé, sparkling wine or seltzer, you’ll love CHEERS, says Andrew Nelson, winemaker for Hallmark Channel Wines and recent recipient of the 40 Under 40 Taster Award.  The new CHEERS Rosé is a unique seltzer because it is wine based.  We’ve been working on this formula for years and think it’s the perfect drink for spring and all summer – it’s the best seltzer you’ll drink all year.

CHEERS will be offered in select cities across the US this spring. Register by email at hallmarkwines.com to be among the first to order and receive a 10% gift certificate. CHEERS will be available in your local stores and on hallmarkchannelwines.com in May 2021.

Hallmark Channel wines will be promoted on air, on social media and digital platforms, and in the Home and Family online series.


For more than 15 years, Wines That Rock’s mission has been to create premium wines that strengthen the direct connection between brands and fans. Wines That Rock offers the brand’s unique creative extensions while remaining authentic and fun.

The founders of Wines That Rock, LLC have been at the forefront of bringing pop culture to fans for decades. Born out of a passion for music and wine, Wines That Rock has launched its eponymous collection of classic wines influenced by the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Working with brand owners such as NBC Universal, ABC, the Rolling Stones, NPR, TCM, Cirque du Soleil, Star Trek, Downton Abbey, Discovery and many others, Wines That Rock specializes in bringing exciting new wines and wine clubs to market. With over 35 years of experience, Rock ‘n’ Roll Wines promotes, produces and sells its unique wines to the world market.  For more information, visit winesthatrock.com.

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